The Exposé

The Expos Sexy mogul Dax Ryan has secrets he ll do anything to protect As owner of the most exclusive club in New York City his members trust him with their wildest fantasies but a mysterious blackmail plot th

  • Title: The Exposé
  • Author: Roxy Sloane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 379
  • Format: None
  • Sexy mogul Dax Ryan has secrets he ll do anything to protect As owner of the most exclusive club in New York City, his members trust him with their wildest fantasies but a mysterious blackmail plot threatens to bring his hard won empire crashing down Wannabe reporter Zoe Warren is after the scoop of a lifetime An expos from The Underground could be the break she s bSexy mogul Dax Ryan has secrets he ll do anything to protect As owner of the most exclusive club in New York City, his members trust him with their wildest fantasies but a mysterious blackmail plot threatens to bring his hard won empire crashing down Wannabe reporter Zoe Warren is after the scoop of a lifetime An expos from The Underground could be the break she s been waiting for she just didn t bet on the hot as hell owner watching her every move A cat and mouse game with red hot stakes New from the USA Today bestselling author Prepare to get exposed It s 4 parts coming out April 9, 13, 20, 27.

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    1. This is a spin off of a a spin off of a spin off, I think First, we had The Seduction 1 series, where we met Keely and Vaughn. Then, The Invitation with Keely's best friend JJ and Ash, where we were introduced to the sex club called The Underground. And finally, Sweet Submission series with Cam and Isabelle, where we briefly met Cam's friend Dax, the owner of The Underground. Now, it's no secret that I loved first two but wasn't a fan of the last series, but let's be honest, Roxy Sloane can writ [...]

    2. ** 3 “HARD” STARS **“Dirty girl,” he growls, gripping my thighs tighter. “Don’t you know what curiosity did to the little pussycat? MADE IT COME LIKE IT’S NEVER F*CKING COME BEFORE.”~ DAXAll Zoe Warren, young reporter freshly out of college, ever wanted was to snatch a job at a paper, specifically The New York Daily, and become a legend. And to do that, she needs to find the story of a lifetime… Something juicy, something groundbreaking, something dark. And she knows exactly wh [...]

    3. A sexy story about a woman trying to find her place in the world of Journalism. Zoe thinks she has found her first big story. Now all she needs to do is uncover it, but at what cost? Zoe interviews at a secret Sex Club to gather information for her big break, but what awaits her is beyond what she can imagine. The dreamy Dax, owner of The Underground, will definitely make her work for what she is after. So many questions are stirring in my head as I finish this steamy thriller. What will Zoe unc [...]

    4. This was exceptionally good. As of every one of Roxy's books this is scorching hot-hot sexy.What will you do if you can find a job as journalist in New York and your only hope of getting one is exposing the secrets that lies on the exclusive sex club "The Underground"?, well that's Zoe story, the girl who will do anything to get the story and expose Dax secrets. Dax Ryan is the owner of The Underground and he will get you hot and bothered and leave you wanting more. The Exposégot mystery, sexy [...]

    5. Zoe is a just graduated journalist, and can't get a job anywhere.So she goes on an interview at a sex club to get a scandalous story to make her career and also to earn some money.And she meet Dax he is the owner of The Underground and seems a bit suspicious of Zoe when he meets her and hires her as a hostess at this club.And man the chemistry between Zoe and Dax, off the charts! Sex Hot Steamy and totally, totally HOT!!! :-)I absolutely love Roxy's writing and her beautiful, dirty, kinky mind. [...]

    6. I really loved The Expose, book one. Dax and Zoe have some awesome sexy chemistry. There is some mystery and a bit of suspense and I can't wait to see where Roxy goes with this new series. I love the setting.a private sex club with nondisclosure agreements and a wannabe reporter trying to get into get the all the skinny. I am hooked and looking forward to the next book!I have loved all of her guys and I am sure Dax will be no exception! I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an hone [...]

    7. **I received this book as an ARC from the author in exchange for my honest review.**Roxy Sloane has outdone herself once again! The Exposé is exciting and HOT! It has promise to be Roxy's best series yet!! Can Zoe stay in character and not blow her cover, or will she fall head over heads for her oh-so-sexy boss, Dax?? Can Dax keep his secrets hidden as well as he thinks he can? I can't wait to find out in book 2!!

    8. Holy hotness! Roxy Sloane can write hot men like no one else.Dax is a dirty mouthed sexy beast lolI am already in love.Zoe is a good girl looking for a chance, Dax is a bad boy keeping everything to himself and hiding who knows what secrets.Great chemistry and off the charts hotnessNeed more more more!Once again a brilliant beginning.

    9. This review is for all four books, but the spoiler at the end only concerns the first one.This is erotica. Do you know what I did ?I skipped the sex scenes. Which means I skipped 80% of the book. Yep.There's nothing wrong with them. It's just that the the side story is a LOT more interesting that a guy playing dom and talking about how many women have given him blowjobs, or how everybody wants him. It's okay for five seconds, Vaughn, darling. Then it gets annoying.Where was I ? Yes, the side sto [...]

