Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize

Mrs Jeffries Wins the Prize Mrs Jeffries is back in the New York Times bestselling Victorian series perfect for fans of Downton AbbeyPPED IN THE BUDThe ladies of the Mayfair Orchid and Exotic Plant Society are known for a bit o

  • Title: Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize
  • Author: Emily Brightwell
  • ISBN: 9780425268117
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Mrs Jeffries is back in the New York Times bestselling Victorian series, perfect for fans of Downton AbbeyPPED IN THE BUDThe ladies of the Mayfair Orchid and Exotic Plant Society are known for a bit of friendly rivalry, but the backstabbing has never been literal until now When Hiram Fil, an orchid hunter and supplier, is found dead in Mrs Helena Rayburn s conserMrs Jeffries is back in the New York Times bestselling Victorian series, perfect for fans of Downton AbbeyPPED IN THE BUDThe ladies of the Mayfair Orchid and Exotic Plant Society are known for a bit of friendly rivalry, but the backstabbing has never been literal until now When Hiram Fil, an orchid hunter and supplier, is found dead in Mrs Helena Rayburn s conservatory, Inspector Witherspoon is called in to weed out a murderer.When it comes out that Mrs Rayburn and her flowery friends knew each other from long ago, Mrs Jeffries begins to suspect that there s to unearth about this case than meets the eye Now she, along with the rest of Inspector Witherspoon s household and friends, will have to dig up the past to figure out which gardening gentlewoman had a grudge worth killing for A Mrs Jeffries MysteryShe keeps house for Inspector Witherspoon and keeps him on his toes Everyone s awed by his Scotland Yard successes but they don t know about his secret weapon No matter how messy the murder or how dirty the deed, Mrs Jeffries polished detection skills are up to the task proving that behind every great man there s a woman and that a crimesolver s work is never doneVER BEFORE PUBLISHED

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    1. Emily Brightwell

      Cheryl Lanham was born on 11 October 1948 in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, USA Her family moved to Southern California in 1959 and she grew up in Pasadena After graduating from California State University, she decided to work her way around the world and took off for England She didn t get much further because she met Richard James Arguile, the Englishman who became her husband, got married on May 1976, and had two children, Matthew and Amanda While working in international shipping, she decided to pursue her dream and become a writer which, of course, is the best job ever She has written romance novels as Sarah Temple, and Young Adult novels as Cheryl Lanham As Emily Brightwell, she is the author of the Mrs Jeffries mysteries.Cheryl Lanham Arguile returned to California, where she lives with her husband and a cranky old cat named Kiwi.

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    1. Inspector Witherspoon, Mrs Jefferies and his house are back solving mysteries. This one is a diff one to solve as the motive dates back to India. Three ladies went out to India to find husbands are back in England as widows. They are friendly rivals in an Orchid And Exotic Plant Society. They all want to win the BIS at the flower exhibit. The murder occurs behind a Conservatory of one of the ladies. The murder victim supped rare orchids to the women. Tension is supplied by an another lady who wa [...]

    2. Number 34 is here and it is another gem in the series!Mrs. Jeffries and the gang return in another adventure to help the Inspector solve a murder.Hiriam Filmore, an orchid hunter and supplier is found dead in Helena Rayburn's conservatory. Did she kill him? Who would want him dead? Is it one of the other ladies that have a shared past in India?As always the characters are well written and vividly described. All the favourites are back. With the staff helping the Inspector (without his knowldge o [...]

    3. I found this book a bit confusing. There were far too many suspects for the murder of a local rare plant seller. The book seemed to descend into all-out cat fights among four very unlikeable women many times during the course of the story. Mrs. Jeffries and her crew manage to uncover all the old secrets and dirty dealings, but I have to admit that all the women involved were so unlikeable that I didn't care in the end who actually did the deed. I usually love these cozy Victorian mysteries and I [...]

    4. I love, love, love these books. I look forward to the next one from the moment I finish the last and this one, as always, did not disappoint. Don't know what else to say. I love the way the period is depicted. I love the development of all the characters and how they interact with each other. This series is a gem from first book to last.

