But the Angels Never Came

But the Angels Never Came Before the world ended Abraham was a young successful lawyer with a wife and child He was no different than anyone else That all changed suddenly when the old nation was taken over by a hostile foreig

  • Title: But the Angels Never Came
  • Author: Eric James-Olson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Before the world ended Abraham was a young successful lawyer with a wife and child He was no different than anyone else That all changed suddenly when the old nation was taken over by a hostile foreign power, and Abraham was forced to make the most important choice of his life Stay and be subject to the arbitrary whims of the invaders, or abandon his home for the unlikeBefore the world ended Abraham was a young successful lawyer with a wife and child He was no different than anyone else That all changed suddenly when the old nation was taken over by a hostile foreign power, and Abraham was forced to make the most important choice of his life Stay and be subject to the arbitrary whims of the invaders, or abandon his home for the unlikely prospect of freedom.Use the Download Excerpt link below to download a free excerpt.

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      Eric James Olson writes novels and short stories His first five books, But the Angels Never Came, Farmers and Cannibals, Just After the Fall, The Church Peak Hotel Revisited, and Whom Cain Slew November 2016 exist within the same fictional universe and are written by the same fictional author Currently, James Olson is working on a coming of age novel set in central Maryland.In addition to writing, James Olson is a high school English teacher, an outdoor enthusiast, and an amateur woodworker He lives with his wife and daughter in West Virginia.Check out the website ericjamesolson And don t forget the Author Page author ericjamesolson

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    1. An intriguing story narrated by ‘The Storyteller’ an enigmatic man as he told the story to a young boy.Both the storyteller’s life and the setting of his story were set in a futuristic scene approx. 2065. The story followed struggle of the life of Abraham, his wife Sarah and their young boy and only child, Iniko. The world as they knew it had been brought to an end. They were not safe to stay where they were, nor did Abraham believe that they were safe to go to the registration building as [...]

    2. That was a quick read. Although it's technically a prequel, the reader don't need to know what happens in the previous book, But The Angels Never Came tells its own story. The book tells the story of a man named Abraham and his family as they struggle to survive in a futuristic world. They come across very dangerous people, terrifying places and they must make some difficult choices along the way. I enjoyed the biblical references, it was fun to compare them with the original stories. The book i [...]

    3. Thank you to the author, Eric James-Olson, for gifting me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!So a while ago, I read my first book by Mr. James-Olson. It was Just After the Fall (which is the third book in the series). This book offered so much more insight into Abraham and just the world in general and what happened.Abraham's story was captivating to put it simply. After reading about his group in Just After the Fall, it was quite interesting to learn how he got there and [...]

    4. Full disclosure: I received an electronic copy of this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review."But the Angels Never Came" is a wonderful surprise of a novel that takes place in the distant future, when civilization has all but collapsed. As a nomadic tribe journeys on a pilgrimage to a holy place, the books narrator, known to us only as the Storyteller, slowly unravels the story of Abraham, who, on the day his world crumbles, makes a fateful decision to escape. Amid civil unrest an [...]

    5. Of all the books I have won from , this was the most fun to read. I read the whole book in about a day and a half. This one is really hard to put down. This book is actually a prequel to "Farmers and Cannibals", which I really want to read now. It is set in a dystopian universe similar to Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" in which a tribe of people are making a pilgrimage to a Holy place while occasionally being attacked by cannibals. The story within the story is being told by an old man in the grou [...]

    6. I’d like to start by appreciating the book cover. I don’t generally rate the cover but I found it really interesting and abstract and so did the tale of Sarah and Abraham, the couple who fights their way out through the cannibalistic post apocalyptic era. The author has vividly described the struggle of the couple as they tried to survive the thorny conditions, worried about food and the shelter. The parts of the loony kings were really interesting.Overall, I found the writing very imaginati [...]

    7. I hate giving books less than three stars. I have read another book by this same author and loved it. I just could not make a connection with this story. Its perfectly readable. I did not; not want to finish it and see it through to the end. There were some aspects that confused me. I could not connect to the characters, I really didn't like or dislike any of them. For me it simply fell flat. I do like the world the story takes place in, as I said I read another book by this author and loved it. [...]

    8. I liked how there were two stories going that ended up coming together in the end. I really enjoyed this book I found it hard to put down at times. I was hoping for a different ending. I was a little confused as to why Abraham was treated as someone special when it seems as though he had acted the way most would have in his situation of survival and protecting your family. I was kind of hoping when he had the knife above his head ready to come down that he would have swung around and used it on [...]

    9. This is one if those books, people are either going to love it or hate it. I am not usually picky but this book could do with a good proof reading.I found this to be a really quick and easy read. While I guessed the big unveil well before the end of the book I still found it a compelling read for the most part. The story being told as a story to a third person was a great idea. I actually felt at times like I was sitting with the old man and boy listening as well.Thanks to the author for giving [...]

    10. I got this book for free, in exchange of an honest review, from Making Connections. Get your copy here.Too similar to the other PA books out there. What I couldn't make sense of was why cannibalism? The whole part with the insane kings was unbearable and the foreshadowing wasn't subtle at all.

    11. I'm not well versed on the bible. I know loosely the tale of Abraham and Sarah, their family. I know some of the adultery. I even remember vaguely the seeds of the son and growing of a nation. The disowning of one son. But as I said I am not well versed. I give this book three stars because I couldn't connect it to the biblical counterpart. Had I the background to analyze these concepts in comparison to the author's method of storytelling- it may have resonated deeper.I wanted to read something [...]

