Espartaco. Rebelión

Espartaco Rebeli n Marcha hacia la libertad o hacia la batalla m s sangrienta Un poderoso ej rcito de esclavos encabezado por Espartaco ha arrasado con cuanto ha hallado a su paso consiguiendo dispersar a las legione

  • Title: Espartaco. Rebelión
  • Author: Ben Kane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Marcha hacia la libertad o hacia la batalla m s sangrienta.Un poderoso ej rcito de esclavos, encabezado por Espartaco, ha arrasado con cuanto ha hallado a su paso, consiguiendo dispersar a las legiones de Roma Ahora, Espartaco marcha hacia los Alpes y la libertad Pero las nubes de tormenta empiezan a asomar en el horizonte Craso, el hombre m s rico de Roma, ha reunidoMarcha hacia la libertad o hacia la batalla m s sangrienta.Un poderoso ej rcito de esclavos, encabezado por Espartaco, ha arrasado con cuanto ha hallado a su paso, consiguiendo dispersar a las legiones de Roma Ahora, Espartaco marcha hacia los Alpes y la libertad Pero las nubes de tormenta empiezan a asomar en el horizonte Craso, el hombre m s rico de Roma, ha reunido un ej rcito formidable para luchar contra Espartaco, quien ahora oye murmullos de rebeli n en el seno de sus propias tropas Al borde de la gloria, Espartaco debe tomar una decisi n crucial seguir su camino hacia la libertad o hacer frente al poder de Roma e intentar acabar con su dominio para siempre.

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    1. Ben Kane

      Ben Kane is a bestselling Roman author and former veterinarian He was born in Kenya and grew up in Ireland where his parents are from He has traveled widely and is a lifelong student of military history in general, and Roman history in particular He lives in North Somerset, England, with his family.

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    1. Spartacus: Rebellion is the sequel to Ben Kane's Spartacus: The Gladiator and picks up the story straight after the end of that book. It sees Spartacus's slave army divided. His biggest competitor for control of the army; Crixus the Gaul, has left with his fighters, leaving Spartacus severely crippled because much of his fighting force has been removed. To make things even worse, Crixus is beaten and killed in his first battle against the Romans, meaning that the Roman forces in Italy can now fo [...]

    2. The second volume of Ben Kane's Spartacus series was a much, much better book. It was so much better that I wonder why we had to wade through the first book to get to the second. I get it; volume one is about setting the stage and introducing the characters and volume two is where the you-know-what hits the fan. Only I'm not sure.The first book felt very rigid and formulaic to me. The struggle with historical fiction is that the ultimate outcome is never in doubt. Reading about Spartacus, the fa [...]

    3. This is a worthy sequel to Spartacus: The Gladiator. I thoroughly enjoyed that first book in this series and it concludes as it must in Spartacus: Rebellion. Despite knowing exactly what would happen I found myself turning the pages hoping that it would turn out better for Spartacus and his band of slaves/warriors. Mr. Kane's writing had me so involved in their tale I had completely forgotten the history I knew - or perhaps having Spartacus brought to such vivid life made me want to stay alive.T [...]

    4. Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.I rarely find Ancient Roman fiction that falls in the grey. I mean I either fall completely in love with it or absolutely despise it. Funny thing is it really comes down to the author and whether or not they can make me believe their perception of the ancient world. In picking up Spartacus: Rebellion, I knew I needed to hear the roar of battle in my mind, see the grit, sweat and blood of each warrior on the field, feel the desperation and conv [...]

    5. Read as a work Bookgroup read. Not to my taste particularly but well written and great to read on the cross trainer . The battle scenes took minutes off my 10K !

    6. There were only a handful of men who put fear into the hearts of Rome at its peak. His name was Spartacus. Spartacus was a captured man from the city of Thrace that was chosen as a gladiator to fight other gladiators to the death purely to entertain the Roman public. Gladiators were trained by Roman owners who bought groups of men to fight in these events. They trained before they fought in a gladiatorial contest with wooden weapons to prevent injury. Spartacus proved as the best gladiator in Le [...]

    7. If I was a different kind of reader, I think I could happily just read historical novels if they were anywhere near as good as Ben Kane's Spartacus series. Both books give a totally immersive reading experience, through plot, style, historical detail and pure excitement. As it is I like too many types of book to stick to one genre, but to anyone who disregards this adventuresome type of historical novel, I would say at least give it a go, and maybe you'll discover something new.

    8. Rebellion starts off where the previous finished. Spartacus heads his massive slave army and backed by a solid supporting cast: Ariadne, his wife and priestess of Dionysus; Carbo and Navio, Romans who find Spartacus' allure too irresistible and they have serious issues of revenge with Rome; bodyguards Taxicas and Atheas; and his remaining two Gaulish generals Castus and Gannicus.His third general, Crixus, has left the army and is slaughtered by Rome's legions. News of this defeat reaches Spartac [...]

