Locked in Time

Locked in Time Nore Roberts didn t ask for a new life but now that her mom is gone and her dad is newly married she has to settle in at Shadow Grove the old Civil War mansion her stepfamily calls home When she me

  • Title: Locked in Time
  • Author: Lois Duncan
  • ISBN: 9780316099028
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nore Roberts didn t ask for a new life, but now that her mom is gone and her dad is newly married, she has to settle in at Shadow Grove, the old Civil War mansion her stepfamily calls home When she meets her stepmother, Lisette, Nore is shocked by her youth and beauty that gives her chills and a hint of something sinister There s hope of becoming friends with her stepbrNore Roberts didn t ask for a new life, but now that her mom is gone and her dad is newly married, she has to settle in at Shadow Grove, the old Civil War mansion her stepfamily calls home When she meets her stepmother, Lisette, Nore is shocked by her youth and beauty that gives her chills and a hint of something sinister There s hope of becoming friends with her stepbrother and sister, until Nore realizes they re hiding something When she begins to feel like the target of a deadly plan, Nore starts digging into her stepfamily s past The skeletons in their closet are real than she ever imagined Can Nore expose her stepmother s dark secret before an old and evil magic swallows her up

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    1. Lois Duncan

      Lois Duncan born Lois Duncan Steinmetz was an American writer and novelist, known primarily for her books for children and young adults, in particular and some times controversially considering her young readership crime thrillers Duncan s parents were the noted magazine photographers Lois Steinmetz and Joseph Janney Steinmetz She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Sarasota, Florida Duncan started writing and submitting manuscripts to magazines at the age of ten, and when she was thirteen succeeded in selling her first story.Duncan attended Duke University from 1952 to 1953 but dropped out, married, and started a family During this time, she continued to write and publish magazine articles over the course of her career, she has published than 300 articles, in magazines such as Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, McCall s, Good Housekeeping, and Reader s Digest After her first marriage, which produced three children, ended in divorce, Duncan moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to teach journalism at the University of New Mexico, where she also earned a BA in English in 1977 In 1965 she married Don Arquette, and had two children with him.Duncan was best known for her novels of suspense for teenagers Some of her works have been adapted for the screen, the most famous example being the 1997 film I Know What You Did Last Summer, adapted from her novel of the same title Other made for TV movies include Stranger with My Face, Killing Mr Griffin, Don t Look Behind You, Summer of Fear and Gallows Hill.In 1989 the youngest of Duncan s children, Kaitlyn Arquette, was murdered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, under suspicious circumstances Who Killed My Daughter relates the facts and conjecture about the still unsolved case Duncan s second book about her daughter s murder, ONE TO THE WOLVES ON THE TRAIL OF A KILLER, picks up where the first book leaves off and contains all the new information Kait s family has uncovered from private investigation The 1971 children s book Hotel for Dogs was released as a theatrical movie in 2009, starring Emma Roberts That book has now been republished by along with two sequels, News for Dogs 2009 and Movie for Dogs 2010.Duncan s Gothic suspense novel, DOWN A DARK HALL, is being filmed for the Big Screen and will probably be released in 2016.Follow Lois on Twitter twitter duncanauthorfacebook profilep ikaitarquettequettes

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    1. I've no idea why, but this book terrified me so badly as a child that I hid it behind my parents bookcase. I can't remember anything that scary about it, but I was literally afraid of the book itself.I also thought for a while that the ghost of Abe Lincoln lived in my closet. I don't think a particular book caused that. I was just a very weird child.

    2. I'm reading all of my son's AR (for school) books with him so we can discuss and I can make sure he is actually reading rather than just flipping pages. Haha. He hasn't finished yet so it will be interesting to get his perspective. The book was interesting and fast paced enough to keep one reading but I had a few major issues with it. First, the entire book is premised on the idea that the only thing of concern for the female characters is maintaining or achieving physical beauty for the purpose [...]

    3. This is my least-favorite of Lois Duncan's books. It's also the only one I DIDN'T read as a teen since it was published after I had graduated from the YA section (and yes, there was a YA section at my library back in those olden days. YA DID exist pre-Twilight, you know). I don't know if this one packs less of a punch than her earlier works because it was written later in her career, or if Lois Duncan is best read when one is young and just discovering supernatural suspense fiction.I still LOVE [...]

    4. Lois Duncan is good with building atmosphere, both environmental and emotional. The story was set in Louisiana and the descriptions of the surroundings and even the weather were very well done. Duncan also created a very creepy feeling from the very beginning, but I found the foreshadowing to be a bit heavy-handed.I might have really liked this book had I read it when I was in middle school. It doesn't seem childish or anything, but maybe shallow is how I would describe it. There's not much dept [...]

