Sleeping Giants

Sleeping Giants An inventive debut in the tradition of World War Z and The Martian A GIRL NAMED ROSE IS RIDING HER NEW BIKE NEAR HER HOME IN DEADWOOD South Dakota when she falls through the earth She wakes up at th

  • Title: Sleeping Giants
  • Author: Sylvain Neuvel
  • ISBN: 9780718181680
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An inventive debut in the tradition of World War Z and The Martian A GIRL NAMED ROSE IS RIDING HER NEW BIKE NEAR HER HOME IN DEADWOOD, South Dakota, when she falls through the earth She wakes up at the bottom of a square shaped hole, its walls glowing with intricate carvings But the firemen who come to save her peer down upon something even stranger a little girl in tAn inventive debut in the tradition of World War Z and The Martian A GIRL NAMED ROSE IS RIDING HER NEW BIKE NEAR HER HOME IN DEADWOOD, South Dakota, when she falls through the earth She wakes up at the bottom of a square shaped hole, its walls glowing with intricate carvings But the firemen who come to save her peer down upon something even stranger a little girl in the palm of a giant metal hand.Seventeen years later, the mystery of the bizarre artifact remains unsolved the object s origins, architects, and purpose unknown.But some can never stop searching for answers.Rose Franklin is now a highly trained physicist leading a top secret team to crack the hand s code And along with her colleagues, she is being interviewed by a nameless interrogator whose power and purview are as enigmatic as the relic they seek What s clear is that Rose and her compatriots are on the edge of unravelling history s most perplexing discovery and finally figuring out what it portends for humanity But once the pieces of the puzzle are in place, will the result be an instrument of lasting peace or a weapon of mass destruction Masterfully blends together elements of sci fi, political thriller and apocalyptic fiction A page turner of the highest order KIRKUS REVIEWSRead at penguin books sleepi

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    1. Sylvain Neuvel

      Sylvain Neuvel dropped out of high school at age 15 Along the way, he has been a journalist, worked in soil decontamination, sold ice cream in California, and peddled furniture across Canada He received a Ph.D in linguistics from the University of Chicago He taught linguistics in India, and worked as a software engineer in Montreal He is also a certified translator, though he wishes he were an astronaut He likes to tinker, dabbles in robotics and is somewhat obsessed with Halloween He absolutely loves toys his girlfriend would have him believe that he has too many, so he writes about aliens and giant robots as a blatant excuse to build action figures for his son, of course.

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    1. You have to understand that this flies in the face of everything we know about American civilizations.Sleeping Giants is being compared to the bestseller and now successful Matt Damon film - The Martian - which is misleading, if not entirely inaccurate. The two books' stories, narrative styles, characters and overall tones are actually very different. Almost all the details about this book do not resemble The Martian at all. However, they do share a key similarity. For me, The Martian is not a g [...]

    2. This sci-fi novel got a lot of buzz when it came out, and I see why. The basic story: pieces of a gigantic metal robot, thousands of years old, are discovered scattered around the earth, buried deep in the earth or under the sea. Where did they come from? What are they for? A team is assembled in top secrecy to rebuild the robot and figure out how it works. The story is told in a series of interviews -- reports submitted by an anonymous interviewer who is pulling most of the strings behind the p [...]

    3. 4.5 I need to continue this series ASAP!It's been a while since I've been this excited about a new series! Lots of political intrigues, a quick read told in interviews and journal entries perfect to fight the reading slump I've been in!

    4. Update 2/17/18:Boy, I keep re-reading this stuff and I never seem to have any problems doing so. I'm still having fun and it's still popcorn fun! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?So why did I re-read? I just got the pre-release of book three, Only Human. It's CALLING TO ME! :)Update 12/10/16:Just re-read and what can I say? I still love it. Didn't really miss anything from the first time, but that certainly doesn't matter when I'm just having fun. :)Robots! ROBOTS!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee*And now that I've go [...]

    5. I'm really dumb so I didn't realize I had the first book in the series already and I read the second one but I still really enjoyed the first one even though I read it afterwards. I knew what was going to happen but I still felt excited while reading and it kept my attention. Also I love Kara and now I'm even more depressed about the second one. I didn't like this one as much as the second though for some reason even though the plot line was cool, I guess it just wasn't enough character developm [...]

