The Field of Blackbirds

The Field of Blackbirds When Arben Shala disappears in Eastern Europe Jeff Bradley promising Arben s wife he will find her husband and bring him home travels to the UN administered Serbian province of Kosovo With help from

  • Title: The Field of Blackbirds
  • Author: ThomasRyan
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  • Page: 422
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  • When Arben Shala disappears in Eastern Europe, Jeff Bradley promising Arben s wife he will find her husband and bring him home travels to the UN administered Serbian province of Kosovo With help from American Morgan Delaney, Barry Briggs an Australian working with the UN and the enigmatic Lee Caldwell an agent for the world s largest private security firm, Jeff uncovers aWhen Arben Shala disappears in Eastern Europe, Jeff Bradley promising Arben s wife he will find her husband and bring him home travels to the UN administered Serbian province of Kosovo With help from American Morgan Delaney, Barry Briggs an Australian working with the UN and the enigmatic Lee Caldwell an agent for the world s largest private security firm, Jeff uncovers a criminal conspiracy responsible for a series of bombings across Europe Ignoring death threats Jeff and Morgan dig deeper and when the shocking truth behind Arben s disappearance is finally uncovered it sets in motion a chain of events that brings Kosovo to the brink of civil war and NATO troops onto the streets of Kosovo s major cities The Field of Blackbirds by Thomas Ryan is a gripping, fast paced thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, as you continue to flip through the pages of the novel, unable to stop your need to know what is going to happen next Set mostly within the volatile borders of Kosovo, the action and danger is believable and written in a knowledgeable way This book is great at interweaving international agencies and real life situations into the fabric of the story, creating an unnerving tale that bounces off of the pages as if you were right there running along the streets with Jeff and Morgan Ryan does an excellent job describing the settings, and all of the characters are intricately developed, so that you are rooting for the heroes, and begging for the villains to receive the punishments they deserve The Field of Blackbirds is an action packed thriller that you won t want to put down.

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      Thomas Ryan has been a soldier in a theatre of war, traded in Eastern Europe, trampled the jungles of Asia, and struggled through the trials of love and loss ideal life experiences for a would be author Schooled by professionals, who have helped him hone his literary skills, Ryan is quickly establishing himself as a skilled writer of thriller novels and short stories He considers himself foremost, a story teller, a creator who has enthusiastically plunged his psyche into the world of creativity and fantasy With the reader in mind he weaves colourful characters into the fabric of his riveting storylines Taking readers on a thrilling journey is what motivates Ryan as a writer.

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    1. The Field of Blackbirds by Thomas Ryan is a gripping conspiracy thriller that will have the reader gasping for breath many times throughout this brilliant book.Jeff Bradley's vineyard in New Zealand needs an influx of cheap wine. He sends his manager, Arben Shala to his home country of Kosovo to acquire bulk wine. But Arben disappears without trace, leaving Jeff no alternative but to search for his missing friend. Jeff soon realizes he is up against it as he suspects foul play from every officia [...]

    2. I liked this story, and I was sitting here trying to figure out why. It's not easily cubbie-holed into genre. It's not really action-packed. The main male character is former New Zealand SAS, but you won't find him doing any impressive flying martial artistry that would woo his 30-something red haired (red is the new blond), green eyed (green is the new blue)30-something squeeze. It's all very realistic. It's not a thriller nor a mystery, in fact the reader knows whodunit before the main charact [...]

    3. Fast-paced, thrilling and fun. The Field of Blackbirds is a gripping and well-written thriller that races along at a crackling pace. Jeff Bradley is a New Zealander and former soldier in the SAS. Jeff's trusted friend and business associate Arben has traveled to Kosovo to settle a dispute over a vineyard owned by his family, and to acquire an influx of inexpensive wine for Jeff's own vineyard. When Arben promptly disappears Bradley vows to go to Kosovo and find him. After some time spent getting [...]

    4. “The Field of Blackbirds” eBook was published in 2015 (May) and was written by Thomas Ryan (thomasryanwriter). This is Mr. Ryan’s first novel. I obtained a galley of this novel for review through netgalley. I would categorize this novel as ‘PG’ as there are instances of Violence and Mature Language. This Thriller novel is set primarily in contemporary Kosovo. The primary character is Jeff Bradley, who has retired from the SAS and now has a vineyard in New Zealand. Bradley travels to Ko [...]

