A Heart Divided

A Heart Divided Set in Colorado this passionate novel combines all the drama of a true western romance cowboys feuding families and an unlikely love

  • Title: A Heart Divided
  • Author: KathleenMorgan
  • ISBN: 9781441232687
  • Page: 324
  • Format: ebook
  • Set in 1878 Colorado, this passionate novel combines all the drama of a true western romance cowboys, feuding families, and an unlikely love.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name Kathleen began her career writing contemporary romances and soon moved to historical and futuristic romances She sold her first book, a futuristic romance, in April 1990 while stationed in Korea as an Army nurse Additional romances soon followed, until she had sold a total of fifteen books in the general market, establishing a loyal readership along the way Since that time, she has received numerous awards for her work, including a Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice award and Career Achievement award, and The Literary Times award for Literary Excellence in the Field of Romantic Fiction She was also a Romance Writers of America RITA finalist.Kathleen now focuses her writing talents in the area of inspirational fiction, offering readers characters who struggle to redefine their growing faith in everyday life.

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    1. This book should come with a warning label: "Do not start reading at night. Will cause sleeplessness and book addiction." As you can probably guess, I started reading this book one night and got over halfway through before I finally went to sleep after 4 in the morning. A Heart Divided drew me in from the very beginning with the prologue, and after the first chapter I was hooked!With a stunning setting in the Rocky Mountains and characters that are unique, flawed, and fascinating, this book is a [...]

    2. DNF. It sucks that I can't finish my first book of the year but I just can't stand the drama. It's ridiculous, and Sarah (the main protagonist) really gets on my nerves. She doesn't think. Very irritating.

    3. For the most part, I enjoyed A Divided Heart by Kathleen Morgan. I liked the themes, the characters, the writing style and the plot. I think the book could have been longer and stronger by adding more character development though. The two main characters seemed a very unlikely match because of their differences in education and self-motivation.I could very well see what Sarah Caldwell, a very green eighteen year old who’s main focus in life has been following her good-for-nothing father and br [...]

    4. There's nothing quite like a feud and a decades old vendetta between two families to make for a good read. When you throw in a few handsome men on one side of the fence, a beautiful woman on the other and God in between you get the amazing read that is A Heart Divided. The few years that Kathleen Morgan fans had to wait for this, her latest novel were well worth it.Right from the beginning there's danger and not just the kind that puts one's life in danger but one's heart as well. A few pages in [...]

    5. More like 4.5 stars.I really enjoyed A Heart Divided. The hero in the novel was like many men who have a lot of anger bottled inside them. The hero was justified in what he was upset over, but at the same time he learned like we all do that holding resentment only hurts the people you love, and hurts you even more. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and witnessing the softening of Cord's heart over time. I loved the ruse that Nick and Sarah put together that failed miserably. I also apprec [...]

    6. First I have to admit this is not the first Kathleen Morgan Christian Historical Fiction to enter my TBR pile, but it is the first one that I snatched up and read and I am glad that I do so! The title and premese remind me of home where it seems everyone is either for the University of Georgia or Georgia Tech and there is not much of a middle ground. However, there are these really neat license plate tags that say a home divided or something similar for families that are split down the middle. ( [...]

    7. The feud between the Wainwrights and the Caldwells has been going on for many years. Now, Sarah and her brothers are caught up helping their father with another scheme to get back at the Wainwrights. This time Sarah is ordered to distract Cord Wainwright, while her brothers and father made off with the Wainwright money.Let’s say that Cord is not pleased. The next day, when Cord spots Sarah in town, he decides to take her to the sheriffs and have her arrested. Unfortunately, the sheriff is out [...]

    8. “A Heart Divided” by Kathleen Morgan was a great book. Sarah Caldwell’s family was always either on the edge of the law or completely on the other side of the law. Ever since the Wainright’s gained control of the Caldwell Ranch in a card game many years ago, Jacob Caldwell has waged a war of vengeance against the Wainrights.The last act of vengeance perpetrated on the Wainwrights was a home burglary in which Sarah reluctantly aided her father and brothers by keeping Cord Wainwright busy. [...]

