Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon

Gabriela Clove and Cinnamon One bright spring day in Gabriela arrives from the poverty stricken backwoods of Brazil to the lively seaside port of Ilh us amid a flock of filthy migrant workers Though wearing rags and covere

  • Title: Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon
  • Author: Jorge Amado James L. Taylor William Grossman
  • ISBN: 9780380012053
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • One bright spring day in 1925, Gabriela arrives from the poverty stricken backwoods of Brazil to the lively seaside port of Ilh us amid a flock of filthy migrant workers Though wearing rags and covered in dirt, she attracts the attention of Nacib, a cafe owner, who is in desperate need of a new cook So dire is his situation that he hires the disheveled girl The savvy yoOne bright spring day in 1925, Gabriela arrives from the poverty stricken backwoods of Brazil to the lively seaside port of Ilh us amid a flock of filthy migrant workers Though wearing rags and covered in dirt, she attracts the attention of Nacib, a cafe owner, who is in desperate need of a new cook So dire is his situation that he hires the disheveled girl The savvy young woman quickly proves to be an excellent chef and once well scrubbed and decently dressed an eye catching beauty Nacib quickly finds himself the owner of the most prosperous business in town and the employer of its most sought after woman.

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      321 Jorge Amado James L. Taylor William Grossman
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    1. Jorge Amado James L. Taylor William Grossman

      Jorge Amado de Faria was a Brazilian writer of the Modernist school He was the best known of modern Brazilian writers, his extensive work having been translated into some 30 languages and popularized in film, notably Dona Flor and her Two Husbands, in Portuguese, Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos in 1978 His work dealt largely with the poor urban black and mulatto communities of Bahia Jorge Leal Amado de Faria Itabuna, 10 de agosto de 1912 Salvador, 6 de agosto de 2001 foi um dos mais famosos e traduzidos escritores brasileiros de todos os tempos Integrou os quadros da intelectualidade comunista brasileira desde o final da primeira metade do s culo XX ideologia presente em v rias obras, como a retrata o dos moradores do trapiche baiano em Capit es da Areia, de 1937.Jorge o autor mais adaptado do cinema, do teatro e da televis o Verdadeiros sucessos como Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos, Tenda dos Milagres, Tieta do Agreste, Gabriela, Cravo e Canela e Tereza Batista Cansada de Guerra foram cria es suas A obra liter ria de Jorge Amado 49 livros, ao todo tamb m j foi tema de escolas de samba por todo o Pa s Seus livros foram traduzidos em 80 pa ses, em 49 idiomas, bem como em braille e em fitas gravadas para cegos.Jorge foi superado, em n mero de vendas, apenas por Paulo Coelho Mas em seu estilo o romance ficcional , n o h paralelo no Brasil Em 1994, a sua obra foi reconhecida com o Pr mio Cam es.

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    1. Recently I saw that a reader on GR had started Gabriela, Clove, and Cinnamon and I instantly felt delighted to see that title come up - rather like unexpectedly running into a friend from your past. Years ago I read a great deal of South American literature and this novel has remained one of my favorites. The story is often humorous, lushly descriptive of the people and the land, and it has an exuberant characters and plot. Rather like being at a Mardi Gras.

    2. Sneer if you want. Roll your eyes in disbelief and say there he goes again, he reads a good book then praises it to high heavens. I tell you this, however: this one is pure, unadulterated pleasure from its first page to the last. It is more than amazing, or unforgettable. And what is more than amazing or unforgettable? I don't know. Maybe, one can describe it like how Gabriela's seasoning (she is a cook) is described, tongue-in-cheek, in this book: somewhere between the sublime and the divine.Th [...]

