The Christmas Note

The Christmas Note Donna VanLiere s Christmas books have enthralled millions of readers Now she delivers a new inspirational novel about an unlikely friendship between two women a friendship that will change each of the

  • Title: The Christmas Note
  • Author: Donna VanLiere
  • ISBN: 9780312658960
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Donna VanLiere s Christmas books have enthralled millions of readers Now she delivers a new inspirational novel about an unlikely friendship between two women a friendship that will change each of their lives forever Gretchen Daniels has recently moved into a condo with her two children to be closer to her mother, Miriam As they build a life together in their new commDonna VanLiere s Christmas books have enthralled millions of readers Now she delivers a new inspirational novel about an unlikely friendship between two women a friendship that will change each of their lives forever Gretchen Daniels has recently moved into a condo with her two children to be closer to her mother, Miriam As they build a life together in their new community, they notice a mysterious young woman, Melissa McCreary, who lives next door She has few possessions, little personality, and keeps to herself One day a local landlord who is looking for Melissa knocks on Gretchen s door for assistance Melissa s mother has died and in the coming weeks the landlord needs Melissa to empty her mother s apartment Gretchen reaches out and offers to help Melissa, but the apartment is a gut wrenching shamble of a home There is little worth saving except for a few photos and a note that is discovered on the crate beside the bed It is unfinished, but in the two scribbled lines, Melissa discovers secrets about her family that she never could have imagined Can two very different women embark on a journey that explores a long buried need for forgiveness, hope, and redemption

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      Donna VanLiere is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author and gifted conference speaker She has published ten titles including The Christmas Shoes and The Christmas Blessing, both of which were adapted into movies starring Rob Lowe, Kimberly Williams Perry and Neil Patrick Harris and garnered big ratings for CBS television LifetimeTelevision adapted The Christmas Hope starring Madeline Stowe and premiered it December 2009 Donna s non seasonal novel, The Angels of Morgan Hill, has captured the same warmth as her Christmas books and continues to please loyal and new fans alike.Donna is the recipient of a Retailer s Choice Award for Fiction, a Dove Award, a Silver Angel Award, an Audie Award for best inspirational fiction, a nominee for a Gold Medallion Book of the Year and was recently inducted into the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges Hall of Excellence joining such luminaries as Coretta Scott King, Hugh Downs, Dr Norman Vincent Peale and Senator John Glenn Donna is an in demand conference speaker having appeared at countless women s and family events, including select Women of Faith conferencescmillan author donnav

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    1. What do a mother of two young children whose husband is in a military hospital in Germany after being seriously wounded and an anti-social divorced woman who works two jobs to make ends meet have in common? Not much, it would seem. Gretchen Daniels has just moved into a condo with her two kids to be closer to her mother. Soon after they get settled, Gretchen must be the bearer of bad news. Melissa McCreary’s mother has passed away, according to the mother’s landlord. Gretchen offers to help [...]

    2. One of those books that escaped my reviewing for almost an entire yearanks to a friend's rating and review, I realized I'd never marked this as read. I actually enjoyed this Christmas story last year!It wasn't the greatest story ever, but the relationships felt authentic and interesting. The writing is stilted or weak at times, sometimes as though too much was being told within a paragraph for the actions to be shownrhaps this was done for space, since it is a novella length work.The family that [...]

    3. The Christmas Note is one of several books in a Christmas series. It doesn't have to be read with the other books, although after reading this one you are likely to go looking for the others.Gretchen and Melissa become next door neighbors right before Christmas. Both are dealing with their own brand of grief and loss. But neither would have imagined that the other could be of any help.If you like predictable, but sweet Christmas stories (and I do) than this book is great. There were several unex [...]

    4. I feel bad being the first reader to give this book only two stars but I really didn't like it all that much. I've read other books by this author and really liked them but this one The plot moves slow, the characters are flat and the ending sort of contrived. I think the story idea was a good one but it didn't fall into place. It was like looking at a bunch of puzzle pieces that didn't quite connect so someone simply pushed them haphazardly together just to be done.

    5. A friend loaned me this book to read. I was surprised to find it was a signed copy--most people don't loan out signed copies of books! I enjoyed this book, which was mostly about friendships. Gretchen Daniels and her two children move to a new home. Melissa is their neighbor. At first, Melissa seems stand-offish but then, as life events continue to put the two together, the neighbors become friends. I also enjoyed the friendship between Gretchen's mother, Miriam, and Gloria. While cleaning out M [...]

    6. Great story adding more characters. Told by 2 POVs. Glad author finally noted the POVs at each chapter making it easier for the reader to follow along. 1st POV is Gretchen. She is a mother of two who moves into the town where her mother is. Her husband is in the military overseas. The 2nd POV is Melissa she’s the next door neighbor of Gretchen. Her mom just passed away and we learn she’s from an abused home. Lots of twists I didn’t see coming. Great Christmas read of friendship, family, ad [...]

