Cameron's Control

Cameron s Control From USA Today bestselling author Vanessa Fewings of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS comes the first thrilling novella staring CAMERON COLE founder and director of the most exclusive BDSM club in Los Angeles P

  • Title: Cameron's Control
  • Author: Vanessa Fewings
  • ISBN: 9780991204632
  • Page: 199
  • Format: ebook
  • From USA Today bestselling author Vanessa Fewings of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS comes the first thrilling novella staring CAMERON COLE, founder and director of the most exclusive BDSM club in Los Angeles Passion has a price Fortune has a fate In the realms of business and pleasure, Cameron Cole is a billionaire without equal In the boardroom and the bedroom, Cameron quite sFrom USA Today bestselling author Vanessa Fewings of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS comes the first thrilling novella staring CAMERON COLE, founder and director of the most exclusive BDSM club in Los Angeles Passion has a price Fortune has a fate In the realms of business and pleasure, Cameron Cole is a billionaire without equal In the boardroom and the bedroom, Cameron quite simply dominates.One woman has pierced his infamous armor and unexpectedly seized his heart Her reward Everything a submissive could desire A master s total protection, unconditional love, and a ceaseless romance that continues to transform her by the day Cameron demands complete submission, and he will get it He has everything a man could want Everything a woman desires But every master is put to the test Cameron s arrives in the form of a past love The woman who once suffered immeasurably when he refused to marry her, now seeks revenge If she can t lay claim to Cameron, no one can This woman is dangerous She has secrets Secrets about his current submissive About those close to him Secrets that could destroy everything he s worked so hard to achieve.The choice will have to be made business or love The rule of an empire Or the heart of a woman With this new story, Fewings continues to expand the seductive world that has captivated readers around the globe, a collection that includes the three novels Enthrall, Enthrall Her, and Enthrall Him Cameron Cole has returned and he s waiting for you THE ENTHRALL SESSIONS TRILOGY now available in box set is Mia Lauren s awakening set against the backdrop of the exclusive Enthrall BDSM club in Los AngelesE BEYOND ENTHRALL DUET is founder of Enthrall, Cameron Cole s story, picking up after Enthrall Him, book 3 s ending, but can be read as a stand alone duet.WITHIN ENTHRALL are stand alone novellas featuring characters from the Enthrall Sessions trilogy and Beyond Enthrall duet.

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      Vanessa Fewings is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS THE CHASE is the first in her sizzling new romantic trilogy from HQN Books followed by THE GAME The third book THE PRIZE will be released in June 2018.For ENTHRALL fans there s a new novel coming in February 2018 with the return of Cameron Cole Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Great Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Cyprus and the USA Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.Reading order of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS Book 1 ENTHRALLBook 2 ENTHRALL HERBook 3 ENTHRALL HIMBook 4 CAMERON S CONTROLBook 5 CAMERON S CONTRACTBook 6 RICHARD S REIGNbook 7 ENTHRALL SECRETSBook 8 ENTHRALL CLIMAX Coming 02.05.18THE PRIZE The ICON Trilogy book 3 Coming June 26th, 2018 VanessaFewingsInstagram vanessafewings

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    1. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Cameron’s Control, book 1 of 2. Larger-than-life Dr. Cameron Cole’s life is turned upside down when he finds himself fallen into whipped!“You can’t tame her, Cam. You know that, right?” he whispered. “It’s fun trying.” “She’s so infuriating.” Richard followed my line of sight. “Which means she’s perfect for you.” Books in the Enthrall Sessions series should be read in order:Book 1: EnthrallBook 2: Enthrall HerBook 3: Enthrall HimOR Book [...]

    2. Rejoice fans of the Enthrall Series!Dr. Cameron Cole is back in all of his dark, sexy, broody billionaire gloryI was consumed by this ecstasy tearing through me. This was what it was to love with out barriers.Bliss. I'm thrilled to tell you that this story is written 100% from Dr. Cole's POV! Being inside his head was such a treat, a back stage pass to the enigmatic Cameron Cole was just what I needed.Friendly advice: don't start the Enthrall Novellas if you didn't read the three Enthrall Sessio [...]

    3. Oh yes, I definitely need more Dr. Cameron Cole in my life!Counting down the seconds until I can get my hands on this!!!