    3. Nel Brasile dei colori, dei profumi e delle spezie del 1925, per la precisione a Ilhéus, dove ci si prodiga per le piantagioni di cacao, la bella Gabriella, dalla pelle color cannella e dal profumo di garofano, giunge con il suo carico di vitalità e passionalità. Gabriella è una donna che non cammina, ma danza, non parla, ma canta come un usignolo, una tipica donna mulatta che cambierà la vita degli abitanti di questa città brasiliana, con il suo modo di fare e di amare e la sua cucina a b [...]

    4. Cinque stelle perchè è Amado.Cinque stelle perchè il Brasile è multiculturale, multirazziale, solidale, allegro, vitale, in cui si vive con i cinque sensi che guidano la ragione lo stretto indispensabile. E non è poi indispensabile essere ricchi.Cinque stelle perche Mundinho Falcao è sputato José Mourinho: nel lontano '58, quando Gabriella vide la luce, Amado non poteva saperlo.Cinque stelle perchè il musulmano siriano Nacib dà lezioni di civiltà e tolleranza: invece di lavare l'onore [...]

    5. Jorge Amado, author of "Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon" tells a good, sometimes funny, story about a coastal, cacao town in Bahia, Brazil. The subtitle, clove and cinnamon, while hinting at the cooking in the story, refers to the fragrance and appearance of the young woman Gabriela, a migrant who survived the journey from the drought-stricken backlands to Ilhéus, a town in transition surrounded by cacao plantations whose colonels have set the tone for the town and economy. The mid-1920s bring cha [...]

    6. This novel is about a town organized almost exclusively around sex and violence, but through a growing prosperity is suddenly having to reconsider this fundamental structure and become 'civilized'. The plot teeters back and forth between the town's upcoming election and the romance between a poor woman and a rich man. In both circumstances, there is a direct conflict between what is and what, inevitably, will be.Phoenix-like, the couple loves, then hates, then loves again. The idea seems to be t [...]

    7. The sultry smell of clove and cinnamon surrounds Gabriela, a conflagration of sensuality and salaciousness. Gabriela, like many of the other female characters in the novel, is a light whose ebullience is dimmed by the murkiness of male insecurities and hypocrisy, who sinks beneath the weight of Nacib, seeking to tame the wildness of her personality beneath the banality of bourgeoisie morality, ends up losing her and his happiness due to the-largely unwarranted-doubts which creep into his mind, d [...]

    8. This is one of the best books I have ever read, barnone. If I could give this book six stars I would do it in a heartbeat.Before I tell you why I loved this book so much and why Jorge Armado is one of the best poets and writers in the modern day era, let me give you a little info on how I rate books:So every book I read starts out with five stars. They all really do, and over time when I read the book I will downgrade and upgrade from the downgrade based on character development, the story itsel [...]

    9. gabriela, clove and cinnamon (gabriela, cravo e canela) is a radiant and masterful work from brazilian novelist jorge amado. set mostly within ilhéus, a city in the coastal region of bahia, gabriela is a magnificently composed tale rich with convincing characters and absorbing subplots. amado deftly conveys the brilliance and intensity of life within 1920's brazil, and the reader is left with a stunning and colorful impression of what daily life in the region would have been like (amado was bor [...]

    10. 'E aqui termina a história de Nacib e Gabriela, quando renasce a chama do amor de uma brasa dormida nas cinzas do peito.'

    11. Eis um livro em que fui adiando a leitura. Era gaiato quando esta telenovela fez furor em Portugal (foi a primeira novela brasileira na nossa tv). Nessa altura devo ter perdido poucos episódios. Há poucos meses houve um remix em telenovela. Vi alguns episódios. Pelo caminho li diversos livros de Jorge Amado, autor de que, pode-se dizer, sou fã. Agora peguei neste livro mais por uma questão técnica: como consegue este mestre condensar no mesmo livro muitas personagens, mantendo uma estrutur [...]

