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When choosing a driving instructor make sure that he or she is fully trained as some of the larger schools are using part qualified trainees. All ADIs (Approved Driving Instructor) are required by law to display their ADI certificate in the car. You can check if adi / pdi badge your instructor is fully qualified by examining the badge which should be displayed in the front screen on the left hand side. A qualified ADI displays a green badge with on octagon shape on the inside, a PDI or trainee's badge is pink with a triangle in side. Trainee driving instructors are part qualified and have yet to pass their final exam, they are allowed only three attempts at this which must be completed within six months of issue, so if you find your instructor has suddenly disappeared, it may be because they have just failed their part 3 (final and last) exam, and are no longer allowed to teach.

Grade 6: The best grade possible. Around 6% of instructors are grade 6. On the lesson observed, a grade 6 instructor has proved that they can give the best quality instruction.
Grade 5: Good instruction given. Around 20% of instructors are grade 5. The pass rates across the country show only a very small variation between grade 5 and grade 6 instructors. I'm a grade 5 at the moment.
Grade 4: Competent instruction given. A grade 4 instructor may be excellent at other times, but like many of us is not keen on being tested! Or on the other hand this may be the best they can do. If you have a grade 4 instructor with a good attitude you will be fine – feeling comfortable with a grade 4 instructor will usually mean you will probably learn just as much as feeling a little uncomfortable with a grade 6.
Ungraded: Find out the reason for this – if an instructor has recently qualified then they will be ungraded, and may well be excellent so ask them what mark they received on their final exam (it is graded twice, so it will be between 4/4 and 6/6 with the grades being similar to the above). However, it may mean that on their last check test they did not achieve the "competent" grade 4 standard. Or they may be a trainee.