    5. This is the 34th book in the Mrs Jeffries series and I still can't get enough of this little old lady solving murders. One thing I appreciate about these books is that every book hits the ground running. No waiting around and getting stiff joints here! The characters are wonderful and I have loved growing with them. I can't wait for #35!

    6. This is the first book I've read in this series. Set during Victorian times in England, Mrs. Jeffries is the housekeeper for Scotland Yard Inspector Witherspoon. The inspector has an amazing record of solving crimes, but doesn't realize that his household staff, led by Mrs. Jeffries, work behind the scenes on his cases. Mrs. Jeffries, along with the cook, maid, footmen and several others, including the inspector's lady friend, all meet secretly twice a day to discuss progress on each case. In th [...]

    7. Mrs. Jeffries and friends help the Inspector with a confusing and tough case. This time, four ladies have secrets from the past with murderous consequences. Everything comes to the surface from competitive social climbing to vengeful actions. All the way to the end, the Inspector, Constable Barnes and Mrs. Jeffries detectors try to figure out who committed the brutal crime. As a reader of this series, it had me changing my mind several times. Emily Brightwell knows just how to introduce a little [...]

    8. I knew whodunit early on in this installment of the Mrs. Jeffries Victorian cozy mysteries. Figuring how the why took a little longer.These books follow a very specific formula, and it works because I enjoy the interactions of the Inspector, his household staff and their friends as they investigate murders among, mostly, rich London residents.A purveyor of exotic flowers is discovered murdered in a rich woman's conservatory as she and three guests enjoy luncheon. As the evidence mounts against o [...]

    9. I always enjoy visiting Upper Edmonton Gardens and the household staff who secretly helps Inspector Witherspoon solve murders. I did figure out who did it quite early on this time.

    10. Very enjoyable. I really like this series when I need an easy read that's still interesting and can hold my attention.

    11. 3.5 stars. A fun, cute, light mystery. A good addition to the series and nice to read in between other long and more difficult books, but still keeps one thinking and engaged.

    12. openbooksociety/article/mrMrs. Jeffries Wins the PrizeMrs. Jeffries, Book #34By Emily BrightwellISBN: 9780425268117Author Website: emilybrightwellBrought to you by OBS reviewer KaytSynopsis:Mrs. Jeffries is back in the New York Times bestselling Victorian series, perfect for fans of Downton AbbeyPPED IN THE BUDThe ladies of the Mayfair Orchid and Exotic Plant Society are known for a bit of friendly rivalry, but the backstabbing has never been literal—until now. When Hiram Filmore, an orchid hu [...]

    13. Mrs. Helena Rayburn, Althea Stanway, Isabelle Martell, and Chloe Atwater are members of the Mayfair Orchid and Rare Plant Society. When the ladies are gathered for a meeting at Mrs. Rayburn's home, a dead body is discovered in the conservatory. The deceased - Hiram Filmore - was an exotic plant dealer supplying Mrs. Rayburn with her orchids. She denies inviting him to her home or ordering anything from him recently but someone let him in to the conservatory and killed him. The clues point to Mrs [...]

    14. When Hiram Filmore, an orchid dealer, is murdered, it is only natural that Inspector Gerald Witherspoon will get the case - after all he has quite the reputation for solving murders. Unknown to Witherspoon, his household staff and friends, including housekeeper Mrs. Jeffries, have been working behind the scenes for years to help him solve his cases. All murder cases are tough but this one is especially so as it may be tied to events that happened years earlier. As Witherspoon struggles to solve [...]

    15. Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize is thirty-fourth book in A Victorian Mystery series. The ladies of The Mayfair Orchid and Exotic Plant Society are getting their plants ready for the annual competition. They are meeting at Helena Rayburn’s when they hear a scream. They all go running into the conservatory to find a dead body. Hiram Filmore, who supplies the plants for the ladies (the exotic and unusual), has a pair of shears in his chest. What was he doing in Mrs. Rayburn’s conservatory? Inspect [...]

    16. I received this as an ARC from the publisher but the review is my own.Among the elite of London are those who dabble in the very expensive art of orchids. These blooms are brought from the most exotic parts of the world to glass conservatories of the wealthy, so a dead body found during a ladies luncheon in the greenhouse is unwelcome for many reasons. When the murder seems to suggest that the lady of the house is being framed purposefully, Inspector Witherspoon senses that there is more to this [...]