    12. Novela con nombre de mujer que habla de hombres; de su visión del mundo, de sus deseos, de sus peleas, de sus normas, de su forma de gobernar, gestionar y organizar. La novela refleja una sociedad (una incipiente ciudad brasileña, a principios del siglo XX) en la que el progreso empieza a cambiar los modos de actuar y relacionarse. En la que se pasa de dirimir cualquier disputa a tiros a una política más "civilizada" (con compra de votos, alianzas interesadas y enla que siguen gobernando los [...]

    13. Originally published as Gabriela craco e canela. Translated from the Portuguese by James L Taylor and William Grossman.Quote:Colour of CinnamonClove's sweet smellI've come a long way To see Gabrielle.Opening:OF THE SUN AND THE RAIN AND A SMALL MIRACLEIn that year of 1925, when the idyll of the mulatto girl Gabriela and Nacib the Arab began, the rains continued long beyond the necessary season. Southern Bahia ooooooh, want!! Page 16 - Ilhéus began to be known as the Queen of Southern Bahia, an a [...]

    14. What a nice story. Amado created a perfect univers; as you read, you feel you are part of that univers. you live there together with Gabriela and the others. there is so much you can write about this book, there are so many concepts you can extract from it. The book is the brasilian society during the cacao boom. What i read in Galeano's book (the open veins of Latin America),i got to experience here, but in another form, as a novel.This is a feel good book, which you don't want to end. A book w [...]

    15. Jorge Amado’s novel paints a compelling portrait of a town full of characters forging a new way of life from the old social structures of the previous one. The novel begins with a bifurcated duality pitting the conservative establishment against the more liberal cultural elite, with both movements finding champions in characters that are physically and socially representative of their unique paradigms. But as the mechanism for change shifts from bullets to speeches(163), the relationship betwe [...]

    16. In "Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon," Amado characterizes Brazilian culture throughout the 1920s through what could be considered the stereotypical sugar cane start-up town of Ilheus. Although I admit that Amado did a decent job of describing the general life and culture throughout this time period and locale, I could not get past his writing styles. 10 pages of action were followed by 75-page-dryspells. Some of the imagery lead to me to see Brazil and Ilheus, but other attempts at imagery left me [...]

    17. Gabriela, Clavo y Canela es una novela sorprendente. No es lo que esperaba pero sin duda es una novela que no podía dejar de leer. La historia no se centra específicamente en Gabriela y Nacib, para mi la novela es un retrato de una ciudad de principios de siglo XX que está dando el paso de un lugar construido a fuerza y sangre a uno donde se piensa en el progreso y la tecnología. Es una novela cargada de muchos matices, por ejemplo el machismo que existe en la época pero a la vez de persona [...]

    18. My hypothesis has been solved: If I enjoy a book discussion book, the other members will not like it. If the other members of the book discussion group enjoy a book, I will not.Jorge Amado introduces us to the fictionalized version of his home town; Ilheus, Brazil. The story takes place during the 1920s, where everyone's dream is to own a cacoa plantation and turn Ilheus into a prosperus, cultured town. Most of the wealthy men come to Ilheus to drink at Nacib's bar and sleep with their mistresse [...]

    19. a story in two plots, one being how production of cacao and idealistic politics impact a brasilian town and the other being that of a poor girl named gabriela who goes to work for a foreign man and becomes his wife. every time gabriela comes back into the story, she gives it life. this book is a sensory experience and the precise simplicity of the writing is gorgeous.

    20. Excelentes diálogos, mucha riqueza en personajes. Inevitable sonreír al leerlo. Una novela que transmite alegría y encanto.Amado contagia su gran aprecio por la vida en esas hermosas descripciones, costumbres, lugares, comidas y tradicionesLos personajes de Nacib y Gabriela son dulces.Inspiran por su candidez, su nobleza y su ternuraAmbos me encantaronEn contraste con todo lo anterior, esa necedad de aparentar lo que no se es. De actuar sólo porque 'así lo exige la sociedad'Increíble, pero [...]