    9. I wish this series would go on and on, but well that just would not be possible nor historically accurate right? (unless!!! you could go on with Carbo’s story!? please? pretty please?) now the previous book (Spartacus: Gladiator) had all the action and battle scenes. This one has battle scenes times two. EPIC battle scenes. Well written battle scenes that you feel like this should be played out as a movie just to see how it looks like. The plot of the book is well done like the last one (I do [...]

    10. I had just recently finished watching Spartacus on Starz when I picked up a copy of Spartacus: Rebellion to read. I have not read the first book but you don’t have to have read the first one to thoroughly enjoy this one. I really was pleased to read this book because of having just finishing watching Spartacus. I was still craving my Spartacus fix. Mr. Kane satisfied it for me with this book. It is easy to see and experience Mr. Kane’s love for military history. He writes with such passion. [...]

    11. After reading Ben Kane's first Spartacus novel, I couldn't read its follow up Rebellion fast enough. I think for most of it my heart was in my mouth. The fact that we all must know the final fate of Spartacus and his revolt doesn't make its depiction any less powerful and poignant. Spartacus is far more complicated here than I was expecting and not necessarily likeable. He's also not on his own - we learn much more about other familiar characters such as Ariadne and Carbo, plus the Romans buildi [...]

    12. No…. I’M SpartacusI’ve waited until I finished the second book to review these two, since I read them back to back and a 2-part series is relatively rare. Given that, I will not be writing a separate review for each book. This review is for both Spartacus the Gladiator and Spartacus: Rebellion.I’ve been a fan of Ben’s writing from the start. His Forgotten Legion series was groundbreaking in a number of ways and quite astounding as a debut. I was then fairly stunned by Hannibal, which I [...]

    13. A lot better than its predecessor, but still bad. Very bad. Inaccuracies abound, both historical and linguistic (come on, you can't use 21st century expressions in a book set 22 centuries ago and still hope to be taken seriously).Like in the previous book, there's still the problem of rape and cold-blooded murder being either downplayed or condoned in a confusing manner, although thanfully we see it much less frequently.I read it only so I could say that I finished the series, and now I know for [...]

    14. Interesting, fast-moving story. There is plenty of action, a good deal of explicit violence, and some intrigue. If battle scenes are not to your liking, you're best to avoid this book. To me, the battles and the violence seemed realistic considering the time and the people involved. The only criticism I have of the book is that at times the dialogue didn't seem authentic. Some expressions characters used were a bit too modern.

    15. A worthy follow-up to Spartacus Gladiator. Fast paced and, as always, expertly researched. A thrilling read. Even though the ending was no surprise, I was in floods of tears, as appears so was the author. Just goes to show how brilliant Ben Kane is in transmitting his thoughts and emotions to his readers. I absolutely loved this book.

    16. En mi opinión, un libro mucho mejor que el primero de la serie. Vemos a un Espartaco más maduro, más cruel e incluso implacable, pero también más responsable frente a las adversidades. Un gran final para este par de novelas sobre el esclavo más famoso de todos los tiempos.

    17. I tend to welcome the end of a Ben Kane novel only when I know there is another one close behind it. I never want them to end, but having the next novel on my bedside table is about the only thing that makes the end of a Ben Kane novel bearable. I was fortunate enough to read "Spartacus the Gladiator" relatively late, which meant when I reached the end that promised more, I could move straight onto ''Spartacus: Rebellion''Spartacus has led his group of slaves to victory after victory over the Ro [...]

    18. Spartacus Rebellion is the final book in Ben Kane’s Spartacus series. In this book we find Spartacus commanding a massive slave army. Since escaping from the ludus with Crixus, Carbo and the rest of the gladiators, Spartacus has defeated every force the Romans have sent against him. With slaves flocking from all over Italy to join his army the Romans know that they have to destroy this ragtag slave army before it gets too powerful.In the Roman senate, Crassus is determined to seize control of [...]

    19. benkane/the-author/I have read Ben Kanes books since the very first oneForgotten Legion Chronicles 1. The Forgotten Legion (2008) 2. The Silver Eagle (2009) 3. The Road to Rome (2010)Spartacus 1. The Gladiator (2012) 2. Rebellion (2012)And like all great authors his writing gets better with every book. So it should be no surprise that i say this is his best book so far.But its more that just a gradual improvement for this book. The book doesn't rely on swords and sandals blood and gore or epic b [...]