    5. I do not read a lot of crime thrillers but Thomas Ryan's The Field of Blackbirds has made me rediscover an affection for the genre. I very rarely give out five star reviews but this was one of those rare books that was hard to put down. What begins as a New Zealand vineyard owner's quest to find his missing friend, Arben Shala, in Kosovo after he disappears turns into an international hunt for a terrorist network that are blowing up the European landscape. There's double crossing, corruption at [...]

    6. "The Field of Blackbirds" by Thomas Ryan is an excellent thriller set in Eastern Europe, mainly Kosovo and other former Yugoslavian countries. Arben Shala, now a citizen of New Zealand, returns to Kosovo and suddenly he mysteriously disappears. Jeff Bradley flies to Europe to find him.What follows is a multi-layered and well plotted story that shows the complexities of the political, ethnical and diplomatic situation in the country and gives an interesting insight into the unstable situation on [...]

    7. A surprising debut delivering an enjoyable, action-packed read with modern-day echoes of Tom Clancy or Alistair MacLean.Back when I was an adolescent, I loved to read Alistair MacLean novels. They were packed with adventure, international intrigue, interesting characters, and some mystery. To me, MacLean’s novels were captivating stories that were just flat-out enjoyable to read. Later I read Tom Clancy, who had some of the same elements, only with more convoluted multi-strand scenarios and fa [...]

    8. (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Former SAS soldier Jeff Bradley thought he had left warzones behind when he inherited a vineyard in rural New Zealand. But now his vineyard manager, Arben Shala, has gone missing in his native Kosovo. An enigmatic message tells Jeff that his friend is in grave danger.Determined to find Arben and bring him home, Jeff travels to Kosovo and finds a lawless state in the grip of criminal gangs. Corrupt officials ob [...]

    9. Reviewed for Readers' Favorite at ReadersFavorite.Thomas Ryan opens A Field of Blackbirds with a captivating scene wherein Arben Shala finds he must get out of Kosovo—and quickly. There to check on a vineyard his family has long owned for his employer, Jeff Bradley, a New Zealand vineyard owner, Shala is caught in a web of governmental deceit and corruption. Bradley leaves his home, promising Shala’s wife that he will find Arben and bring him home. Once in Kosovo, he meets up with Sulla, his [...]

    10. Fifteen years ago I spent a lot of quality time in Kosovo, and "The Field of Blackbirds" took me back to that time and place. The author does an excellent job immersing the reader in the unique atmosphere of Kosovo. From the black birds to the corruption to the importance of family to the general state of disrepair, he nailed it.The protagonist, Jeff Bradley, is a likable character, as are many of the friends he makes along the way. The bad guys are just that: pretty much all bad. There is a cle [...]

    11. I was pleasantly surprised by this novel, which I picked up on a whim (free on Kindle for Samsung) and started reading without knowing anything about it. I liked the style of writing- surprisingly good for a debut novel. (though it was cringe worthy at places). I took more than a week reading it. I liked it so much that I stopped reading to do my bit of research on kosovo and other places mentioned in the book. I am looking forward to read the next installment of the series as my guilty pleasure [...]

    12. I enjoyed it very much.This story seems to proceed The Mark of Halam. I read first. Thomas Ryan is a gifted storyteller. I apologize in my first review I gave your main character your kudos. I enjoyed really getting to know the characters. I hope there is another where the one who escapes gets his. Of course there is always another bad dude somewhere. A different read for me, but I really liked it a lot. It is a must read. You won't be disappointed. Thank you for the hours of adventure.

    13. The story does try to give the reader a feeling of what Prishtina in Kosovo is like under the watch of the UN, with criminal elements holding the reins of law unchecked. But that's all, nothing about how real people live, so be prepared. Jeff Bradley, the hero, is not James Bond, he seems to be quite tame, and slow to see a lady in need at his elbow; he didn't get to kill anybody at all, in fact his lady friend had to do it. And the American hand of vengeance in the story is also a disappointmen [...]