    10. Zoe is a graduate and is struggling to find a job in Journalism. Wanting that one big story, she goes for an interview at 'The Underground'. Which is a high class and very exclusive sex club. She is sure that her big story lies within this club. That is, until she meets sexy Dax Ryan, owner of club.Will she find her big story? Will she be caught? Will she fall head over heels for Dax?Fantastic start to this sexy new series Roxy Sloane. I just can't wait to read Expose 2 :)

    11. Absofuckinglutely brilliant! Pre-review:WTF?!!I have absolutely no idea how I missed that Roxy Sloane has a new book/series out???!!! Honest to God - no idea!!!

    12. Damn you, Ms. Sloane! You suck me in and get me so invested just in time for the story to end. I cannot wait for book two!!The Exposé was a quick, HOT read that definitely left me wanting more. We meet Zoe, a budding journalist just trying to make it in New York City, who interviews for a hostess position at a high end sex club. She thinks that if she can get a job there she will be able to write a story that no paper could turn down. What she didn’t count on was her sexy-as-sin boss, Dax Rya [...]

    13. Good golly Miss Roxy!!! Sweet Jesus with a side of holy fucking hotness!!!!! Roxy never ever fails in the kink department. And The Exposé is just another perfect example. Since this a short story, the beginning of the beautiful things to come, this review will be short and sweet. Zoe aka "Kate" needs a story. A good story for a job she's trying to land. Dax. Good lord Dax. Owner of The Underground. One of the hottest sex clubs. YES, PEOPLE. A SEX CLUB. That's all I'm saying about this story. Ju [...]

    14. Well damn! This short little story was hot!! In this short first installment we get to meet the characters. Dax is the owner of a sex club who is getting blackmailed but by who? His hot and his dirty mouth is oh so sexy! Zoe is a girl looking for her break in journalism. She needs the next big story! And so begins her adventure working at the sex club under an alias. God this book was hot!

    15. Sexy.Steamy.Addictive.Drool Worthy.Envious.Too good to miss out one and make sure you have all the other books in the series before you start this one. Trust me, you will thank me and your sanity late ;)

    16. This book is book one in The Expose` series. To me this was an introductory story to what seems to be leading up to an awesome series. The writing style was awesome as usual but wasn't as exciting as other first in the series books by Roxy Sloane, which of all I have personally read. I still loved it though because there is definitely a build up that makes you WANT/NEED to get the 2nd book. Totally bummed it's not out yet :(. Anywho, In this book, we are first introduced to Zoe, a would be Journ [...]

    17. Roxy Sloane definitely knows how to deliver an intriguing and sexy story in a limited amount of pages. Her characters and their connection ooze off the pages and keep readers on tender hooks, anticipating the continuation of the hero and heroine’s journey.The Expose is Roxy Sloane at her finest; Zoe Warren and Dax Ryan might come from different worlds and have drastically different agendas, but the one way they are similar is their physical reactions to one another. Dax is sex personified and [...]

    18. Holy Smokes, Batman!! Roxy has another stunning hit on her hands.The Exposé sends us to The Underground, a sex club with a very sexy owner. Dax is a walking wet dream; one that know what you need and exactly how to give it to you. He's very protective of this clients and their secrets. However, someone has sent his a mysterious note and he's out to get to the bottom of it. Zoe is trying to make a name for herself in the newspaper business but having a hard time of it. She's heard of The Undergr [...]

    19. I loved this little game of cat and mouse. It's sexy, naughty, and all the way perfect for a curious mind with not much time at hand.For a little while, I was lost in the lively writing style of the author as she maneuvered my imagination into an exclusive club that caters to the secret whims of the rich and famous on the dark side of lust. In Zoe's skin, I entered the elusive world of fantasy and pleasure as a journalist in disguise who plans to expose a big story to land a job.When she encount [...]

    20. Hot damn, I want more! Roxy Sloane writes delicious, alpha males and Dax is no exception. His dirty mouth had me begging for more. While this first installment is short, it definitely packs a big punch. We have mystery, we have super sexy intrigue and the chemistry between Dax and Zoe is off the charts!The majority of this first installment takes place at The Underground, which is a high end sex club that Dax owns. Zoe is trying to make a name for herself as a reporter and thinks that uncovering [...]

    21. I really want to know more about Dax Ryan. Short introductory book. It is really just a warm up to get the party started. It gave me enough questions to intrigue me. And gave me sufficient insight into Dax to know he's got the skills. Roxy's writing is as always hot and sexy.Bring on number 2.

    22. What a fabulous setup to the series! Everything moved quickly along and drew you into both the story and the characters, and the touch of details helped build the world of Dax's club, The Underground. And that scene on the desk HAWT. A great, quick read.

    23. 4 hooked stars!Okay! Definitely a great start, now I really, really hope that it becomes betterOff to read more ;)

    24. Roxy delivers once again in The Expose! If you crave hot as hell sex and hot Alpha males this is the book you need. I am anxiously awaiting my next fix in this seductive series!

    25. Is there like a recipe for these? I swear I have read this exact same set up half a dozen times before. Girl who wants to pay off uni debt takes dodgy job at escort agency/private club/ whatever… but this one wants to breach the NDA and sell the secrets to a newspaper. [kind of old school, eh?] Not that she has any clue what anyone is doing, so it’ll be a hard article for her to write.I mean she’s so silly she didn’t even google what the owner, Dax Ryan, looks like before she went in. Du [...]

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