    17. I love mysteries. I love Downton Abby. I didn't love this book. The mystery was creative and interesting but the narrative had zero action, with the exception of the first chapter. The entire book was composed of scenes where the characters sit around a kitchen table and summarize what they've learned. It was like watching an episode of Murder, She Wrote where Jessica Fletcher just summarized the investigation for the viewer from her armchair. It was boring. There were way, way too many characte [...]

    18. Mrs. Jefferies Wins The Prize is the thirty-fourth book in the A Victorian Mystery series.Another fun read in the long running series.Once again Mrs. Jefferies and her group of amateur sleuths avail themselves to help solve another murder.Mrs. Rayburn has hopes of becoming a member of the Royal Horticultural Society, but it just might be derailed when Hiram Filmore a hunter and seller of rare orchids, is found stabbed through the heart in her conservatory. Also at her home when Filmore was found [...]

    19. In any long running series, there are going to be books that really grab you and others that just don't work for you for whatever reason. Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize was one of the books in this long-very long running series that just hit the spot with me. The book opens with some of the members of the Orchid and Exotic Plant Society gathering for lunch at the home of Mrs. Rayburn. While enjoying their coffee and gossiping about the member who has already left, a servant who is in much distress [...]

    20. "Mrs. Jeffries Wins The Prize" by Emily Brightwell is book 34 in the Mrs. Jefferies mystery series. This story takes place in victorian England. Hiram Florham is found murdered by a pair of shears / scissors in Mrs. Helena Rayburn's home conservatory. Inspector Gerald Witherspoon and Constable Barnes are called in to investigate the murder of Mr. Florham. Mr. Florham is the seller and obtainer of rare plants and seeds. He has been supplying the ladies of the Mayfair Orchid and Exotic Plant Socie [...]

    21. "Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize" is a historical mystery set in England in the late 1800's. It's the thirty-fourth in a series. You don't need to read the previous books to understand this one, and this book didn't spoil the whodunit of the previous books.It's a clue-based puzzle mystery. I was certain of whodunit and why by about halfway through. However, there was enough evidence pointing in other directions that I wasn't 100% certain that my whodunit would be the actual solution. The story wasn [...]

    22. When a body is found in widowed Helena Rayburn's conservatory, Inspector Witherspoon is called in to the case--and that means his household staff and their friends spring into action to help him solve the case behind the scenes, and without his knowledge. The three ladies who were having luncheon with Helena, their hostess, and the victim all spent time in India, and the roots of the crime lead back to that English possession. Unfortunately, Mrs. Goudge, the Inspector's household cook, has a sad [...]

    23. Mrs. Jeffries and the gang return again to help the inspector solve the murder of Hiram Fillmore, orchid Hunter and supplier. Hiram is found dead in Helena Rayburns conservatory. The question is did she kill him, if not who did it? Was it one of the other ladies she shared her past with in India? Will they figure it out before the wrong person is arrested. This is number 34 in the series and my first time reading one. A very fun little English cozy and I'm sure I will pick up a few more to enjoy [...]

    24. The cover compares it to Downton Abbey, but to me it's more like Murder, She Wrote with a Victorian twist. The woman is a housekeeper not a writer, but definitely a great female sleuth. Extremely well written, great storyline; just a really nice mystery novel and small enough to tuck into your bag on a trip. And, to my surprise and pleasure, there are a whole slew of "Mrs. Jeffries" mysteries published.This was a giveaway.

    25. There were so many injustices in London during these times that it's heartwarming to read a book (although fiction) where a household staff is treated respectfully. This same staff of servants are helpers to solve murder mysteries that their employer, the inspector, has trouble finding the culprit.

    26. The latest in one of my favorite series this one finds Mrs. Jeffries and crew aiding the Inspector in solving the murder of a rare flower dealer. The series continue to grow the characters and maintain a proper mystery plot. While it can be a bit repetitive I do love spending time with these characters.

    27. This is the first of this series that I have read. I quite enjoyed it. It was a wonderful Victorian mystery and anyone that loves that type of cozy will thoroughly enjoy this one. I was given a this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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