Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight Sleeping With The EnemyThey hide in mattresses They wait till you re asleep They rise in the dead of night to feast on your blood They can multiply by the hundreds in less than a week They are one of

  • Title: Sleep Tight
  • Author: Jeff Jacobson
  • ISBN: 9780786030781
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sleeping With The EnemyThey hide in mattresses They wait till you re asleep They rise in the dead of night to feast on your blood They can multiply by the hundreds in less than a week They are one of the most loathsome, hellish species to ever grace God s green earth Thought to be eradicated decades ago, thanks to global travel they re back And with them comes a nighSleeping With The EnemyThey hide in mattresses They wait till you re asleep They rise in the dead of night to feast on your blood They can multiply by the hundreds in less than a week They are one of the most loathsome, hellish species to ever grace God s green earth Thought to be eradicated decades ago, thanks to global travel they re back And with them comes a nightmare beyond imagining Bed bugs Infected with a plague virus so deadly it makes Ebola look like a summer cold One bite turns people into homicidal maniacs Now they re in Chicago And migrating to all points north, south, east, and west The rest of the world is already itching The U.S government and the CDC are helpless to stop it Only one man knows what s causing the epidemic And the powers that be want him dead A fresh new talent with an amazing ability to astonish David Morrell, bestselling author of First Blood

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      Jeff Jacobson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sleep Tight book, this is one of the most wanted Jeff Jacobson author readers around the world.

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    1. I really enjoyed the book. It had a lot of suspense and lots of action. It felt like it was constantly building up to something even bigger. The only down side, for me, was the ending. I felt like Jeff came to a realization that the story had gone on long enough and he needed to wrap it up quickly. In other words, it seemed to just be done with the story. Don't get me wrong, loved the book, but the ending just seemed too fast.

    2. If 28 Days Later had its way with The Hot Zone and Sharknado in the back of The Asylum's party van and got pregnant as a result, I think that the end product would probably resemble Sleep Tight in many ways. This book is a fairly fun homage to schlock horror novels and movies, but its strength is that it never truly tries to take itself seriously. As such, I'd probably recommend that anyone looking for something that doesn't read like the book version of a SyFy movie approach this with caution. [...]

    3. Sleep Tight by Jeff Jacobson is an intense book. T writes updifferent scenarios that reveal pieces of the story to be merged for the finale. It starts with a Russian man secretly importing endangered bats in stocking pockets on his person. They are carrying a parasite similar to a bed bug. Ed and Sam are two Chicago police detectives. They are there to pick up Sam's girlfriend when they hear gu shots in the airport. They investigate and see the dead man and he looks terrible. Then they see his j [...]

    4. I finished this mere days before I'm supposed to go on a trip and stay in a hotel for 3 nights. I'm not sure if that was my best idea. After all bedbugs. They freak me out. At the core though this book is really a zombie novel. Yes, there's a potential pandemic. Yes, it's spread first by rats then, bedbugs. Yes, there's a creepy CDC doctor. But ultimately it's the infected that are the most disturbing. The story has good bones and is fleshed out with decent characters. More then once I wondered [...]

    5. Okay, caveat, I did enjoy the book, and am a big fan of Jeff's novel Growth. I've read a lot of books of the years, many by lesser writers, so I'm not sure why this one got under my skin as much as it did. The story is good, down right creep at times, and I still find myself itching. That said, ALL of the characters are stereotypes: crooked cops, lazy union workers, mad scientists, corrupt politicians, down on their luck single father, etc. About the only actual interesting character is a homele [...]

    6. This story had a good plot, even though it was a bit confusing at first at how it jumped around, building the story from the angles of many different people. But the story developed quick enough, so it wasn't a problem. The end was abrupt and I felt the story could have evolved a little more. Like, what happened when the Dr from the CDC emailed all the evidence to the authorities, and why was Tommy the only one who seemed immune to the infection, etc. The impression I got was the author got tire [...]

    7. Had I nown how horrific this book would be I ever would f picked it up much les let my teenager read it. It wasjust awful and I will be getting rid of it!!

    8. This was a decent story and could have been bumped to 4 stars but the editing (at least on the Kindle edition) was atrocious. A lack of variety in adjectives made the very long story feel even longer and the typos made my skin crawl more than the bugs. I really enjoyed the premise and just wish it had been executed better.

    9. Well written bookThis story kept me reading page after page. I liked the way the author told each persons story intertwined with the others.

    10. Perhaps, reading this on my Nook was not the best venue. I found it very difficult to follow all the different scenarios the author created. I felt there were too many main characters all doing different actions and the scenarios would change in mid page Until I realized what was happening, I thought I was missing pages. I am thankful I got this as a free book as I would have been very distressed if I had paid for it. Guess that is why if I find I need to spend money on a book, I will first che [...]

    11. I was torn between rating this read from 4 stars, " really liked it," to 3, " liked it." What was the vacillation all about? If there was a 3 and a half that would fit my rating!! What drew me to the read;1.) Cover, bugs and 2.) Title3.) New Author, I haven't yet read. 4.) Looking for something different than my usual fare.In a nut shell, Subject, interesting.Subject Matter, possible Writing, unless the error is so in my face, or totally needs translation, I don't read to edit. Length, Bingo- A [...]

