A Jangada de Pedra

A Jangada de Pedra Em A Jangada de Pedra o escritor recorre a um estratagema t pico Uma s rie de acontecimentos sobrenaturais culmina na separa o da Pen nsula Ib rica que come a a vogar no Atl ntico inicialmente em d

  • Title: A Jangada de Pedra
  • Author: José Saramago
  • ISBN: 9789722102896
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Em A Jangada de Pedra , o escritor recorre a um estratagema t pico Uma s rie de acontecimentos sobrenaturais culmina na separa o da Pen nsula Ib rica que come a a vogar no Atl ntico, inicialmente em direc o aos A ores A situa o criada por Saramago d lhe um sem n mero de oportunidades para, no seu estilo muito pessoal, tecer coment rios sobre as grandezas e pequenezaEm A Jangada de Pedra , o escritor recorre a um estratagema t pico Uma s rie de acontecimentos sobrenaturais culmina na separa o da Pen nsula Ib rica que come a a vogar no Atl ntico, inicialmente em direc o aos A ores A situa o criada por Saramago d lhe um sem n mero de oportunidades para, no seu estilo muito pessoal, tecer coment rios sobre as grandezas e pequenezas da vida, ironizar sobre as autoridades e os pol ticos e, talvez muito especialmente, com os actores dos jogos de poder na alta pol tica O engenho de Saramago est ao servi o da sabedoria.

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    About "José Saramago"

    1. José Saramago

      Jos de Sousa Saramago pronounced u z s magu was a Nobel laureate Portuguese novelist, playwright and journalist He was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human factor rather than the officially sanctioned story Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1998 He founded the National Front for the Defense of Culture Lisbon, 1992 with among others Freitas Magalhaes He lived on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, Spain, where he died in June 2010.A foundation with his name was established in 2007 its main aims are cultural promotion, particularly of Portuguese literature and authors The Jos Saramago Foundation is currently based in Casa dos Bicos, a Portuguese landmark building in Lisbon Saramago s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public.Jos Saramago, together with his wife Pilar, were the subject of the award winning documentary Jos e Pilar, providing us with a glimpse into their love story and life, as he was writing his A Viagem do Elefante.

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    1. As I was getting ready to travel around the Iberian Peninsula and fly to Porto, I pulled out this book detaching it from the bookshelves to which it belonged. Since it had been in my shelves for quite a few years, I dreaded that in its immobility it had petrified and that it had lost its nature as a book. But no, there it was, flexible as a thin stack of paper, and with the pages printed, ready for my eyes to scan its graphics. And ready for travel too.Saramago’s novel chronicles how the Iberi [...]

    2. Brexit ForefeltSpain and Portugal float away from Europe as a disunited kingdom, leaving Gibraltar behind, a lonely Atlantic island. Written in 1986 about the Iberian leave-taking from continental Europe, The Stone Raft is the perfect book for Brexit 2016. A cliché, I know, but not an un-useful one. Separation from the rest of Europe is just not easy emotionally for either party. "A loving mother, Europe was saddened by the misfortune of her lands on the extreme west." All sorts of connections [...]

    3. "مكتوب في القدر، عندما تنبح الكلاب ينتهي العالم"من روى حكاية، إذا لم يروِ أخرى فهذا علامة سيئة"كم مرة علمتنا تجارب الحياة أنه لا يجب علينا أن نحكم على المظاهر"هذا العالم، ولن نتعب من تكراره، عبارة عن كوميديا من الأكاذيب."في الفنون المختلفة وبشكل خاص فن الكتابة، فإن أفضل الطرق [...]

    4. This early novel can be seen as the precursor or model for Saramago's later surreal modern parables Blindness, Seeing, and Death at Intervals, all of which explore the consequences of changing one of the natural laws society takes for granted. It has a similar mixture of philosophy, humour and the political and personal. As in all of his novels, Saramago's style is idiosyncratic, with long and apparently rambling sentences broken only by occasional commas.This time the starting point occurs when [...]

    5. أنا بحب النوعية دي من الرويات , النوعية المتشائمة السوداوية الكئيبة , اللى بتكون أقرب للواقعية من أي شئ آخر , فالواقع سخيف لن تقدر على التعبير عنه إلا من خلال كتابة سوداوية تواجه ذلك السخف.الرواية عبارة عن مجموعة من المصائب , مصيبة إثر كارثة وهكذا , فتجد أن الرواية في النهاية مآ [...]

    6. A jangada de pedra = ‭‭‎The stone raft, José Saramago The Stone Raft (Portuguese: A Jangada de Pedra) is a novel by Nobel Prize in Literature-winning Portuguese writer José Saramago. It was written in 1986. The premise of the novel is that the Iberian Peninsula has broken off the European continent and is floating freely in the Atlantic Ocean; bureaucrats around the world are forced to deal with the traumatic effects, while five characters from across Portugal and Spain are drawn ever cl [...]