    14. This book by Ryan is a full-blown international intrigue and mystery. He does not get lost in some details or side-tracked by other interesting themes. He has put together a compelling book which is pleasant to read and gripping in the story.Received it from and am happy that I did.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" "Wesley's Wars" and "To Whom It May Concern"

    15. Excellent thrillerThe author wove a suspenseful tale, bringing forth truly remorseless, greedy bad guys. He painted a grim picture of life in Kosovo and surrounding countries. Jeff Bradley was a bit unbelievable at times, but proved to be persistent and resourceful when the chips were down.

    16. The field of blackbirdsDefinitely a different story than others of recent and one I thoroughly enjoyed. The research the author demonstrated came through in a good manner and enlightened me on many of the issues around the unique Kosovo area. Few novels have been this good.

    17. Great StoryI really like this author, he writes like he's there. I sure never want to see Kosovo if it's anything like what's described in this book but that too added to the story. Good intrigue, many turns which kept it moving. Getting ready for book two.

    18. Interesting A little slow at first but then it picked up. I really enjoyed it A lot of different characters to keep up with

    19. InterestingI learned a lot more than I knew about that part of the world and the Kosovan ways. Compelling action and a love story to boot.

    20. Fly blackbirds flyGreat READ . YOU made the characters come to life. It was a very enjoyable story and hope to enjoy many more.

    21. The Field of Blackbirds by Thomas Ryan is a thriller about Jeff Bradley, a former New Zealand military man, and his dangerous quest to find his missing friend.Jeff’s business associate Arben has travelled to Kosovo to see into a dispute over his family’s vineyard. Jeff gets a message from his panicked friend, and then suspects the worst when Arben disappears.In a swirl of corrupt officials and honest friends who are almost impossible to tell apart, Jeff looks for Arben in the corrupt post-wa [...]

    22. First I would like to state that I received this book through the giveaway in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book. When I received this book I began reading it at once. I really enjoy the authors writing style. You are pulled into the book from the very beginning and you don't want to put the book down. It kept me on the edge of my seat reading from cover to cover. The Field of Blackbirds is suc [...]

    23. If you love a good, conspiracy thriller then this is the book for you.Fast-paced action and a clever plot set against the raw back-drop of a shattered Kosovo, this is the story of friendship and justice.When his friend goes missing in Kosovo whilst working for him, Jeff Bradley is forced to go there himself to discover what has happened. Unravelling a long stream of corruption at the highest level in the country's justice system, Jeff is joined by an army of friends and other seekers of justice. [...]

    24. Thank you for sending this book! I enjoy thrills and intrigue but don't usually go out of my way to hunt such books down. Lo and behold I found this one on my doorstep. I couldn't put it down. It was a page turner. I read it on a plane. Ryan's writing is exciting and descriptive. He really transported me to Kosovo, so much so that I'd like to pack my bags and go. I enjoyed the style of writing and the story. And I look forward to more Jeff Bradley adventures. This book will be passed along to m [...]

    25. I already wrote this review yesterday Ah well, no words of wisdom for you today. It was good, not great.Two days later:Okay, I'm going to re-write a review I so painstakingly wrote a couple of days ago. Just give me a bit of time.One huge question I have at this point iswhat kind of fluffy rugby does Barry play were a mere broken nose would nearly drop him? Seriously? heh

    26. Fast and gripping! 5*****The Field Of Blackbirds: A Jeff Bradley Thriller by Thomas RyanAn excellent read for fans of thriller stories and with a bundle of twists and engaging situations to develop the reader's thoughts.Arben Shala journeys back to Kosovo and as the story unfolds, he disappears, creating an amazing novel with backdrops of incredible storytelling.A fast and gripping piece of writing - highly recommended - an author to watch! 5*****

    27. Another Great ThrillerI read the second book first for whatever reason and enjoyed it so much I had to start from the beginning. This book was written just as well, but I encourage any reader to start with this book since the second book has ties to the first that would help one appreciate the story line even more. The author is awesome!!

    28. I'll read the next one.A new author for me. A good story, with action. Good character development. Different story lines going on at the same time. Jeff Bradley was a different kind of hero.

    29. I did not know that Kosovo is named for a battle connected with a field of black birds (blackbirds). I do not think I have any interest in visiting that area after all the civic and political problems described graphically in this novel!

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