    20. The novels – Spartacus: The Gladiator and Spartacus: Rebellion are a perfect balance between fiction and historical facts. But I guess are not for everyone since there's strong language and sexual violence in the novel; a thing which in my opinion perfectly describes the time period, especially during war. The plot is good and enjoyable to read and set at a pretty fast pace, which made me fly through both books. A quick read. For me this books had a very good level of details, easy to follow u [...]

    21. Spartacus: Rebellion begins where Spartacus: The Gladiator left off, with Spartacus and his army of gladiators and slaves having defeated the praetor Claudius Glaber, as well as every other legion Rome has thrown their way. But the hotheaded Crixus and many of his Gauls have broken away from the army to try to face the consular legions of Lucius Gellius on their own, and another faction of Gauls are threatening to further fracture the slave rebellion. Meanwhile, Spartacus is torn between leading [...]

    22. How fitting that on Memorial Day this combat veteran gets to review a book about one of the greatest military tacticians to ever take on the Roman Army. In Ben Kane's first installment we meet Spartacus as he breaks free of the gladiatorial ludus and amasses an Army which soundly beats the Roman Legions multiple times against all odds (read the review here). In Rebellion we continue the journey with Spartacus as his Army continues to grow and he strives to lead them permanently from Italy and aw [...]

    23. Mr. Kane has concluded his Spartacus two book series with an excellent look at the final fate of the slave rebellion and how it got there. Mr. Kane stays true to what is known about Spartacus and his rebellion and gives us a plausible story at how it got to where it ended. This book picks up where the first volume ends, and while it can be read as a standalone, I personally would recommend reading both.Mr. Kane’s Spartacus is not an unflawed hero. In this book we get a look at some of the conf [...]

    24. Spartacus the Gladiator made my favourite read list in 2012, I loved it and purchased the sequel as soon as it was released. I'm now a huge Ben Kane fan and was happy to participate in his book tour to highlight Spartacus Rebellion. Spartacus Rebellion picks up where the first book ends and whilst we all know how the story goes I suggest reading Spartacus the Gladiator first to fully appreciate the story and Ben Kane's talent.I was exhausted after turning the last page, emotionally and physicall [...]

    25. Who hasn’t heard of Spartacus, the slave who led an uprising against Rome? I have – although I’m a relative Spartacus-noob – and was really interested in checking out Ben Kane’s Spartacus: Rebellion when offered the opportunity. Now, I wish I’d read Spartacus: The Gladiator before picking this one up. Not because I needed to, but it would’ve completed this Spartacus journey Ben Kane’s taking us on.This one’s all fighting, as Spartacus takes on more Roman legions, as well as the [...]

    26. My rating is 4.5 stars.This is the sequel to Spartacus: Gladiator and immediately picks up where that one ended. This can be read as a stand alone but I strongly suggest reading the first novel. This one starts off as Crixus and his men has left Spartacus. Spartacus has made a decision to lead the army towards his homeland.Once again I was immediately engrossed with this book as I started reading about Spartacus, Ariadne, and Carbo. This book is more about the confrontation between Crassus and S [...]

    27. 3.5 stars. "Spartacus: Rebellion" is the second book in Ben Kane's epic two part series about the infamous Spartacus. This book begins right when the first book, "Spartacus: The Gladiator" ends. Spartacus is now leading his slave army in an uprising against the Romans. Now if you are a history buff, you probably know how Spartacus's story ends but this does not make this book any less exciting to read. Kane weaves a great story that kept me turning the pages. Although you will be fine reading th [...]

    28. Hey! I won a FIRST READS copy of SPARTACUS: REBELLION from !But, let's get my ONE complaint out of the way. A 13 page glossary is in the back. Its location is okay for future reference, but it was an irritating distraction to need it so often. I would have liked a footnote for each initial introduction of term of weapon, ancient city, wine, myth, gods Spartacus escaped from the LUDUS. Enemy? Egregious big snake? Oh, "gladiator school."Spartacus was a former slave, and it was a fight that freed h [...]

    29. Ben Kane's second book on the slave leader, Spartacus does not disappoint. Kane uses what little (very little) is known about Spartacus to piece together and imagine a gripping story of the man and his troops. Historical fiction always faces the problem that the reader knows the outcome. Writers in this genre cannot rely on twisting plots to entertain the reader and must use character rather than plot to make the story come alive. Kane does a great job keeping the reader interested in a story th [...]

    30. This is the continuing story of Spartacus as envisioned by Ben Kane. In the first book, Gladiator, we learn how Spartacus became a slave than led the rebellion against the city of Capua and unltimately against Rome. This second novel picks up where the last one left us; at a point in time when the seemingly invincible slave army started to crack. In the first chapter, Crixus, the unbeaten Gaul, comes to his demise, and everything that follows just gets worse for Spartacus and his followers. Kane [...]

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