Pleasantville It s Bill Clinton has just been re elected and in Houston a mayoral election is looming As usual the campaign focuses on Pleasantville the African American neighbourhood of the city that has swu

  • Title: Pleasantville
  • Author: Attica Locke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s 1996, Bill Clinton has just been re elected and in Houston a mayoral election is looming As usual the campaign focuses on Pleasantville the African American neighbourhood of the city that has swung almost every race since it was founded to house a growing black middle class in 1949 Axel Hathorne, former chief of police and the son of Pleasantville s founding fatheIt s 1996, Bill Clinton has just been re elected and in Houston a mayoral election is looming As usual the campaign focuses on Pleasantville the African American neighbourhood of the city that has swung almost every race since it was founded to house a growing black middle class in 1949 Axel Hathorne, former chief of police and the son of Pleasantville s founding father Sam Hathorne, was the clear favourite, all set to become Houston s first black mayor But his lead is slipping thanks to a late entrant into the race Sandy Wolcott, a defence attorney riding high on the success of a high profile murder trial And then, just as the competition intensifies, a girl goes missing, apparently while canvassing for Axel And when her body is found, Axel s nephew is charged with her murder.Sam is determined that Jay Porter defends his grandson And even though Jay is tired of wading through other people s problems, he suddenly finds himself trying his first murder case, a trial that threatens to blow the entire community wide open, and reveal the lengths that those with power are willing to go to hold onto it.

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    1. Attica Locke

      Attica Locke is a writer whose first novel, Black Water Rising, was nominated for a 2010 Edgar Award, a 2010 NAACP Image Award, as well as a Los Angeles Times Book Prize and was shortlisted for an Orange Prize in the UK Attica is also a screenwriter who has written movie and television scripts for Paramount, Warner Bros, Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, HBO, Dreamworks and Silver Pictures She was also a fellow at the Sundance Institute s Feature Filmmakers Lab and is a graduate of Northwestern University A native of Houston, Texas, Attica lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and daughter.

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    1. DNFI loved Locke’s first two novels. She is a talented author as well as one of the writers and producers of the TV series Empire (which I’ve never seen). In Pleasantville, we catch up with attorney Jay Porter fifteen years down the line in his hometown where politics, murder, money, and family secrets abound. Based on most reviews I should really be liking this one but I don’t. Perhaps it’s a timing issue, or there is just too much going on with so many characters. I keep getting distra [...]

    2. i have serious love for attica locke. i think she can do no wrong. i think she's basically perfect. this is a genre/gender bending noir set in an enclave for well-to-do african americans originally set up in the 1940s in houston. the premise under which the city of plesantville was created is a bit iffy. there is nothing wrong of course and everything right for embattled jim-crow-era black people to want to have a safe haven for themselves. but then you have the pesky question of class, and you [...]

    3. WOW. Attica Locke. What a find (thanks, Jo!)This is a seriously fantastic book in all the most important ways, and weirdly perfect for the times. The gross mendacity and political corruption at the heart of the plot - unpeeled layer by layer by our hero, Jay Porter, a grief-stricken and world-weary civil rights activist turned environmental-then-criminal lawyer - feels almost prescient in Locke's hands (although the novel was published in early 2015, it takes place in 1996). Locke puts together [...]

    4. Jay Porter has a full plate, and so his legal career has been set on cruise control. Money is the least of his worries; he is successful, and has won a very large case, though it hasn’t paid yet. No, his issues have to do with family, and with grieving. And with grieving. And with grieving. His wife Bernie died young and fast due to an illness that she knew she had, but had chosen not to share. She pushed him to follow through on his enormous case against the oil company that had sickened, eve [...]

    5. This is hands down the best thriller I've read this year, and I read The Girl on the Train.I cannot stop reading Attica Locke. I tore through her two previous books, Black Water Rising and The Cutting Season, earlier this year. I was first in line at my library to read Pleasantville when it was released last month. Now I guess I'll just have to find a way to live my life until she publishes another—which could be a while, I'm guessing, since she also has a gig writing for the TV show Empire. I [...]