    7. 3.5 stars Two moths ago (on vacation) I bought "the stone raft" (a jangada de pedra) by José Saramago [nobel prize in literature (1998)] in one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, "Livraria Lello" in Porto, Portugal (my country). This somptuous bookshop inspired the Harry Potter’s library in Hogwarts. In fact, J.K Rowling lived in Porto teaching English in the early 1990s. If you ever come to Portugal you should visit it . just saying ♥️#PortugueseAuthor"Dificílimo acto é o d [...]

    8. Mr. Saramago came to call - well I mean I invited him in - he doesn't just turn up on your doorstep uninvited that would be rude, wouldn't it, well, maybe not rude but discourteous and my impression of him is that he would never be knowingly discourteous, I don't think it's in his nature, which seems to me to be warm, like that lovely feeling you get when you've had a glass of something stronger, there's that warm glow that starts somewhere inside and spreads until it reaches your face and puts [...]

    9. Casa dos Bicos - Fundação José Saramago - Lisboa - PortugalEm 2015 li quatro romances de José Saramago (1922 – 2010): ”As Intermitências da Morte” (2005) - 4*, ”A Caverna” (2000) – 4*, ”O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo” (1991) – 4* e ”Todos os Nomes” (1997) – 4* e em 2016 li ”O Ano da Morte de Ricardo Reis” (1984) – 4* - em todas as referenciadas obras a qualidade e a originalidade da “sua” escrita única são o denominador comum; José Saramago revela-se u [...]

    10. The magical tale of The Stone Raft is developed within a complex plot, where outcrop different ways of living and loving, to problematize the concepts of sexuality and questions the psychology of feelings. The barely contained surprise that the narrator recounts successes that undermine values and beliefs firmly held, the irony of dialogic defense, the discreet access to deciphering the narrative codes capable of ambiguity, create the text in fruition conditions, giving the pleasure of reading. [...]

    11. Saramago's works not only keep me up late into the night reading, they also wake me from sleep in those hours after midnight that belong more to death than to life and force me to think again both about the words he has written and about those he has not. The Stone Raft is as multi-layered as the strata exposed when the Iberian Peninsula separates from the continent of Europe and begins an erratic journey through the Atlantic Ocean. There is, of course, the expected magical realism together with [...]

    12. الطوف الحجري كتب جوزيه ساراماغو هذه الرواية قبل روايته الأشهر (العمى) بتسع سنوات، ولكن لأن أغلبية القراء قرءوا العمى أولاً وكانت مدخلاً لهم للتعرف على هذا البرتغالي النوبلي، فلذا تأتي المقارنة دائماً معاكسة، وتبدو هذه الرواية وكأنها استعادة لموضوعة (ثيمة) العمى. في هذه الرو [...]

    13. Solo un genio come Saramago poteva raccontare con così tanta poesia ed eleganza un evento catastrofico di tali proporzioni. Nella zona del Cerbere, al confine franco-spagnolo, dove i cani che non hanno corde vocali, cominciano ad abbaiare, ci si prepara alla catastrofe, ormai imminente. Qui la terra comincia a tremare e diventa una "zattera di pietra", errando nell'Oceano e lasciando che ognuno vada incontro al suo destino. Nella zattera di pietra si condensano le tematiche dell'uomo e dell'uma [...]

    14. This is a great read - a magic-realism thriller, if you will - about the Iberian peninsular breaking away from mainland Europe. I´m not the biggest MR fan in the world and faced with the prospect of pages and pages of dense prose, I wasn´t looking forward to this one much, but Saramago´s prose really does sing. The sentences are long but the story moves forwards, it´s not wilfuly obtuse or pretentious and is actually quite exciting. The book is warm, wise and interesting.

    15. في لحظة ما تنطلق كلاب قرية ثيربيري في النباح دون توقف هذه الكلاب التى لم تنبح منذ زمن بعيد- ويقال أنها قادمة من الجحيم - حتى فقدت حبالها الصوتية لأنها لم تعد في حاجة لها لماذا تنبح الآن؟، ويقذف موظف برتغالي يدعى جواكيم زازا حجرا في مياه المحيط الأطلنطي دون قصد لمسافة تفوق قدرت [...]

    16. I admit, I love Saramago's work, but I would only recommend The Stone Raft to his most ardent fans; If you are intrigued by the idea of the Iberian peninsula breaking off of Europe and the possible ramifications thereof, you have missed the point and will be thoroughly disappointed. The Stone Raft is beautifully written (of course), but Saramago meanders, philosophizes, uses allegory and parables, all towards what seemed to be an existentialist tale of five wanderers of the Iberian peninsula (pl [...]

