The Book on Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well

The Book on Writing The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well Teaches the elements of good writing through the use of essential guidelines literary techniques and proper writing mechanics

  • Title: The Book on Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Well
  • Author: Paula LaRocque
  • ISBN: 9780966517699
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Teaches the elements of good writing through the use of essential guidelines, literary techniques, and proper writing mechanics.

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    About "Paula LaRocque"

    1. Paula LaRocque

      Paula is an editor, communications consultant, and author of nonfiction who has recently turned her attention to writing fiction Her first novel, a mystery titled Chalk Line, will be published by Marion Street Press, Inc in 2011.Often hailed as one of America s foremost writing coaches, Paula has conducted writing workshops for hundreds of media, government, academic, and business groups across the United States, Canada, and Europe She also has served as a writing consultant for the Associated Press, the Drehscheibe Institute in Bonn, and the European Stars Stripes in Germany.From 1971 to 1981, she taught technical communication at Western Michigan University s School of Engineering and, after moving to Texas, taught journalism at Texas AM, Southern Methodist, and Texas Christian universities From 1981 to 2001, she was assistant managing editor and writing coach at The Dallas Morning News.She has been a columnist for the Society of Professional Journalists Quill magazine for than 20 years Her commentaries on the language air regularly on National Public Radio in Dallas, and she s author of three books on writing Marion Street Press After leaving The Dallas Morning News in 2001, Paula now a member of the Mystery Writers of America and of the Dallas Fort Worth Writers Workshop wrote the first two books of a mystery series The series features detective Ben Gallagher and is set in the Dallas Fort Worth area.A member of the Associated Press Managing Editors association from the early 1990s through 2001, she was elected to the Board of Directors and appointed an officer In 2001, the association granted her its highest honor the Meritorious Service Award for exemplary contribution to journalism.She earned a BA degree Summa Cum Laude in 1971 and an MA in 1972 Western Michigan University She also worked on a doctorate, but her career became so demanding she did not complete it.

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    1. I view The Book on Writing as the third member of the holy trinity consisting of On Writing Well and The Elements of Style (aka Strunk & White). Like these other two exalted texts, The Book on Writing is an advertisement for its own advice. The 233 pages flew by, despite what is arguably very dry subject matter.A grab bag of my favorite points:- Clarity is everything. Almost every aspect of good writing is built on the foundation of conveying your point clearly.- Sentences should be less tha [...]

    2. This book has a lot of useful writing suggestions. Is it the ultimate book? No, that's more of a marketing thing. But I will say it inspired me to write more and with greater quality. I think everyone should take pride in their daily lives; knowing how to convey verbal information clearly is important. It's pretty easy to see how writing well is useful.The last few chapters on grammar were a little dry, true. However, all the other chapters were lively and engaging. The advice given was accompan [...]

    3. Another writing book. Thought I was going to read a third one, but I'll stop for now. I'm reading these mainly for the fact I have writer's block. These books might help my grammar: my weakness. I found this one easier to read than Elements of Style. It doesn't read like a textbook and it has more wit. They are both equally as good and helpful.

    4. I've read Paula's book several times now. There is not much to it, just 12 guidelines to writing well and lots of examples. I love some of Paula's legal or political examples of bad writing. I really wish we could hire about 10,000 Paula LoRocque's to start going through our ridiculously wordy, incomprehensibly obtuse legal system and translating our laws into clear, understandable English. The Constitution and its amendments meet that standard, but I've seen precious few other examples. LaRocqu [...]

    5. A much recommended book on . The first part of the book is quite basic. Use simple words, vary the length of sentences and the like. The momentum picks up in the 2nd part where there is some insightful advice on building character, building tension, and the perennial: showing vs. telling. There is nothing new about the advice but the examples bring it to life. I enjoyed the Part 3 -> handbook on correct use of the language – there were plenty of surprises there.

    6. This piece of nonfiction inspired me to rethink the writing of my essays and emails, let alone my fiction. All in all a solid piece that I will continue to reference as I compose any sort of work. This is good to have on hand for any fiction or academic writer looking to delve further than what English class teaches you about the actual craft of writing.