    6. Attica Locke's prose goes down nice and easy, and her well etched characters draw you into the mysteries they inhabit. This is the second one of Locke's novels that I've read. I look forward to the third and beyond, regardless of whether she brings us back to the same cast of main characters or introduces us to brand new ones.

    7. Lawyer Jay Porter is back after his introduction in Locke’s first book, Black Water Rising, where he tackled a murder case that found him embroiled in environmental politics and changed his life. Pleasantville picks up a few years later and Jay has become somewhat of a go-to lawyer for citizens in their fight against the dumping of chemicals in their neighborhoods.Pleasantville, a predominately African-American neighborhood in Houston, Texas (in real life and in the book), is currently being r [...]

    8. The most thrilling account of local election politics and hustling for power that I've ever come across. This succeeds as courtroom drama, political thriller, showing how the real human/family suffering is used for point-scoring. As a murder mystery, it is perhaps not entirely successful (gets wrapped up a bit too quickly and unexpectedly at the end), but it's a very intelligent, well-written book.

    9. FictionAttica LockePleasantville: A NovelNew York: HarperHardcover, 978-0-06-225940-0432 pages, $26.99April 21, 2015Pleasantville is a historical neighborhood in Houston, Texas, “a planned community…built specifically for Negro families of means and class” in the wake of World War II, and one of its favorite sons, Axel Hathorne, has just entered a runoff election for mayor of Houston. The same night, someone is watching Alicia Nowell, a teenage girl who had been handing out leaflets door-t [...]

    10. given the electoral mayhem going on in the US right now, it was an interesting time for me to read this book and it felt like a good complement to the US's current election cycle. shenanigans, i tell you. shenanigans!as happened with Locke's first book in the series (Black Water Rising), i enjoyed this story but found it to have a few wobbles that took away from things for me while i read. Locke is great at character - i quite like when authors write convincingly the opposite gender to their own [...]

    11. I’d been wishing for a sequel to "Black Water Rising" for the past 6 years (has it been that long?) and when "The Cutting Season" came out in 2012, I figured Locke was done with socially conscious attorney, Jay Porter. So when I finally got my hands on a copy of "Pleasantville," I was giddy with excitement and couldn't wait to find out what Jay was up to. The story takes place in 1996, fifteen years later, and yes, the Houston attorney is back, but he’s not doing as well as I’d hoped. He [...]

    12. It was a long wait between episodes, but the wait was well worth it. Jay Porter, the likeable conscious lawyer is back and representing the Black community of Pleasantville, a section of Houston, TX. I am impressed with how well Attica Locke nails down the landscape of Houston, helps move the story when one is familiar with the surroundings and environment. Her prose is fast and easy with Jay being a great character to build a story around. Her pacing in this book was right on, with no superfluo [...]

    13. A smart, well-written thriller, starring lawyer Jay Porter From Black Water Rising. When a murder occurs during a mayoral election, Jay gets involved defending the accused. Locke seems more interested in the politics than the murder, which is fine by me, but the ending becomes a little hurried when the crime has to be solved. It's a great read in a genre where it's difficult to find quality writing. I'd love to see what happens with Jay.

    14. I was very happy with this ending. I thought this second installment was done very well. At first it starts off pretty slow, but after the 150 page mark it all goes great from there! I read the second 1/2 of the book in one day. Book 2 in the Jay Porter series starts off and centers around a group of girls who have been taken and killed and all the while the race for mayor in Pleasantville is one the way and when one of the candidates' team mates is accused of being the killer, Jay is placed in [...]

    15. 3.5/5 l read and enjoyed Attica Locke's second novel, The Cutting Season, a few years ago. (my review) But, I hadn't read her first book Black Water Rising featuring attorney Jay Porter. Porter returns in Locke's newest book Pleasantville.1996. A young girl goes missing after a night of handing out flyers in the Houston neighbourhood of Pleasantville. Two other young women have been killed on the streets in the near past, but the crimes remain unsolved. There's also a fierce electoral race runni [...]