    5. I thought it was a really good book over all, it had great detail and lots of cliff hangers, I feel that it was kinda to hard to get into until the middle book.Its about Josie who's mother died and her father got remarried in less then a year, and Josie makes some bad decisions along the way .

    6. There is something about Lois Duncan, that even when you know what's going on early on, you just don't believe it. She can really write an eerie story!#rereading for a school project. Yippee!

    7. Well that was a really good book! While I was reading I was thinking about how it would all tie together, seeing as the book was really short, but it ended really well! I can't believe that (view spoiler)[Lysette would leave Josie behind, and that Gabe would actually run too, but soooo glad Gabe gave Josie the keys to the cabin. All of the proof though, gone :( (hide spoiler)]Wonder how it all ended when (view spoiler)[her dad figured out about Josie's immortality. So glad Dave jumped the fence [...]

    8. Plot:Nore Robbins spends the summer in down south Louisiana in order to get acquainted with her new step-family. She's a bit bitter that her father decided to remarry so soon after her mother's death, but tries to approach her step-mom and step-siblings with an open mind. Step-mom is a beautiful woman named Lisette Berge who has a teenage son named Gabe who clearly has the hots for his new stepsister and a young daughter named Josie, who's a sullen thirteen-year-old prone to throwing tantrums. T [...]

    9. So I've talked about my Joan Lowery Nixon phase before. I actually think I discovered Lois Duncan right before Nixon, but the two will always go hand and hand in my mind. Together they perfectly satisfied my twelve-year-old thirst for a light blending of suspense and the macabre. And no Duncan book did that better than the deliciously creepy LOCKED IN TIME. I enjoyed all of her books and they all succeeded in giving me the chills at one point or another. My old copy of I Know What You Did Last S [...]

    10. Fun fact: this is easily my favorite Lois Duncan book and it was the first one I read.It's just as suspenseful as her others, but it also is a little more Gothic. There's a big question (at least as I read it) about how much is real and how much is in Nore's imagination. (I love stories like that, where you're not entirely sure what the true story is.)And when I re-read it for this feature, it was so much scarier than I remembered it being. I feel like one of the creepiest things is the fact tha [...]

    11. Locked in Time by Lois Duncan is a fantastic read! After Nore moves in with her father and stepmother, everything seems awkward with her new step-siblings. She doesn't feel like this is home, even after a couple weeks. Things seem even more awkward when the step-family acts strange, not like human beings, or what human beings do on a regular basis. Nore is then determined to gather information on the history of the family in order to tie everything together. I enjoyed this book so much because t [...]

    12. This book was amazing! This is one of the few books that I liked to read that wasn't about sports. I would definatly recommend this book to a friend or to anyone else. When you read this novel, you can't put it down. It gets really suspenseful and you never know what is going to happen next. That is how I was, I couldn't put the book down because it was so good. Lois Duncan is my favorite author and he writes the best horror/mystery books in my opinion. If you are ever looking for something to r [...]

    13. Interesting story. Had I known it was meant for a younger reader, I probably wouldn't have read it, but it was a nice break from grown-up books. Good story, good characters, good flow. I will definitely recommend it to my daughter in a few years.

    14. (view spoiler)[ This was a random read and I enjoyed it. It was a small book that flew nicely. It was about a family who seemed to never age and there relationship with Nore and her father. I liked Nore as a character as I felt she was relatable. I disliked Lysette as I thought she was selfish, particularly to deprive her children of growing up and experiencing life just so she could never age. I listened to this via audiobook and her accent also really frustrated me. I was happy with the ending [...]

    15. Another excellent YA written by the late, great Lois Duncan. She's a cut above other YA Horror/Suspense writers of the time. This story was both eery and moving - I had to stop reading late at night as I was genuinely creeped out!

    16. Locked In Time: Revenge can last foreverThe Setup (Overview):A young woman named Nore is visiting her father for the first time since he remarried. The remarriage was something that took Nore by surprise since her mother had passed away not long before and her father still seemed to be lost in his grief. Though she did not entirely approve, Nore gave her father the benefit of the doubt as the new marriage seemed to pull him out of the depression that had consumed his life. In order to welcome he [...]

    17. Locked in Time was one of my favorite books in middle school. I reread this book time and again. When I saw it had been updated for a more modern time, I had to reread it! Nore's father remarries a southern woman and moved to Louisiana. Nore joins her father for the summer to get to know her new family. She immediately hits it off with Gabe, her step-brother. Thirteen year old Josie is a bit of a dramatic challenge, and Lisette, her step-mother seems to be holding in her own secrets. While spend [...]