    4. Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The AngstST SERIES EVER! I couldn't but this novella down!!!Cameron’s Control is the fourth book in the Enthrall Sessions series and is an erotic romance novella written by Vanessa Fewings. I was gifted a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review through Literati Author Services.5+ “kings of hedonism” Stars!A Masterful Work of Sensuality and Intrigue that Totally Brought the Feels. An Intense, Incendiary Read!The Review:I was just souljacke [...]

    5. Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.Cameron’s Control is the fourth book in the Enthrall Sessions series and is an erotic romance written by Vanessa Fewings. I was gifted this audiobook by the author in exchange for an honest review.5 Sensual, Commanding Stars!The Review:Having read the written version of this book, I was excited to get my hands on the audio version. I was excited to see how Cameron’s character would be voiced and trust me when I say, it not only lived up to all [...]

    6. I have been waiting to see if Vanessa could deliver on giving Cameron his chance to take his future by the horns………I can honestly say that the start of this series delivered on all my hopes one more. I didn’t think it was possible to fall harder for Cameron Cole, but I can say that without a doubt that is exactly what happened.My Cameron Cole -We pick up right where we are left off at the end of The Enthrall Series wondering what will become of Cameron and Mia. I had my own hopes for the [...]

    7. OMG!! Another book in world of ENTHRALL!! Oh Vanessa Fewings, you are the BESTd that blurb???Cameron is without a doubt one of my all time fav BBF's and Enthrall Him was one of my fav books from 2014 so I. AM. TOTALLY. IN! I'm so happy

    8. WOW! So, ever since hearing that there would be more Cameron Cole, every other book has been a time passer until I could get my hands on Cameron's Control. I started this ARC, as soon as I received it, who wouldn't? But I found my mind wandering on little details, constantly trying to picture events from the books before. I know it wasn't all that long ago that I had read Enthrall Him, but I wanted to be fresh on all the details, so I could fully appreciate this new novella. So, I crazily decide [...]

    9. Cameron looks at Mia and says “I love you so much. I’ve always loved you. From the moment I laid eyes on you. And I always will.” For everyone who has read the Enthrall Series, I’m sure you had tears in your eyes as I did when he tells her this right in the beginning of this novella. Finally!! This novella picks up right where the last one left off with Richard dropping Mia off at the beach house after he ends their D/s relationship. He realizes that although he loves her, Cameron has be [...]

    10. Oh.My.Gosh!! This is me right now!! Dr Colemm!! I think I am in love!! Lol!! There are some scorchin' scenes in this book! I love how this story is progressing, but geez that was one hell of a cliffy!! Can't wait for the next book with more Cam & Mia!!!

    11. Cameron Cole, billionaire, breathtakingly handsome, controlling all aspects of his personal and professional life. The most intriguing, influential man for many reasons. Cameron dominates, he is the Master.One woman, feisty, independent, will shake him to his core, and Mia’s submission was his to take, his greatest accomplishment, whether betrayal would be the consequence. He had no choice, she was his.New challenges, old scars, secrets, it has it all. Sex love mystery.And you thought it was o [...]

    12. Cameron's Control (Enthrall Novella #1, Enthrall sessions #4) - Vanessa Fewings ( 5 Stars )My amazon Review link Belowon/review/R4YJ8UP

    13. Before I start my review let me tell you that this is the first time I listen to an audiobook and I am speechless. Now I understand the fascination about audiobooks. Literally, the characters come alive trough the voice of the narrator. He is able to transmit feelings and expressions, something that could be missed while reading.Sebastian York is the man who gave his voice to Cameron. He has a very sexy voice that matches perfectly Cameron. This is exactly how I imagined it when I read the book [...]

    14. I absolutely LOVED the enthrall series and the days leading up to the release of Cameron's control had put me on edge and was pure torture to say the least. But I felt a bit disappointed about this book , Cam's doubting Mia's love for him and taking it out on her instead of being straight and asking her what's going on disappointed me I know hitting a woman is frikken wrong but that vindictive Beyoooch Zie and that damn Laura really need a whipping :| and Is it just me or is Laura and that ho( p [...]