    16. My USA Today review:***½ out of fourMy early reviewer's edition of Pleasantville casually mentions that Attica Locke is "a writer and co-producer on the upcoming Fox drama Empire." Well, it arrived, and now Locke is presumably on a private island sipping champagne and contemplating the hit show's next season – which makes this a melancholy review to write, because the book is splendid, and now who knows when another might come along? It's Locke's second featuring Jay Porter, a smart, lonely a [...]

    17. Jay Porter has a new office, a different house, 2 children and a string of clients that are tired of waiting for the settlement from Cole Oil he was fighting to win in Black Water Rising. In the middle of a mayoral election that will become its own character as Locke's novel continues, a young girl goes missing on a street corner on page one. I had no intention of reading 2 books in 24 hours, but one of Locke's many gifts is to grab you by your reading brain straightaway. Jay is tired. His clien [...]

    18. I would never have thought of myself as a fan of political or legal thrillers but thanks to both the amazing House of Cards and The Good Wife I have started to find them gripping. Imagine then my delight that Pleasantville reads like a book version of a movie length episode of those set back in the Nineties looking at politics, murder and race. I will be reading much more Locke.

    19. Love this woman's writing, love the series, love this book. Full of intelligence, remarkable characters and a true beating heart.

    20. Really enjoyed Black Water Rising, so seeing Jay's story continue was a treat! I love a book that keeps me guessing and this one kept me going to the very last page. Fantastic read!

    21. I really liked Black Water Rising, the author's first book about attorney Jay Porter, but I like Pleasantville even more!

    22. Originally published at Reading RealityPleasantville was every bit as terrific as I expected it to be, and the story makes an excellent bookend to Jay Porter’s legal career. We saw it take off in Black Water Rising and in Pleasantville we see what could be his swan song, or perhaps a new renaissance. Time will tell.Jay’s own story seems to be a parable on the cliche that if it wasn’t for bad luck, he wouldn’t have any at all. He has an unfortunate knack for being in the wrong place at th [...]

    23. Attica Locke is an amazing author. I enjoyed catching up with Jay Porter and seeing his life and career after the first book. This book was smart with layers of political intrigue. The characters and emotional dynamics are always strong and relatable. The ending was satisfying and in no way predictable. I hope we get another Jay Porter book@in the future. I highly recommend this book and any of Attica books.

    24. I thought this was excellent; the plot's a slow-burner but really gripping, and I loved how the backstory of the history and politics of Pleasantville became very influential as the novel progressed.Perfect for 90s teens like me who grew up stealing their parents' John Grisham books on holiday. I'm bulk ordering all Attica Locke's other books immediately.

    25. I liked this book almost as much as Black Water Rising. It was as ambitious in scope, as rooted in Texas and Houston history. One of my favorite things is fact checking the anecdotes Locke puts in about black life in Texas and seeing what is true and what is embellished. Often, the true things surprise me more than what she has bent in service of a good narrative. Would highly recommend the Jay Porter books for anyone that enjoys legal thrillers / detective stories, Black history, excellent paci [...]

    26. What’s fascinating about Pleasantville, Attica Locke’s latest thriller involving her series character, attorney Jay Porter, is that while it’s set in Houston in 1996, and the reader knows the history to come, we are dropped into the setting as if we did not. A suspenseful fictional ride ensues with the theme of post civil-rights era African-American history as a backdrop. References to George W. Bush’s upcoming presidential bid, ruthless electoral strategizing, and foreshadowing of the E [...]

    27. Evil is all around us, even in the small town of Pleasantville where retired army men and other professionals made their home after World War II. A young girl who was a volunteer handing out political flyers for an upcoming election disappears, and someone who may be innocent is charged with murder. Can Jay Porter successfully defend his client, or is he too rusty from just managing older cases? Forget about the fact that he is broke. He is also tired from strings of appeals that haven’t gotte [...]

    28. It's rare to encounter a writer who seems to get better with every book he or she writes. S"uch is the case with Attica Locke, who revisits a character from her first novel, "Black Water Rising, in her new murder mystery, "Pleasantville." Attorney Jay Porter has been though a tough year and has whittled his caseload down to one final (so he hopes) class action lawsuit against a Houston-based chemical company.However, larger things are at play, many of which will only be revealed slowly, piece by [...]

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