    9. In spite of the fact that Sarah and Cord come from warring families, they find love but, more importantly, find God in the midst of their struggles. The author uses Scripture appropriately while weaving this engrossing tale. I was captivated by the author's storytelling and could not wait to finish the book. My only suggestion (or criticism) is that I had hoped there would have been more closure on the outcome of Allis's deviousness and treachery - all due to her jealousy. I was left hanging in [...]

    10. Really enjoyed reading this book, and I would have given it 5 stars but like in all of Kathleen Morgan's books there are certain things I don't like (mostly things my feminist side won't accept.) But for the most part this was a really good book, the plot and characters were great to read about; you kind of get lost in the family feud that is going on, but at the same time it isn't overwhelming so you can enjoy the romantic and Christian side to the book. I especially loved the relationship betw [...]

    11. Two feuding families. A pair who is fighting their attraction to each other. Will Sarah & Cord be able to survive the fall out that is going to happen? Or will forgiveness be the answer?I've spent the last week reading this at lunch at work. I've loved it. The characters are witty and funny and very believable. I've read several of Kathleen Morgan's books before and like always wasn't let down. Looking forward to book 2

    12. I really enjoyed this book. It's an excellent example of Christian Historical Fiction. The characters are flawed, but they manage to communicate, and overcome a long-standing family feud to come to a place of forgiveness. The writing was simple, making this a quick read that nicely passed a few hours. And the romance didn't move to quickly, but was believably done.

    13. This was a much more complex story than I had imagined from the description. I really appreciated that the characters had some real depth to them. The good guys weren't just good not the bad guys just bad. I also liked that the resolution took some time in coming together. The story didn't just end with a sudden change of heart with everything suddenly coming up roses. This is also the first book in a series, yet the story came to a full conclusion, rather than leaving some obvious plotlines han [...]

    14. Once I reached the end of this fun, adventurous, and very romantic book, I wasn’t sure what my thoughts were toward it. The story plot was great. Kathleen Morgan’s writing style was very engaging. But the romance…just was not my type, I guess. It was very…physical. I felt that the characters never came to love each other, but was just attracted to the other person’s physical looks. From other reviews I see that the majority loved this book, but as for me, I wasn’t crazy about it. Whi [...]

    15. Sarah Caldwell reluctantly agreed to her father’s plan for her to distract a ranch hand while he and her brothers rob the Wainwrights. However, when she realizes that the ranch hand is Cord Wainwright, one of the heirs of the ranch, Sarah knows the stakes have escalated and barely manages to rationalize her family’s actions. Unfortunately, Cord isn’t feeling so rational. A quick trip into town finds Sarah under citizen’s arrest by Cord. Living as his prisoner is terrible, but as the days [...]

    16. "Things don't always go as planned," says the old adage; or maybe it's Murphy's Law. Whichever it happens to be, it rings true of Sarah Caldwell when her father and brothers bully her into helping them steal from the Wainwrights. I'm sure this sounds like a typical plot, except you must know that the Wainwrights and Caldwells have been nursing a family feud that started the same night Cord Wainwright, now in his mid-twenties, was born. After distracting Cord by trying to seduce him, Sarah's brot [...]

    17. Sarah's father is willing to sacrifice her virtue and chastity to get revenge on the Wainwright family. She must distract the barn worker while her brothers and father rob from the house so they can pay for their younger brothers asthma medicine. She tries to impress the young handsome stable worker, little does she know he is Edmund Wainwright's youngest son. Her brothers and father come to the rescue and nearly kill Cord, the youngest son. They tie him up and leave, but was this the last time [...]

