Cardington Crescent

Cardington Crescent When the womanizing aristocrat George March is found dead over his morning coffee the immediate concern of his shocked Cardington Crescent household is quieting the scandal as discreetly and quickly

  • Title: Cardington Crescent
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: 9780345514073
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the womanizing aristocrat George March is found dead over his morning coffee, the immediate concern of his shocked Cardington Crescent household is quieting the scandal as discreetly and quickly as possible Unfortunately for March s wife, Emily, that means accusing her of the murder But the family does not take into account Emily s beloved sister, who is none otherWhen the womanizing aristocrat George March is found dead over his morning coffee, the immediate concern of his shocked Cardington Crescent household is quieting the scandal as discreetly and quickly as possible Unfortunately for March s wife, Emily, that means accusing her of the murder But the family does not take into account Emily s beloved sister, who is none other than the indomitable Charlotte Pitt Together, Charlotte and her husband, police inspector Thomas Pitt, take on the seemingly irreproachable, upper crust March clan and uncover an insidious web of corruption and depravity that leads them from the elegant Crescent town house to the hideous London slums, and from genteel society to murder again.

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    1. Anne Perry

      Anne Perry born Juliet Hulme is a British historical novelist.Juliet took the name Anne Perry, the latter being her stepfather s surname Her first novel, The Cater Street Hangman, was published under this name in 1979 Her works generally fall into one of several categories of genre fiction, including historical murder mysteries and detective fiction Many of them feature a number of recurring characters, most importantly Thomas Pitt, who appeared in her first novel, and amnesiac private investigator William Monk, who first appeared in her 1990 novel The Face of a Stranger As of 2003 she had published 47 novels, and several collections of short stories Her story Heroes, which first appeared the 1999 anthology Murder and Obsession, edited by Otto Penzler, won the 2001 Edgar Award for Best Short Story.Recently she was included as an entry in Ben Peek s Twenty Six Lies One Truth, a novel exploring the nature of truth in literature.Series contributed to Crime Through Time Perfectly Criminal Malice Domestic The World s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories Transgressions The Year s Finest Crime and Mystery Stories

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    1. My favourite in this series so far. Suspenseful, tragic and fast-paced. The idea of Charlotte an d Emily holed up in a stuffy and unpleasant home with a murderer makes this a very enjoyable read that goes much too quickly.

    2. La trama e' intrigante e ben narrata, pero' come tutti i libri della Perry la conclusione e' veloce e senza troppe spiegazioni.In questo caso avrei voluto una conclusione un po' piu' esauriente, non in mezza pagina! La Perry e' cosi': pagine in cui ti attira con le sue descrizioni, ed un finale sempre troppo corto.

    3. As book #8 in the the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series, Cardington Crescent is the best so far for me. I did find the beginning just a bit slow but the suspense just kept building until the very end. Parts of a dismembered woman are found throughout an area of modest means. Then Charlotte's brother-in-law, George, has been poisoned in his relative's home. Emily is being suspected by the patriarch and his mother as the prime suspect for she had 'married up' in their opinion. For Inspector Thomas [...]

    4. I have become totally addicted to these. I started the series while home with the flu and I'm up to #10 and just waiting for my library hold to download. I am thoroughly entertained. Reading them consecutively, one right after the other, is probably not the best approach since there is some necessary descriptive repetition of the main characters, but her knowledge of the political and historical concerns of the time along with the delineation of the differences between the various classes make f [...]

    5. I love this kind of well-written historical mystery, with plucky main characters and hints of darkness and complexity. This was several books into the series, but I never felt like I was missing anything by not reading the earlier books. I'll read more books of this series if I can find them.

    6. Eighth in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery series set in late 19th century London.The StoryThe Eustace March is having a house party and part of its intention is to vet Jack Radley and arrange his marriage to Tassie. For some reason, George, Emily, and Aunt Vespasia are part of the party; Vespasia is Eustace's mother-in-law and George's great-aunt. William and Sybilla March are also visiting. As the members of the party pursue the activities of upperclass-dom, George takes up an overt flirt [...]

    7. This one highlights societal and family expectations and pressuresd is, as with all her books, as relevant a commentary today as the time frame it is set in.I never put spoilers in my reviews.Anne Perry is a master of the written word. Every word, phrase, paragraph is placed for maximum effect. There is no filler or waste. She has obviously researched the era exhaustively. Her insight into the human condition is uncanny.There are always many layers to her tales. The main storyline is Pitt and Ch [...]

    8. Another very good story from Anne Perry although I must say, the last two books of her's that I've read that involve Thomas and Charlotte Pitt end rather abruptly. Anne has a very good sense of how to build up her characters, the locations she chooses for her stories seem extremely real to the reader and many of the characters can really infuriate you. The smugness, the completely blind and ignorant way the wealthy seem to live in the Victorian period never ceases to amaze. One minute they speak [...]

    9. A bunch of summer reading mystery novels together. Sue Grafton is always dependable, always good. John Maddox Roberts is a new discovery for me. A private eye in ancient Rome is a great idea -- the historical stuff is excellent, the characters and the writing good too. Very readable. I could have used one more plot twist in each of them.This one is terrible. I'm frankly not all that impressed with Anne Perry's Victorian backgrounds, though they're not bad. But when I was about two thirds through [...]

