Lone Heart Pass

Lone Heart Pass Where family bonds are made and broken and where young love sparks as old flames grow dim Ransom Canyon is ready to welcome and shelter those who need it With a career and a relationship in ruins J

  • Title: Lone Heart Pass
  • Author: Jodi Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780373789214
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Where family bonds are made and broken, and where young love sparks as old flames grow dim, Ransom Canyon is ready to welcome and shelter those who need it With a career and a relationship in ruins, Jubilee Hamilton is left reeling from a fast fall to the bottom The run down Texas farm she s inherited is a far cry from the second chance she hoped for, but it and the abrasWhere family bonds are made and broken, and where young love sparks as old flames grow dim, Ransom Canyon is ready to welcome and shelter those who need it With a career and a relationship in ruins, Jubilee Hamilton is left reeling from a fast fall to the bottom The run down Texas farm she s inherited is a far cry from the second chance she hoped for, but it and the abrasive foreman she s forced to hire are all she s got Every time Charley Collins has let a woman get close, he s been burned So Lone Heart ranch and the contrary woman who owns it are merely a means to an end, until Jubilee tempts him to take another risk to stop resisting the attraction drawing them together despite all his hard learned logic Desperation is all young Thatcher Jones knows And when he finds himself mixed up in a murder investigation, his only protection is the shelter of a man and woman who just like him need someone to trust.

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    1. 3.85 starsThe 3rd book in the series that I have read back-to-back and I've reached my limits. Need to take a rest from Ransom Canyon for a while.Unlike the first and second books where I knew which was the main story (and characters) and which were secondaries, this one makes me confused. Every substories were stronger than the main couple (should be Jubile and Charley, right?) and in a way, way more interesting. Throw in some murder-mystery cases, and our couple were overshadowed by almost eve [...]

    2. Autry's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 starsLone Heart Pass is a novel filled with warmth, hope, happiness, and a unique cast of characters. Ms. Thomas fills the third installment of her Ransom Canyon series, with a few familiar faces and a fresh new couple. Jubilee and Charley are not typical characters I would come to expect, they are truly partners against the world. Jubilee is a big-city girl grasping at straws to make a way in life, find her inner-strength and become an i [...]

    3. I dearly loved reading LONE HEART PASS!! As always, Jodi Thomas captivated me with her well-drawn characters and entertained me to the very end, which led me to buy another book in this series. I recommend LONE STAR PASS as a Must Read! It is an absolutely fabulous story! You can't go wrong with Jodi Thomas.

    4. 3.5/5; 4 stars; B+I almost abandoned this book near the beginning because the heroine was portrayed as such a pathetic mess that I didn't think I would be able to get behind her. But I did, and it was worth it. At the risk of being lame I will just say I found this story heartwarming and I am still invested in reading more about the people of Ransom Canyon.

    5. – Jubilee Hamilton and Charlie Collins are the next two lost souls to find love and happiness at Ransom Canyon, the Harlequin series by Thomas. I loved how Jubilee and Charlie start out working for a common goal but determined to stay away from romance and love. There was not rush to romance here. Just an interesting and sweet work up to a HEA. Jubilee’s self-adsorbed sister is a nice comic relief to the story. Both Charlie and Jubilee have big hearts and by the end of the book they have gro [...]

    6. This story finished with some exciting action and the hero's daughter was cute but I didn't like the multiple threads going on. They were not secondary romances with HEA but seemed like chick-lit filler. I struggled to stay interested in the main romance. Jubalee loses her job and boyfriend so she goes to a farm she inherited where she hires single father Charley as her ranch manager.

    7. Originally posted at SmexyBooks-smexybooks/2016/04/review-Jubilee Hamilton is a former campaign manager whose last three clients lost their elections. Her boyfriend has left her and now she is being evicted from her home. She dreads having to go home and face her critical parents-or worse-her older sister. When she receives notice she is the sole inheritor of her great-grandfather’s ranch, she hightails it to Texas, determined to make it on her own. She begins to wonder what she’s getting in [...]

    8. 4.5 stars. Lone Heart Pass - #3 in the Ransom Canyon series and it just gets better with each one. The characters are fun, they have depth and it was easy to just fall in love with them. There is a bit of crime and mystery, along with a ranch that needs taking care of and some romance. We meet some new characters and catch up with a couple of the earlier ones.Jubilee has had a tough past, her family has never really loved or accepted her and now she finds out the only relative she loved is dead. [...]

    9. Lone Heart Pass is a story about people who’ve been cast away by people who should have loved them. Whether by parents or partners each one had their trust abused so it’s no wonder they’re reluctant, no, determined not to let anyone get that close to them again.One of the things I love about Jodi Thomas’s books is that her characters, though flawed like us all, are usually kind. Their feelings are recognizable because the reader can identify with many of them. I think that’s what makes [...]

    10. Great story about people who have never had family, not really. Not anyone who loved them just because without condition. Somehow they find each other and make their own family. There's also bad guys causing trouble and the good guys take care of it, even though some of them get hurt. It's just good stuff, as you always get with Jodi.