    18. RATING: 4.5A HEART DIVIDED by Kathleen Morgan is an exciting inspirational historical romance set in 1878 Colorado Rockies. It is the first in the first in the series "Heart of the Rockies". What a wonderful story of love,fear,forgiveness,vengeance,faith,a feud between the Wainwrights and the Caldwell's that has lasted for decades.When Sarah Caldwell meets Cord Wainwright,she was pressured into helping her family rob Cord's ranch house.When they first meet sparks ignite,Cord is beaten by Sarah's [...]

    19. The saga of the Caldwell's and Wainwrights unfolds against the backdrop of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in 1878. A feud that spans over 20 years threatens to destroy the future. Jacob Caldwell and Edmund Wainwright are both driven and controlled by a deep, dark hatred of each other. Each one blaming the other for there mistakes and hardships. Both bound tightly by ineffectiveness and blind to the destruction they have left in their wake.Born on the night that his older brother was shot and his [...]

    20. Kathleen Morgan in her new book, "A Heart Divided" Book One in the Heart Of The Rockies series published by Revell takes us to the Colorado Rockies in 1878.Sarah Caldwell is a beautiful woman. Cord Wainwright is a handsome man. When these two meet sparks fly; bullets too. See the Caldwells and the Wainwrights have been feudin' families for decades and the feud is supposed to continue on between them but their hearts have other ideas.Families at war with each other who also have members who fall [...]

    21. what a sweet riveting love story. I can't wait to read the next book by kathleen morgan!.What started out as a ongoing vendetta against the Wainwright family soon become something more when Sarah Caldwell helped to distract Cord Wainwright while her brothers stole from him home. The distracting kiss started more than both Cord and sarah bargained for. Cord found Sarah after the robbery and brought her under citizen's arrest till the Sheriff (Gabe) got back in town. At first Sarah was put in the [...]

    22. Title: A HEART DIVIDEDAuthor: Kathleen MorganPublisher: RevellMay 2011ISBN: 978-0-8007-1884-8Genre: Inspirational/historical/romanceThe Caldwells and the Wainwrights have been feuding for decades. Still, Sarah doesn’t want to cooperate when her father pressures her into distracting a ranch hand while he and her brothers rob the Wainwright’s. But the man is no hand—he’s actually Cord Wainwright. And her father and brothers attempt to kill him. Sarah knows things have gone too far. When Co [...]

    23. This book took a lot longer to read than I expected, mainly because it just didn't grab me. I was definitely intrigued by the first couple of chapters, but the style in which the novel was written irritated me and was constantly pulling me out of the story. My biggest issue was that everything was told, not shown. The characters were quite vocal about their emotions and those of their fellow characters, but while I was told that Cord was angry or Sarah was upset, I never really felt those emotio [...]

    24. This book literally made me throw my hands in the air and screech "THIS BOOK IS TORTURE!"I think because of the description I was looking for something a little lighter than I got. However, this book was super stressful! The whole second half of the book was like being in a deep dark hole.It also got WAY too deep. Like theologically so. Words were being thrown around like a sermon, words with which I didn't completely agree. ANDfor a book that was so preachy, I found the hero and heroine's roman [...]

    25. I kept hoping this book would get better as the story progressed--it had the potential to do so--but it never did. What was with all the 1970's-style psychobabble in the 1870's? Cowboys worried about working through their self-esteem and avoidance issues, weird, just weird. What was with all the molly-coddling of criminals--this is the old West, for crying out loud! Four years in jail considered a harsh sentence for someone who shot and paralyzed a little kid! Come, come, criminal-loving moonbat [...]

    26. A Heart Divided, the first book in the Heart of the Rockies series byKathleen Morgan, is a masterfully done historical Christian romance set in Colorado. I've had this pop up in my recommendations so many times and finally read it! The only daughter of a poor family, Sarah Caldwell is pressured by her father into participating in a robbery on the Wainwright ranch for the sake of her youngest brother's health. This is actually why I have hesitated to read this book for so long. I was concerned I [...]

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