    6. $1.99 Kindle sale, March 2, 2018. Man, I loved this SF novel. The sequel, Waking Gods, was published at the beginning of April 2017, and the last book in this series is being published this spring.Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature:I first read Sleeping Giants six months ago and was immediately sucked into its world. I stayed up far too late reading it, finishing it the next day when I really should have been working. History repeats itself: When it came time to write this review, [...]

    7. Sleeping Giants is an interesting read for anyone who loves Sci-Fi and mecha or giant robot in their story.This first book in 'Themis Files' Sci-Fi series by Sylvain Neuvel and it began with an 11 years old kid, Rose Franklin falling down through a rabbit hole (not really but still, a hole). After she was saved, turns out that the place she fell upon was on a giant metal hand. The story then fast forward to 17 years later with Rose now leading a top secret team to unravel the origin, mystery and [...]

    8. Listened to this on audio, and it does not disappoint!Great cast of narrators, intriguing story, I was hooked.

    9. In my humble opinion, this book was 320 pages of info dump. The Martian style except somehow more overwhelming.Please don't get me wrong, I am not new to this kind of format. Like World War Z and Illuminae (Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff), the story of Sleeping Giants is told in the form of interviews conducted by a mysterious, nameless person who seems to have a lots and lots and lots of power as well as in the form of oral diary entries. I loved it when it was used in WWZ and Illuminae becaus [...]

    10. I love the idea of this giant metal alien hand thing that has been found and they don't have a clue what is going on! When Rose Franklin was riding her bike on her 11th birthday she saw something . . . when she gets off her bike to investigate, she falls down in a crater in the a giant metal hand. Well that would freak me clean out. Cut to 17 years later and Dr. Rose Franklin is now a physicist working on the giant hand. (among other things)The story is told through interviews from a silent pers [...]

    11. I don't like Transformers. So that's for sure I don't like robot giants. From the synopsis, I didn't want to pick up this one. BUT the last paragraph made me to pick up this book at the very instant. Guess why? Because there is written a name of the book which I love more than any other book in the Sci-Fi genre up until now. Of course, The Martian! I can't refuse to read a book which has a touch of The Martian.Sleeping Giants is an amazing debut of Sylvain Neuvel. Loved the idea. Loved the writi [...]

    12. Found this one because of the Choice awards last in 2016. Not sure I would have come across it if it wasn’t for that. It is a pretty decent sci-fi/political intrigue story. Very unique – I cannot say I have read anything else quite like it. Definitely the first book in a series – while it does have a bit of a “stand-alone” climax, I find it very difficult to say that this book would stand on its own.The format is interviews and diary entries. I am not sure if this sort of thing is for [...]

    13. This was so intriguing! It's dossier style, a collection of interviews and journals from people who have found unexplained objects around the world and find themselves wrapped up in a secret project. I've heard this compared to Illuminae because of the style, and yes, I think fans of Illuminae would enjoy this, but it isn't as much of a production.I listened to the audiobook and that format fits the interview style VERY well since the book is mostly dialogue. Highly recommend it.The only thing I [...]

    14. I may be the black sheep with this one, but ugh. What a letdown. I am not a fan of the interview/journal method of story-telling (and had no idea this was one of those when I requested it from Netgalley), but I still started to get into the story nonetheless. However, by one point, I just lost interest. It pretty much ceased to be a sci-fi novel and just turned into political intrigue and military operations. If you think you're going to get this cool story about an alien robot - you're not. The [...]

    15. "This will change the way we think of the world, the way we see ourselves. This will reshape this planet, and we have an opportunity to help steer that change. How many lives is that worth to you?"4.5 stars. Some books are just so quotable, you know? Well, Sleeping Giants isn't one of them. It frustrates me to realize that even though I laughed so hard through my read (I even giggled! The infamy!!), I just can't show you. I mean, I could, but you'd probably think I have a terrible sense of humo [...]

    16. If you only read one science fiction book this year, read this one. You'll dig it. On the other hand, if you read lots of science fiction books this year, this one probably doesn't need to be one of them.