    11. THIS SUMMARY/REVIEW WAS COPIED FROM OTHER SOURCES AND IS USED ONLY AS A REMINDER OF WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT FOR MY PERSONAL INTEREST. ANY PERSONAL NOTATIONS ARE FOR MY RECOLLECTION ONLY3.5+**For Jubilee Hamilton, her inheritance comes at a most opportune time. She is unemployed with nothing and no one to keep her in Washington D.C. Her job was her world, even though she had a live-in boyfriend. It's that focus that leaves her alone and more than willing to head to Texas for a new start. Jubilee [...]

    12. Another lovely installment to the Ransom Canyon series. The story is told, like always in the series, by multiple points of view, with one couple, Charley and Jubilee in the front and center. The story between Jubilee and Charley is a tale of survival, making your own destiny, finding your happiness at the moments you are in, and learning to love again, after life has kicked you to the curve too many times. Jubilee doesn't even believe she has a heart, so many times she has been left behind, and [...]

    13. * I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*After Jubilee Hamilton hits rock bottom, she decides to escape to the run-down Texas ranch she inherited. Still reeling from loss and abandonment, she wants to make the ranch her second and last chance at life. To make a proper go of it, she jumps as the chance to hire rough and tumble Charley Collins as a ranch foreman. Charley Collins has been burned by family and women alike leaving him with a young daughter solel [...]

    14. Such a good story. Jodi Thomas makes misfit characters find new lives and love better than any author I have read. Jubilee is a campaign manager. She is out of work after her 3rd candidate in a row loses an election. It is then she finds out she has inherited her great grandfather's ranch in Ransom Canyon. She hires Charley, a bartender with a young daughter trying to squirrel away money for a small ranch of his own. There is also Thatcher, a young teen boy mostly abandoned by his mother. The sh [...]

    15. Jodi Thomas has done it again! 5 stars for this book that made me root for the characters! Oh my--I was chuckling out loud at some of the unique, delightful turn-of-phrases by the quirky characters. I wanted to meet them all in real life--they are so interesting and original. Please write another Ms. Thomas!

    16. What a fantastic story! I cannot wait to go back and read stories 1 & 2. Jubilee, a failed campaign manager, moves into the Texas ranch she inherits and decides to make a go of it. She hires Charley as a foreman. This story is of second chances, the heart's unending capacity for love, love of the land and a little mystery will definitely draw you in.

    17. Enjoyed it, but the ending was rushed. Really hoping for a great story for Lauren. In my opinion Lucas doesn't deserve her.

    18. Let me see. Sixty pages in there’s Jubilee Hamilton who has just taken over her Great Grandfather’s Ranch and hired Charley Collins who showed up to deliver her groceries. He comes with a five-year-old daughter. Of course he’s described as having the looks of a runway model without the fancy clothes. This being a romance he’d have to be sex on a stick. She’s not bad looking either. Then there’s Sheriff Brigman who picks up fourteen-year-old Thatcher Jones for driving under age with a [...]

    19. There was a lot going on in this book and I did occasionally have to go back to figure out who the character was that a specific chapter was mainly about. Authors tend to lose me at that point, but I love Jodi Thomas books and I stuck with her. I'm glad I did. The main female character, Jubilee, inherited a ranch from her grandfather right as the rest of her life is falling apart. One of my favorite parts of the book is the scene in which she meets Charley. She's been wallowing in self pity, set [...]

    20. With a third lossed campaign and another man walking out on her, Jubilee discovers the only person she believed loved her has died and left her his ranch.Charley has been disowned by his father and had his wife walk out on him and is trying to raise his daughter with only her grandparents help.Thatcher has raised himself and never had anyone he could trust.I really enjoy the relationships, the idea that romance can come after hitting rock bottom and a romance where sex isn't the major focus.

    21. This review was first published and written for the Smart Bitches, Trashy Bitches 2017 RITA Reader Reviews.Lone Heart Pass is a sweet book that has too many stories going on and while by the end many of them are resolved, at the end, I felt unsatisfied. This is the first Jodi Thomas that I’ve read and I chose it because I’ve been wanting to read a western romance and she seems to be a reliable author. I don’t think I’d read another. As this book has so many plots in it, I’m going to re [...]

    22. Good storyGood story with wonderful believable characters. The storyline kept my interest from first paragraph to last. Jodi Thomas never disappoints

    23. I had not read this series of Jodi Thomas books but I like her older series so I bought this and I did enjoy it so I plan on more in this series.

    24. Lone Heart Pass by Jodi Thomas is a heartwarming novel of new beginnings and second chances. This third installment in the Ransom Canyon features multiple story arcs which include a beautiful romance and a perplexing mystery. Old and new fans will be delighted to meet new characters while at the same catching up with a few favorites from previous novels.After her latest relationship and her career fall apart, Jubilee Hamilton is more than ready for a change of scenery and a new plan for her futu [...]

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