    17. لطالما سمعتُ عن نوعية قصص ساراماجو المختلفة عن كل ما هو مألوف ومعروف.كانت لدي فكرة عامة عن أسلوب ساراماجو القصصي، وكانت (الطوف الحجري) أول قصة أقرأها له. هي قصة جمع فيها الكاتب كل شئ: السياسة، الجغرافيا، الفلسفة، الإنسانيات، وشئ من حب.طريقة ساراماجو مثيرة للضحك! كان كل بضعة صف [...]

    18. لكن ما يُرتجي لا يستمر دائماً "/لم اتوقع أن اصنفها ( كتب لم تكتمل ) !!للأسف كنت خارج الكتاب وخارج الفكرة حتي بدأت ان أقرأ دون أن يعنيني الأمر في شئ !!وكم أكره هذا الشعور !علي الرغم من البداية الشائقة إلا أن الملل قد زحف إليّ من الفصل الثاني واستعمرني تماما في الثالث !!امنحه هذه ال [...]

    19. هسيب الرواية كلها و أمسك في حتة صغيرةاشمعنى خلى نقطة الإنفصال عند قرية سيربيرليه مخلاهاش عند أندورا كانت هتبقى الرواية أجملع الأقل كانت أندورا هتبقى نصين :D لكن لا شك ان ساراماجو غير تقليديsoundcloud/porchlit/sunda

    20. للكاتب في هذه الرواية ، إيمان كبير بحتمية الأشياء ، و بترابطها و بنتائجها المتعلقة بكل عنصر داخل في التكوين ، في مفاهيم العلم ، يسمونها في الفيزياء بتأثير الفراشة ، و في مفاهيم الأدب ، سماها في الرواية بأنه "ما كان ، كان يجب عليه أن يكون" ، لذلك ، عندما تبدأ في القراءة تعرف أن ك [...]

    21. المثل بيقول الرواية اللي تقرا منها 100 صفحة، وما تشدك ويبقى كاتبها ساراماجو اللي إنتا أصلاً زهقت منه، وبتكابر يبقى ما تقراهاشخالص،ولا تقرا له تاني .بس الواحد برضو بيشعر ببعضٍ من الحقد والحسد لهؤلاء القراء الذين رؤوا فيها مالم أره!!

    22. اربعة اشخاص مختلفين، جوانا كاردا، جواكيم زازا، جوزية اناسيو و بدرو أورثي، قاموا في لحظةٍ واحدة وفي ثلاثة أماكن مختلفة بثلاثة أفعال متباينة؛ احدهم رسم خطاً في الارض، والآخر قذف حجراً في البحر وطار دون سقوط، والثالث قفز من مقعده واحس باهتزاز في الارض، والرابع تلاحقه العصافير [...]

    23. "“nós aqui vamos andando sobre a península, a península navega sobre o mar, o mar roda com a terra a que pertence, e a terra vai rodando sobre si mesma, e, enquanto roda sobre si mesma, roda também à volta do sol, e o sol também gira sobre si mesmo, e tudo isto junto vai na direcção da tal constelação, então o que eu pergunto, se não somos o extremo menor desta cadeia de movimentos dentro de movimentos, o que gostaria de saber é o que é que se move dentro de nós e para onde vai, [...]

    24. Physical secession of Iberian peninsula presents novel opportunities for mating. We are told at the opening that the “entire universe was nearing its end” on account of the chorus of dogs in Cerbere (1). We are reminded “the world is coming to an end” before the end (260). Though this is presented as hearsay within the setting, it’s an accurate designation of the genre, as the novel adopts the apocalyptic. It’s mostly a travelogue, though, both of the peninsula and several characters [...]

    25. The Pyrenees cut in half, oops, never more border crossing as part of the Tour de France, how awful.It gets worse, how about those people from all over Europe pilgriming to Santiago de Compostella.It gets potentially catastrophic, if the course of the drifting Iberian peninsula (actually ‘island’) would reach land But then there ‘s always the repetitive appeasement that the president of the United States of North-America will take care of those in need – what a relieve that you can rely [...]

    26. Using as pillar the opposite of Portugal's accession to EU, Saramago managed to create an ironic political allegory, spiced up with mythological elements and his now familiar fine humor. In other words, another masterpiece :)

    27. Such an interesting concept for a book, yet it was SO BORING! I loved the first 20 pages, and then, POOF, it was gone. I was all like, "Dude, where did you go? I thought we were cool!" And the book was all like, "Sorry dude, I gotta be me."

    28. الكاتب البرتغالى " جوزيه ساراماجو "، والحاصل على " نوبل" فى الآداب عام 1998، كاتب لا يقبل التصنيف كما وصفه بعضهم، وهو فى كتاباته يختار الموضوعات الغريبة، الشائقة، ويبنى على أساساتها – كأى بنّاء عبقرى-صرحاً مذهلاً، ومحيراً، وربما لو شاهدته فى الصباح سيتبدى لك بصورة تختلف عن الص [...]

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