    12. I am the newest member of the Eric Jamie-Olson fanclub. I couldn't stop reading But the Angels Never Cameonce I began, although I did nap between 11PM and 1 AM the night I read it. I finished at 1:45 AM. The story is written in two time periods, the present-now and the present-then, as a tribal storyteller relates a cultural origination tale to a child and they journey along the same mountain path taken by the people in the tale. The moral ambiguities, threatening situations and decisions of the [...]

    13. I’m not a huge reader of apocalyptic ci-fi, but every once in a while something comes along that catches my fancy. This was one of those books. For one thing, how the near-future comes about had a scary sense of realism to it, as if it were a straightforward, logical extrapolation from news making the headlines today. That, of course, makes the tale just that much more disturbing, as if this could well be something many of us will be living through down the road. It’s a very dark future that [...]

    14. I can almost hear the child saying, "Tell it again. I have heard it once before, but never from you."I liked the author's version of Abraham and Sarah. Abraham was an ordinary man with a wife and a child. Who doesn't make mistakes? But it seems Abraham makes more than his share. However, he tries to do the best he can, and in my humble opinion, that is the most important thing.Do any of us know what the future holds, especially in the year 2066?What would you do if Allied forces occupied the cit [...]

    15. But the Angels Never Came was the first book I read by the author, Eric James-Olson and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed. I picked up this book at the recommendation of one of my friends and he was spot on in his recommendation!He story is set in the future, 2065 to be exact; the government takes a big brother like approach to their society, but the people can only take it for so long. It goes wrong when Abraham’s keen instinct kicks in and he takes immediate action to save his famil [...]

    16. Just finished reading Eric James-Olson's retelling of the biblical story of Abraham. I was raised as a Christian and understand most of these references but they're a bit rusty. It was good to recall them through this novel. The author shows his clever side by pulling together a future world, set in 2066, with the present. There's the eternal struggle between good and evil. The world is about to collapse into chaos. Abraham must guide and protect his wife and son through it. In order to do so, h [...]

    17. Intelligent and thought provoking!With the huge surge in popularity of the dystopian novel, the market is seeing more and more authors attempting to produce a story within this genre. In my view, the unfortunate down side of this is the variation in quality both in the writing and the story itself. But the Angels Never Came is a phenomenal achievement which really takes this genre to the next level and delivers not only a storyline with depth and a satisfying complexity but that is bold as well. [...]

    18. Captivating read, Highly recommendedAn exciting read about a dystopian society. I really enjoyed the character of Abraham from the religious standpoint and from an historical one. I liked the layers between historical problems and current issues. Despite our technological advancements, events come full circle due to the actions of the powerful individuals. This book really made me question a lot of current issues such as our dependence on technology and how it can enable limited accountability. [...]

    19. But the Angels Never Came, is a memorable journey of life's countless obstacles through birth,death, and the struggle of survival yet most definitely "the choice" in which Abraham was forced to make over and over again. The fear of loosing his family turned his life into an escaped fugitive, but rather than running from the law, he was desperately running away from all evil,in hopes to save his life and those who he loved dearly, until the day he was force to commit an unfair sacrifice, for him [...]

    20. I won this book on .It was amazing. I loved it and didn't want to put it down. I have ordered two more of the series off because I couldn't wait to see if I won them!I like the clean style of writing, the tale told by the old man and the tale itself. I like the main character and everyone else he has been involved with.It has biblical and apocalyptic overtones and yet feels very real. I liken it a bit to the story, "The Road".

    21. I freaking loved this book. I was kind of nervous when I was sent this book for review, but I cast my doubts aside and read it. This book was filled with action and I enjoyed every minute of it. The biblical references made me want to keep reading and I liked the take on it. I loved the character development in this book. I liked how it kept my attention and I look forward to reading more books by this author.

    22. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I have read other books by this author and was excited to read this one.As with his other works the author includes religious overtones throughout the story.The story captivated me from the first few chapters.The main characters are a family trying to escape and survive an invasion by foreign powers.Their struggle to survive the journey makes you contemplate what choices you would make to survive.I loved this book.

    23. I was given this book by author for a review. Umm lets start a honest review.The book was a very quick read, I finished it in almost 3 hours. The book contain great story written in same way as a story teller should have told it. While reading the book it feels like i was sitting around the dying fire and an old man had been telling his tale. The story was great and page turner but at the end of book it feels like it is only a chapter of a book and then i reliased it is part of a book series.

    24. But the Angels Never Came is the second book of the Farmers and Cannibals series and although based further in the future than any of the other books it is based on Abraham telling the story of his past.As with the other books in the series But the Angels never came can be read as a stand alone book, however the story fills in a lot of back story to Farmers and Cannibals and should be read after the first book.

    25. Eric gave me this book to review after I read Just After the Fall.I really enjoyed But the Angels Never Came. I was enthralled with the storyteller's tale of how their lives began.The novel is well written and I read it in one sitting- I didn't want it to end!I am currently reading Eric's novel Farmers and Cannibals. I can't wait to read the rest of the saga!Eric is a terrific writer with a great imagination and a knack for bringing his characters to life.

    26. But The Angels Never Came tells the story of a man, Abraham and his family as they struggle to survive in a futuristic world living the emotional ride of the fight for survival, making enemies and a friend along the way. They come across very dangerous people, terrifying places and they must make some difficult choices.The correlations to the bible were obvious and i enjoyed all the biblical references. I liked this book.

    27. Vivid imagery, haunting story. I loved that the hero is portrayed as a very flawed man. This was a quick read and left me eager to read the next title in this series. I'm hoping the future books delve even deeper into the backstory of the initial events.

    28. ***I received a copy of this book for review***Very interesting twist to the story of Abraham and Sarah. Well written it almost sounded like I was reading bible scripture at times, but not in a bad way. It had the feel of a oral story passed down and I throughly enjoyed the book.

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