    12. I like the premise but the execution was lacking.I found myself not liking or caring about most of the main characters. With the exception of Qweenie, I didn't really care what happened to anyone else. The cutting between characters didn't help either and it took my about 30 chapters to even really get into the story (I forced myself to finish it so i could review it properly). The doctor was an outlandish character was behavior was confusing and eye roll inducing. And I'm guessing the end of hi [...]

    13. If you've never read something about bed bugs then when you read this you'll be scared out of your mind of them. In this story the bedbugs have bred with exotic bat bugs, which are carrying a deadly virus. All the rats in the city are dying and that's a lot. The homeless have noticed. One woman takes a dying rat to city hall to prove her point that something terrible is going on. Then people start dying because they are being bitten by the bed bugs. The bed bugs are everywhere and in everything. [...]

    14. Really good story! A foreign country sends bats infected with diseased bugs to Chicago and an infestation explodes because one of the bats gets away. This book is an end-of-the-world/zombie story but is very believable. I didn't care for any of the characters in the beginning. They were too flawed. There was no real hero to root for but by the end I was rooting for each and every one.I think the wrap up could have been more thorough. I would have liked to have known why one character was immune; [...]

    15. Great story!This book had me on the edge of my seat right from the first word! I do have to say though, the one thing keeping me from giving this a 5 star rating was that there were a LOT of characters in this book. I had a little trouble, at first, figuring out who was important versus who was just background characters. It was all rather confusing in that aspect. But as soon as most of the background chatter died away (pardon the pun), and I was able to follow the actual main characters on the [...]

    16. a must for horror fans. very gripping read I could picture everything while reading as if watching a movie unfold just awesome. being a huge steven king fan this author just may give him a run for his money . a definant hair raising read. to think the world could end from a deadly virus from a tiny bug. page turning suspense from the first page until the very end. corruption and death intertwined. unfortunately to tell a summary would ruin the read for the next . love it and will be a definite r [...]

    17. This book was a roller coaster ride from start to finish, and it keep you intrigued throughout. The characters were believable, and I came to love some & dislike others. This book would make a wonderful movie, but it would be much too gory for those under 17; however, it is full of science & medical information to make it a most realistic scenario for even a movie. Those interested in sci-fi, medical thrillers will enjoy this the most, but I liked it more than I thought I would. I didn't [...]

    18. This is a decent read - part medical thriller, part horror story. I liked the fast pace, interesting characters, and tight plotting. A bit violent toward the end and too neatly wrapped up in the final pages. There is not much reality underpinning the depiction of the population biology of the bugs or the behavior of the infected rats, but I guess that's just part of the fun. The evil doctor in charge of the investigation, containment, and cleanup of the outbreak didn't seem too realistic, but th [...]

    19. Sleep Tight was a surprisingly good read. Think Quarantine, Contagion, and Bug all mixed together. It's a fast paced read about a pandemic (started by an animal smuggler smuggling bats into the US)in Chicago. Told from different points of views, Sleep Tight was scary in the sense that the situation could really happen. Not a post apocalyptic zombie book. The "infected" are people bitten by bugs and driven to violence by the effects of the illness. I would like to see the author would do with the [...]

    20. Sleep TightSleep TightI liked this story so much that I read it in one day. I did not want to put the Kindle down. The writer's style was fast flowing and the premise of the story was interesting to me because I knew two people who went to Chicago for a short vacation and came back with bites. I can recommend this ebook to people who don't mind the occasional itching. Mr. Jacobson I will read more of your booksI like your style.

    21. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. However I can't help but get a sense the author was trying to wrap up the story in a hurry within the last 50 pagesNot sure if Chicago can be saved or it will be uninhabitable for the next 5-8 years, but if Jeff Jacobson writes any faster, within the next 5 years, the entire country will be infested.

    22. A medical suspense mystery. You have the "horrible" disease, the slightly crazed doctor who is solving the medical mystery, the cops who weave in and out through the story plus the city of Chicago which is under attack by the disease.This story will make you even more leery of bedbugs and rats. It will leave your skin a bit itchy.

    23. Sleep Tight by Jeff Jacobson was a very good read, from beginning to end. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who is interested in horror and/or thriller stories. The characters, as well as the general build up of the story, were both very engaging and believable. I loved it, and so, hopefully you will love it too. Enjoy, and happy reading everyone!!!

    24. TerrifyingA terrifying tale. Bugs, politics, fear, insanity, and simple humanity. Mr Jacobson tells a tale worthy of Stephen King. What can a lone man trying to care for his daughter, two tired cops, and one homeless woman have in common in a city gone crazy with bed bugs and an unknown deadly virus? Simple humanity.

    25. I was caught up in this book from the first chapter, and it actually gave me nightmares about bugs! It was so realistic that I kept looking for bugs and felt my skin crawl s I was reading it. The only down side of this book (the reason for four stars) is that it gets a little lost in detail and side stories sometimes, but still a great edge-of-your seat book!

    26. This book really stuck with mee way that early Stephen King stories did. It was intense and really draws the reader in to Chicago. The only reason that I did not give it 5 stars was because of the ending.e author seemed in a hurry to wrap things up. That being said, I did mind myself wondering what would happen next. I could definitely see this as an action movie.

    27. Awesome bookthis book was recommended by my mother and I couldn't put it down. it makes me look at bed bugs in a whole new light. the book was pretty gruesome but flowed very well. to I.a fine these tiny ill creatures destroying a whole state was something I never thought of.

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