    15. 5*****What happens when one of you favorite book series is told in the POV of the heroine and you are often left to wonder what is the hero thinking at pivotal parts of the book? More often than not we are just left discussing with your book buddies and left to use our own imagination. Sometimes, if we get lucky we get a whole book with the same story but told in our hero’s POV. Wish granted right? Not always.In the Enthrall series we see Mia with two equally handsome men but one just stands o [...]

    16. Mia: "I want to keep working at Enthrall"Cameron: "With Richard as your boss?"Mia: "Of course"Cameron: "Out of the question"Cute, isn't he? :DThroughout the Enthrall series, I never fail to pick up favorite dialogues:-Mia: "I need to make a living, Cameron"Cameron: "No, you think that, but in reality life will be much easier for you if you let me take care of everything"Cameron: "I warned you that should you become mine the experience would be one of intense ownership. That I would possess you b [...]

    17. Delving deeper into the mind of Dr Cameron Cole with the first of two Novellas from the Enthrall trilogy this is told solely from his POV. It is advised that you read the trilogy beforehand. Cameron's Control picks up just slightly before the ending of Enthrall Him. I doubt handing over the not so perfect sub Mia to Richard his friend and business partner was ever going to be easy for Cameron. But then falling for her himself ( I smell trouble) Can all be forgiven so easily? Now that Richard has [...]

    18. This is a Novella off the Enthrall Sessions series but you need to read them first to really understand what is happening. Cameron and Mia are finally together. Cameron is hesitant at first; he thinks he should send her back to Richard. Then he learns that Richard dropped Mia off where he was and said he couldn’t be with her. Cameron has never felt like that about anyone before. He is in love with Mia. However his past is going to make an appearance and it will influence his relationship with [...]

    19. This book picks up where we are left after the end of the Enthrall Series. Mia and Cameron have acknowledged their feelings for one another and are trying to make things work. There are some challenges based on their unusual history, but for the most part they are finding that they both need each other quite a bit. In this novella we go through the story from Cameron's perspective, and it is interesting after going through the Enthrall series from Mia's standpoint, we now get to see what Cameron [...]

    20. What made the experience of listening to Cameron's Control the most enjoyable?It was just the pleasure of listening to the story of the man behind Enthrall.What other book might you compare Cameron's Control to and why?I'm not into comparing one book against another because I don't feel that it's fair to either author. But there's enough in this series that you could compare this to any of the previous books and it's a great addition.Have you listened to any of Sebastian York’s other performan [...]

    21. 4.5 Crazy Ass Stars!!!First off I should disclose that I didn't read the Enthrall Trilogy. I did feel a little lost in the beginning but not too lost that I felt like I couldn't get a grasp on things. Vanessa does a great job of giving just enough info to catch up on things. Now, the book whore in me though will be reading those books soon. Sebastian York has this way with his narrations that just draw you in and keep you "enthralled" (pun very much intended). Seriously though, he could read the [...]

    22. It was nice to read a different pov in this series. I did not realize how much of a conto freak Cameron really is until now. Mia must really love this lifestyle in order to put up with it. Makenzie really makes things interesting in this story. I personally think she is sleeping with her therapist but she definitely wants Cameron back and I think she will stop at nothing to get him back. Even if that means she will blackmail and terrorize Mia to do it. I'm curious as to what has Mia so spooked a [...]

    23. Cameron's mind was an abyss. That's how I pictured him during the course of Enthrall. But as I read this novella, he got me thinking that he too is a human being. He was capable of different feelings aside from being a focused doctor. He felt insecurity, anger and fear. Now, I'm expecting how his love can conquer everything that's hindering him from his goal. Wonderful work Vanessa! :)

    24. Brilliant!Loved Cameron's point of view intelligent, eloquent, and sexy. The reader is taken to the exact point the last book left off. Some questions answered and new ones presented. Still rooting for Cameron and Mia, but concerned about Richard, maybe? Looking forward to the next book.

    25. Suspenseful and intriguingThis series just keeps getting better, I liked this one, because we get to look into Cameron's head and what he feels for MiaI adore them as a couple, and there is so much more for them, I can't wait for the next book!!

    26. This book is very endearing and satisfying to read, even with the huge cliffhanger at the end. I wouldn't recommend reading this without first reading the Enthrall series, and you may want to have book #5 to dive into as soon as you're done reading this one!

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