    10. Until the last few chapters, I was thinking that this was the best of the Charlotte & Thomas Pitt novels so far, despite the fact that it’s heavy on repetitious sexist ranting from the aged Victorian patriarch. It’s too bad that the book’s ending is so weak.Charlotte’s sister Emily is Lady Ashworth - having married as far above herself as Charlotte married beneath. Emily’s husband is murdered just after an embarrassing episode where he was flirting with another woman, and Emily fal [...]

    11. My first Anne Perry mystery; I enjoyed her world-building skills, the rich details of the Victorian era that set the mood perfectly. This was a classic "English country house" mystery, with limited suspects and a single investigator (Pitt) with sidekick, but the true sleuth is Pitt's wife Charlotte. Some excellent suspense moments, my only complaint is that the conclusion, where the murderer is revealed, felt flat and too speedy. There was no real explanation of motive, everything was simply all [...]

    12. Very good , except ending vague!! And abrupt. I wish Perry had made a smoother, more detailed ending I didn't think there was closure; and after all that tension !!

    13. This was kind of a two-fer, where investigating one mystery helps solve another only minimally related. Well done and a Good Read.

    14. This is the eighth book in the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series. I was surprised to realize that I had read that many stories pertaining to them. Guess that is what you get when you have a interesting series.Charlotte's sister and brother-in-law, Lord and Lady Ashworth, are staying the month at his relatives. Unfortunately, Emily's husband, George seems to be having an affair with his cousin'wife. Emily is heartbroken but there are rules, spoken and unspoken, in Society and she has no choice but [...]

    15. Book #8!And I keep continue read them.This series is not always an easy read and can be tedious sometimes.Also Ms. Perry killed the victims often! Lots of murdered people here.In this one, she killed someone who was in this series since the 1st book!I thought he was a permanent character but apparently his expired date has arrived and Ms. Perry created more interesting character to replace him I suppose.Oh well, I don't like George much but he wasn't bad either, just a shallow guy with a title, [...]

    16. I couldn't put this one down because there were so many ways the story could go. When I got to the end my mind went "huh"-the ending was such a let down."When Charlotte Pitt’s sister is charged with murder, she and her husband Thomas must work fast to clear her—and find the real killer. As Inspector Thomas Pitt works to resolve the case of a dismembered woman, his womanizing brother-in-law, George March, Lord Ashworth, is poisoned with his morning coffee at the country estate of his cousins. [...]

    17. The writing is excellent, as usual. It's a plot line I find difficulty with in this book. It seems one must balance the quality of the story with the darkness of the murders, when one reads mysteries. I have quit other series when they have become too dark, and dwelt too much on horrors, and that is not necessarily the case hereIs it a matter of too glib an attitude toward death? Perhaps, but we must accept a certain lightness of attitude toward the deaths of fictional characters, or we must put [...]

    18. Although I enjoy the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series, I found this book difficult to get into. Although the 1st chapter deals with the apparent murder of a woman, the 2nd through 5th chapters read like a love novel rather than a murder mystery. A lot of the book deals primarily with ''society" in the late 1800's in London which can be tedious, however, there is a good murder mystery in this novel, actually more than one. Eventually the 1st chapter is tied into the rest of the story. Not my favo [...]

    19. I am slowly reading through all Anne Perry. This is the 8th in the Pitt series, where Charlotte frequently helps her husband Thomas, who is a police inspector in Victorian London. This book begins with a grotesque murder which seems unsolvable. Then there is another murder, Charlotte's sister Emily's husband has been poisoned. Eventually, Charlotte discovers one murderer and it leads to the other murder . A very complex plot that comes together, as Perry always does, at the very last moment. Can [...]

    20. When Charlotte's sister Emily is accused of murdering her own husband, George March, Charlotte and Thomas vow to clear her name. While the March family will do anything to keep their own name from being dragged in the mud Charlotte and Thomas find out just what lies beneath the surface of their very souls and it is not love.Another great Anne Perry mystery.

    21. Maybe the best one in the series so far. I love Emily so any plot revolving around her feels cool. However, as usual, the ending left me cold. Not its resolution, but the lack of aftermath. I feel they are kindof needed and I have none. I guess it's a mark from the authoress but, at the same time, I think some kind of reaction from the characters would be needed.

    22. I do love this series for the easiness and soeed at which they are read. In times of sensual and emotional overload (from whole two simply amazing books I am reading at the moment), this book made a good relaxation and for this I am greatful.

    23. ALWAYS A PLEASURE As always, a crime has been committed; Thomas Pitt is called in; His wife, as usual, is ready to help; between the two they solve the crime and life carries on.

    24. I also enjoy the Pitt and Monk Series entries because they combine two of my interests: mystery and a sociological look at history. The place of women in Victoria and Edwardian society is a specific theme.

    25. Cardington cresent charltet and thomas Pit setiesThis is another winner. Anne Perry writes a wonderful murder mysteries. I highly recommend all her series to everyone who love Victorian mysteries. Diana Romano

    26. Those lecherous prim and proper Victorians. So much more refined that normal people, but with no morals at all.

    27. I listen to these books just to go somewhere else in my head. Thank you, Anne Perry, thank you Davina Porter.

    28. Funny the bits and pieces of the story that come back and how much doesn't when you re-read a book after 30 years or so.

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