    17. Bonus star 🌟 : The cast of narrators have done a fabulous job. Also,the epilogue had a nice little surprise!😮😀 One of those books where the blurb is much more interesting than the actual book.Great concept much potential…Aah what could have been!Story begins with the discovery of a giant metal hand. It’s clear pretty soon, that the technologies used are far superior to anything known to us at present. Not only that, tests show that this hand was buried thousands of years ago. Are we [...]

    18. This was such a fun read. I am sad I read it because NOW I have to wait over a year for the sequel. This had such imagination and I loved the concept. It is a pretty addictive read right from the start. In the beginning a young girl finds a giant hand. This is the first piece of what is actually a metal type of giant. Years later that woman leads a team to find the rest of the parts to put it all together. Told in a series of interviews with an unnamed narrator, this book was an addictive read. [...]

    19. I’ve got a thing for science fiction tales at the moment and this one sounded interesting. Actually ‘sounded’ in the literal sense as I decided to listen to it on audio. The production is impressive, with multiple voices giving this the feel of a script being acted out rather than a book being read. It’s helped by the fact that it’s put together as a series of interviews, journal entries and news articles. Sounds clunky? Well, actually the format worked really well.A girl falls into a [...]

    20. Sleeping Giants is an interesting book and somewhat unique. The story revolves around a young girl who falls into a pit near her home only to find that she ended up lying in the palm of a giant metallic hand. Years go by and the young girl grows into adulthood and becomes a physicist studying the same metallic hand as well as other strange body parts that are slowly being discovered around the world. Engraved on many of the metallic parts is a strange type of writing that no linguist has been ab [...]

    21. 'Mecha' (enpedia/wiki/Mecha) meets 'World War Z.'The 'World War Z' comparison (which this book has been getting a lot) is largely due to the format: the story is told through a series of interviews. However, where the WWZ interviews were all separate, in 'The Sleeping Giant' the main characters are questioned repeatedly, allowing us to get to know them. Most of the debriefings are conducted by a shadowy figure of power whose identity is unclear throughout most of the book.The strangeness starts [...]

    22. This book was totally crazy. And AWESOME.Sleeping Giants had everything I could want from a sci fi - a thrilling, action-filled plot, drama, enough science to keep the mini nerd in me happy, metal giants in the ground, and vibes similar to The Martian, except this book was much darker and moved at a quicker pace. I really love when an author can take something so bizarre - something that shouldn't work - and make it feel perfectly natural. That was the case with Sleeping Giants.We follow Dr. Ros [...]

    23. Somehow I didn't realize this was the first in a series (duology? trilogy?), and it definitely feels that way. While it has its own plot, the book doesn't really feel complete, and that's one of my biggest pet peeves with series. I want the author to be able to make each installment satisfying in and of itself, and with this one I think more pay-off will come in later installments, which is frustrating.On the positive side, the full cast audio recording is a really great route for this book! It' [...]

    24. Just as good of a mindfuck the second time around! Maybe I can finally write a review of this-----------This was so sick and so fucking awesome! I do feel like an idiot for reading it five hundred months before publication because of the long, long wait but, there you have it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    25. 4.5 stars. This was very good indeed! I might sound surprised about this and that is because I am. For the first half I was grumpily muttering in my head about not liking journal style books- didn't get on with World War Z for example. The story was quite interesting but I couldn't identify with the characters. But then in the second half I found all of my objections evaporated. A fabulous first in series with loads of potential for further adventures (indeed I have already bought Waking Gods!) [...]

    26. This review appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews! If the words ‘giant robots’ hasn’t encouraged you to pick this book up, then I don’t know what will. I picked up Sleeping Giants upon the recommendation of my trusted book buddies, Jaz and Joy, and I’m so glad I did. It helped to end my three week Gemina obsession that wouldn’t let up – only because it’s a sci-fi told in a similar format.Told through a series of interviews with multiple characters, diary note [...]

    27. 3.5 starsI debated for awhile what to rate this one. I sincerely enjoyed this book but I think it had so much more potential. The entire book is written in interview format ultimately I felt kind of detached. everyone was just way too calm about this giant alien robot. The ending left me confused but also needing to kmow more. I'll definitely be reading the sequel

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