The Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels 5-8

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels Four books in the New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series featuring a band of vampire warriors who are the hottest collection of studs in romance Angela Knight filled with supern

  • Title: The Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels 5-8
  • Author: J.R. Ward
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Four books in the 1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series, featuring a band of vampire warriors who are the hottest collection of studs in romance Angela Knight filled with supernatural action and sensuality Includes Lover Unbound Lover Enshrined Lover Avenged and Lover Mine.

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      264 J.R. Ward
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    1. J.R. Ward

      J.R Ward is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of numerous novels, including the Black Dagger Brotherhood series She lives in the South her family.

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    1. Still loving the stories of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I wish they'd given JR Ward a good editor, because the books have so much potential, if they had some copy work done. I didn't love book 7 as much as the others, just didn't buy the couple of Rehvenge and Ehlena as much as the others. That instalment dragged on a bit for me. I'm just confused HBO hasn't picked the series up. What a TV show these books would make.

    2. This is probably one of my top three books in the series, along with Lover at Last and Dark Lover. I abso love John Matthew and Xhex together. They are 2nd to Quinn & Blay as my fav couple.

    3. BUY STOCK IN KLEENEX!: The Black Dagger Brotherhood #8, Lover MineIt’s finally my last review in this set of four series I downloaded—from now on it’s one at a time! J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood: Lover Mine was so emo I found myself mopping my face through a great deal of it! Oh, my John Matthew! Again with the warning—start this series at the beginning so you get the full effect!Flashbacks abound again this go-round, mostly to Darius’ past when he first became a Brother, but [...]

    4. Best series ever!I absoutley Couldn't put it down. Love this author and her work. I didn't just read it I devoured it!

    5. Love it allLove all her books so far, buying the next in the series as I type. Please keep them coming!!! Can't wait to hear Payne's story.

    6. All great storiesEven when I thought I didn't really care about that particular character, I read all the books anyway. Turns out I did careA Lot! The different stories will surprise the heck out of you.

    7. I was thouroughly pleased when they put these books in groups. Becuase I'm a serious fan girl of the series and love rough and tough vampire men as much as the next vampire crazy, I've read all the books and feel a review for all of them is just a bit obsessive. But onto the good stuff. I love JR Ward's vampire series, and mostly for the fact that she does a good job of stripping the mystique of vampires and puts them into a new world that still intersects with our own reality. Though a lot of h [...]

    8. Interesting story about a Skin Worker in Las Vegas who involved herself in the work part time to pay for college while she was getting her degree and continued after graduation and acquiring her private eye's license because the money was so good. Her good friend and former Skin Worker (Rachael) came to town after blowing a fortune she inherited when her husband was killed. Her gambling problem left her in debt to the mob and she was facing the prospect of having to repay her debt on her back. T [...]

    9. Wards stories are incredible! I enjoyed the first four novels immensely. Novels 5 through 8 leaned a little towards long-winded, but enjoyable stories as well. That being said, I find the fact checking of both her characters and her timelines to be in serious disrepair. Also, her habit of shortening words to single syllables very annoying to the point where it interrupts the flow. The only time I want to lift my eyes from the page is to 'oh and ah', not to try to figure out what a 3 or 4 letter [...]

    10. Well, I stayed on the Brotherhood train until the end, reminding me of the hours I spent with Ty and Zane in Abigail Roux's series. And, I guess I make an unappreciative or ungrateful reader, since I'm oh-so-ready to list my disappointments: the pacing was uneven, the different story lines didn't cohere, the formula of insta-lust driven solely by biology became one dimensional and repetitive, the homophobic lines for throw-away laughs were unnecessary, and the idea that 'strong' female character [...]

    11. 03/13/17 (Second time reading Lover Unbound) LOVE. It's the first word that comes to mind when I think of this story. J.R. brings to life a story of love and sacrifice, sorrow and joy, light and dark, life and death that's so emotional you get the feeling of being on a rollercoaster that never stops. Vishous and Jane are an amazing couple and I truly hope I get to hear more of their story. I love how throughout each story you don't just get the main couple but mainly other subplots within each b [...]

    12. Ok. So within this bunch of novels, I liked Vishous' story and John Matthew's, although I think everyone who has already read this series or is in the middle of it was or is waiting for his story. Sigh. Love John Matthew. I definitely found myself skimming completely through book 6, which is Phury's story. I don't necessarily think I didn't like him, but it was more wanting to get to John Matthew's story. And in book 7, while I did like Ehlena and Rhevenge, their story was also ok compared to Vi [...]

    13. Interesting enough I actually enjoyed Phury's book a lot more this time around, but I disliked revenge's a lot more than I did.In lover mine I remembered why I stopped reading this series; and so I happily skipped the stupid Blay/Saxton scenes. I can't cope with my favorite characters "cheating" regardless of whatever explanation Ward has or how "real" it is. Since my OCD would never allow me to skip a book or three, and I refuse to throw my tablet at the wall .

    14. This series is awesome, I read all the book from 1 to 11 and each book had me reading until I reached the end, i had to wait for 12 and have just ordered 13, dark, raunchy and not for the faint hearted. Each character is different and their all their stories are compelling. Must read for the secretly dirty :) and unconventional

    15. I read this series of books based on a review on pinterest. I enjoyed the ease at which you could read the series, I liked the character development and how easily you fell into the world of The Black Dagger Brotherhood. It isn't a book series to read if you are looking for something educational or informational, but it is delightful if you are looking for a fantasy romance style of books.

    16. omg, I have a new series love!! I love Sherrilyn Kenyon and her Dark Hunters series. J. R. Wards BDB series is awesome too. It's more cut throat, and very fun to read! Very well worth reading!

    17. The story that stood out the most and I felt connected to was the last one of john and xhex omg I loved there twists of events and looking forward to finding out what's next for this couple. Will add more to review with in next few days

    18. J.R. Ward is amazing outstanding author.J.R. Ward's world is awesome and outstanding. The males are real in that they just don't save the females, the females save them. While males are hot in their need for their other half.

    19. Absolutely loved this series - it got better with each book as the characters developed. I loved every line!!! Sad to say goodbye to the Brotherhood!!

    20. Again, atrocious writing, interesting story arc. But I have the flu so it has been mindless reading for low energy days.

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