    18. The book ‘Locked in Time’ by Lois Duncan is one of my favourite mystery books. The main character Nore, joins her father and her step-family for school holidays for the first time. Nore has a step-mother, step-sister, and a step-brother. Nore’s mother had died because somebody hit her with their car, her step-mother’s husband had died because he was really sick, and a step-brother had died a few years ago. Then Nore’s dad and her step-mother Lisette married. Then one day, Nore has a dr [...]

    19. This story takes place in Louisiana, at an old southern plantation. It is right out side of a town called merville The charicters are, Nore, Lis, Chuck, Gabe, Josie and Dave. Nore is the main chariter she is a young 16 year old girl. She is coming down to Louisiana from New England to meet her new stepfamily. Chuck is her father he is a famous author, after they wanted to make his big book (life in the fast lane) in to a screenplay for a movie he moves to Louisiana, and meets Lisette.In locked i [...]

    20. If I had to choose a favourite book, from my mid to late teens, this one would be a very serious contender. I recall picking this up, at the local library, imagining it to be some kind of history book from the title. It looked intriguing enough to take home and read so I did. I was completely hooked on it. I thought the first person narrative added to the tension, of this particular story, as you could really imagine you were Nore going through all these terrifying experiences. I think this book [...]

    21. I would have starred this higher if I was teenager reading it as I think I would have enjoyed it much more at about twelve. Duncan is a good writer and I plan to read more of her mysteries, but this was a just a bit too predictable. I don't think it was supposed to be a huge surprise but I figured out the mystery almost immediately, taking away some of the punch later on. However, she build tension slowly, the characters are relatively interesting and creepy, and I loved the setting (south Louis [...]

    22. Nore's mom died and she's shocked to discover that her father has suddenly remarried a new woman while she's been away. Furthermore, Lisette is a bit too perfect, as are her teenage kids. Nore's mother comes to her in dreams trying to urge her and her father to escape the stepfamily, but she has no power, and everyone is bamboozled by these creepy strangers. Furthermore, they keep making comments that either make it clear they're hiding something or imply they have been alive for more than 100 y [...]

    23. I was very impressed by this novel by Lois Duncan. Nore was very a very sympathetic character from the beginning, and having her thrown into a new situation allowed for us to naturally be introduced to a new location and characters with her. The setting was perfect for a tale of secrets slowly revealed, and her isolation was brilliantly handled. I also liked that Nore wasn't left in the dark too long about the mysteries going on with her new family. Too many times, truths are painfully obvious t [...]

    24. I am a huge fan of Lois Duncan, so I might be a little biased. What I like in a story is tension and suspense, and Lois definitely delivers both in this book. If you enjoy modern teen fiction, you'll probably not relate to the main character. She speaks and thinks in a much more mature manner than teens in real life. But in the 80s, that was acceptable for literature. I found it a little amusing that people who reviewed this book found the dad insensitive and uncaring.If he were to believe her a [...]

    25. I got nostalgic for a time when supernatural YA was more about suspense and uncovering secrets than hot guys. I found it funny that someone commented that the females in this book are obsessed with beauty, because the females in today's books are obsessed with male beauty. Not that I don't enjoy a hot guy as much as the next girl, but the heroine in this book actually rejects the hot guy when he suggests running away together. She doesn't melt and jump his bones.Although readers might guess the [...]

    26. This book got better the further along it went. It wasn't as good to me as The Twisted Window or Down a Dark Hall; it was a little slower in building up the suspense and didn't reveal as much as quickly as the other two. I enjoyed the storyline, and in fact, as I was telling a friend about it, two other people overheard and seemed fascinated with the concept as well. The book is well-written. At first, I thought the first-person narrative was too mature for a seventeen-year-old character, but in [...]

    27. THIS book had a good amount of conflict, but is confusing. The author does by keep telling the past and I dont know if there talking in the present or back then they will talk about there brother dead and there mother back and i get out of track because i think they are talking to the present and also they always have flash backs when they would remember something and some person who will know something will happen next and at the end they got in a car accident but there are alive but they notic [...]

    28. I read this as a very young teen (or maybe even a "tween"?) and remember enjoying it, at the time. I have a feeling that if I read it again as an adult, it wouldn't seem like anything special-- and I might not even like it at all, based on what I'm seeing in some other reviews-- but it was probably one of the first gothic novels I ever read (albeit of a YA/teen variety). At least, as I recall it, it seems like "gothic lite for teens". A few elements of the novel made enough of an impression that [...]

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