    21. Set in 1920s Brazil, in the dangerous cacao plantation region of Bahia, Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon captivates with romance and danger from page 1 to 426. The writing is like if Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Laura Esquivel had a Brazilian baby whose literary scope evokes magic but his subject is starkly real. The gorgeous prose is matched with a masterful narrative structure, full of violence and love, and it is broadened by the perspective Amado gives us on the cost of modernization in a region n [...]

    22. Ho trovato questo libro tra gli scaffali dei fumetti e dei vecchi Geronimo Stilton e non immaginavo potesse essere così interessante. Non pensavo che mi catturasse in questa maniera, che mi facesse vivere l'inizio del novecento in un piccolo paese del Brasile. Ho vissuto assieme ai personaggi, ho vissuto i loro conflitti politici, ideologici e amorosi. Ho vissuto anche le loro gioie, i loro progressi e la modernizzazione di Ilheùs. Ho vissuto l'arrivo di Gabriella con la pelle color cannella e [...]

    23. Romanzo di colori, di sapori, di profumi, di terra e di mare, di violenza e di passione, di pregiudizio e di razzismo, di pettegolezzo, di tradizione e di libertà, di potere e sottomissione, descrittivo di tutte le età di conquista

    24. ربما هي الترجمة من جعلت العمل ممل وثقيلا إلى هذه الدرجة! تهت بين نسيب وغابرييلا وحقول الكاكاو وسخونة البرازيل ومطرها الغريب حتى لم أعد أمسك زمام القصة جيدا! لعلها الترجمة ولعل أحدكم يشجعني على إعادة قراءتها ومنح الرواية فرصة أخرى خصوصا مع كم الشهرة والجوائز التي حظيت بها

    25. "Life was good, one only had to live it. To warm oneself in the sun, then take a cold bath; to eat guavas and mangos, to sing songs, to sleep with a young man. And to dream of another."

    26. Одна з найприємніших книг з усіх, що доводилося читати.Спочатку трохи нудно, особливо коли знаєш, що попереду більше 1000 сторінок, але чим далі - тим більше захоплює ритм книжки - ритм маленького бразильського містечка, де ніхто нікуди не поспішає, де жарко навіть взимку, і де [...]

    27. Membaca sastra Amerika LAtin tak pernah gagal menghadirkan kenikmatan dalam bungkusan realisme magisnya. Meski tak ketara seperti Gabo, Allende atau penulis latin lainnya, Jorge Amado berhasil menyajikan latar Brazil dengan begitu nyata dan memikat.

    28. Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon is a story of a city struggling to find its identity. As the city of Ileus experiences a burst of wealth due to its cacao plantations, it is caught between embracing the radical new ideas brought by migrants and holding on to its older traditions. These conflicting ideas are represented by two primary characters in the story, Colonel Ramiro and Mundhino Falcao. Colonel Ramiro, on the conservative side, is the kingmaker in the city of Ilehus and its neighboring cities [...]

    29. Acabei de ler, há dois dias, «Gabriela, Cravo e Canela». Já o tinha iniciado há muitos anos mas, na altura, não me despertou grande entusiasmo. Não sei bem porquê! Até porque eu gosto muito de Jorge Amado. Mas achei que este livro era bastante diferente dos outros que dele tinha lido e, talvez procurasse o estilo mais caraterístico do autor. Não sei, o que é facto é que li cerca de 100 páginas e pousei-o. Não o voltei a abrir. Até há bem pouco tempo Resolvi pegar novamente no li [...]

    30. For those with a desire to travel through time, Jorge Amado’s Gabriela Clove, and Cinnamon offers a direct-flight to Brazil’s untamed Nordeste (the Portuguese word for the country’s northeastern region) as it was in the mid-1920s. By way of characters’ private thoughts and vivid descriptions of everyday life, readers are able to imagine exactly what is taking place in the novel, almost as if they were there observing everything firsthand. While reading, I was pleased to discover two insp [...]

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