    7. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read this book, and I only wish I had read it before starting college – it would have made things go much more smoothly, I’m sure!Part 1: A Dozen Guidelines to Good WritingI learned so much from just the first twelve chapters that I stopped reading for a while and started going through my blog posts to see where I could make them more readable and concise. My favorite passage in this section comes from chapter 2, which is entitled “Avoid Pretensio [...]

    8. The reason for me to read this book was to improve my writing style. Pretty obvious, right? I read quite a lot and am often impressed by how sophisticated people can express themselves. I have to admit, I don't always find these texts, books etc. easy to read and understand, at least not all of them, but I was impressed nonetheless. I believed that I lacked the vocabulary and understanding of the English language because I am not a native speaker. Sometimes this may be right, but I learned that [...]

    9. Move over Elements of Style, because Paula LaRocque has your number. This is as useful, and in some ways more so, than that classic. This may in fact be the book on writing. Its first 100 pages are as clear and concise a review of essential writing mechanics as I've ever read -- and such a good reminder that they belong on the "read every year" list for anyone wanting to keep their writing sharp. The second hundred pages tie together in their own succinct and lively way an array of insights into [...]

    10. The first section on writing mechanics contains essential advice for every writer. Much of its content overlaps with the book "Writing Tools." I'm not writing fiction, and so I only skimmed the second section on storytelling devices. The third section, enigmatically titled "A Handbook," tackles myths, relics, and vestiges of writing like never splitting infinitives or ending a sentence with a preposition. This was welcome, as Elements of Style dispenses some antiquated advice. But it felt out of [...]

    11. I really like The Book on Writing. It's very informative and thorough - covering topics of relevance both to fiction and non-fiction writers - yet manages to make enjoyable what otherwise might have been a dry read.The book's two main parts focus on writing mechanics and storytelling devices. They are both quite helpful and the excerpts used by the author to illustrate her points generally excellent.

    12. Being the first book of its kind I've ever read, I guess I don't have much to compare it with. But nonetheless, it seems like the author really knows what she's talking about. Just reading the book will not make you a good writer, of course, but she does give some valuable tips and guidelines about writing in general. I would've liked if she wrote a little more about how to write fiction, but that's just me:)

    13. This was a very motivating and thought provoking book. It gave me an interesting perspective on myself and my ability to create and write. I took my time and really thought about the message of resistance. I now know the enemy and what I must do to overcome it so that I can be more productive. I am very touched by the last chapter in the book. Create what you are meant to create don't let others and yourself lose out on what you were meant to do. I highly recommend this book.

    14. I never finished this book, but I guess that's okay. I read enoughThis book has good advice, but maybe a little too detailed and boring for me. It seems like a lot of things are repeated, and the chapters kind of seem like they are in the wrong order.There's good advice, but there's also lengthy discussions about other's writing, and it drags on and on, with very little solid advice.

    15. This is a fine book on the art and craft of writing, both fiction and nonfiction. While not a topic of mass appeal, the subject is dear of some of us, and this work stands out as a shining guide. I am suddenly self-conscious about writing this review, worrying about introducing sentences with long subordinate clauses and other weak affections, so I'm quitting now, while I'm not too far behind.

    16. I read this for my Media Writing class as well. LaRoque's tips are very helpful, and they're not the sort of writing tips you hear everywhere. Simply the way she writes the book makes it easy to learn from her.

    17. I wish I could write like this book is teaching. An entertaining book with more insights. If you have to or want to write, and want to do it well then check out this book.

    18. Very helpful in my formal proposal writing skills. Never be satisfied in your abilities reminders, techniques and new information is always helpful

    19. This is an easy-to-read book crammed full with helpful advice. While it's slanted toward business writers, or journalist, as a novelist, I found the information to be helpful to my trade, too.

    20. Practical, with lots of examples. Taught me what "show, don't tell" means. Read my detailed book notes here

    21. How to write more concisely and precisely. Also has miscellaneous tips on apostrophes, spelling, similes & metaphors, quotation marks, and more. Indexed.

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