    7. My third Christmas book this season was also my third Donna VanLiere book. I enjoy this little town and the recurring characters and the messages of acceptance and love. Gretchen has just moved to Grandon with her two children to be closer to her mom. Her husband is in the military, but for most of the story it is not known why he is not a part of this move. Melissa is an unfriendly neighbor, who through her own loss becomes involved in Gretchen's world. This is just an enjoyable holiday story.

    8. Reviewed for THC ReviewsThe Christmas Note is another gentle, heartwarming Christmas story from the pen of Donna VanLiere. This one has a little more of a women's fiction vibe, as it primarily follows the growing friendship of two very different women who are next-door neighbors. It is written in first-person POV, alternating between the two main female protagonists. As with all of Ms. VanLiere's books, this one has a touch of serendipity in the form of unexpected – perhaps even miraculous – [...]

    9. 4.5 starsI just cried all the way through The Christmas Note! If you are emotional, make sure you grab some tissues before you sit down with it. My momma loves the Donna VanLiere books, so I've read several of them. It has been a few years, though, so apparently I forgot just how emotional her books are. My memory of the characters in Donna's other Christmas books is very vague, but I did recognize several of them. Like the other books, we get new characters as the main focus, but the previous m [...]

    10. If it were up to me, I would celebrate Christmas all year long. In a way I do because there is no discrimination in our home of when we play Christmas music and when we don't (never). Now that Halloween has passed and we find ourselves in November, not only am I ready for the holiday songs, movies, decorating and gift planning, I am definitely in the mood for feel-good Christmas stories.This was my first Donna VanLiere book. I have been curious about her books for years and constantly find mysel [...]

    11. I loved that the book had a holiday theme and involved the military. I also liked that the author was from Franklin, TN. I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the expected sugar sweet story I expected, at least initially.I didn't like how "Southern" it was - i.e. white trash and overly invasive/co-dependant characters. Almost all the women in the book had been divorced at least once. One main character didn't know who her father was because her mother was transient and promiscuous. The "st [...]

    12. This year, Donna VanLiere, author of The Christmas Shoes and The Christmas Hope, brings us The Christmas Note. To be honest, the note actually has nothing to do with Christmas itself. The note sparks a change in a number of lives, though, and the book is set during the Christmas season, so I guess that makes it a Christmas note.The day they move into their new condo, Gretchen Daniels could tell her new neighbor, Melissa McCreary won’t welcome her and her two children to the neighborhood. Melis [...]

    13. Throughout the year and especially around this time, we look for hopeE CHRISTMAS NOTE by Donna VanLiere is an enchanting story of hope, forgiveness, and redemption. It’s a reminder we never know what’s around the next corner for us or how our lives can impact others.Greetchen Daniels and her 2 children move into an apartment to be closer to her mother, Miriam. Moving in, the family encounters one of their neighbors, Melissa McCreary. Melissa is a loner and has very little to say to the noisy [...]

    14. This was my first book to read by Donna VanLiere. I have always heardgood things about "The Christmas Shoes" so I chose to get this bookwhen it was offered for a free review. I had high hopes but simplycouldn't get into it. This book is written in journal format yet the voice and writingcompletely betray the feeling of reading a journal. When the chapteropener sets up for a journal you expect first-person, past tensedwriting. Instead, for example, one character explains where she worksto her jou [...]

    15. I have read many of the author's other works and had high hopes for this one. Don't know why I couldn't connect and get emotionally connected to the story, perhaps it was the voice and tone, didn't work for me. The story is a heartfelt, emotional story, however,there was no passion for me, normally I would be in tears over such a tale, but not with this one. I also felt as if the story was too quickly and easily resolved. I believe in God's hand with circumstances but this one had too many, too [...]

    16. I won this Freebook from First- reads. When Melissa and her neighbor were cleaning out her mother's apartment she found a note her mother deceased mother had written "you have 2 siblings". This news gave Melissa hope.Her neighbor helped her in so many ways. She was like a life coach to her. Melissa asked her boss to help her find her missing siblings . They had been adopted . It turns out her neighbor is her younger sister and she made phone contact with her brother . A wonderful story of famil [...]

    17. I enjoyed this audio book very much. It's a feel good novel. I have done some searches for people looking for their birth parents, and this was a fun and perfect reunion of sister's with the same birth mother. There were positive changes in the lives of all those who were involved in this story. I found this book on CD at the library, and listened to it last night and this morning. This is my second time to listen to this book. It's just four CD's long. It had me crying at the end. This is a swe [...]

    18. An unlikely friendship between two women, Gretchen and Melissa, turns into something much more when a note is found at the home of Melissa's mother, Ramona. This is a touching tale that defines family in a different way. A bit of a tearjerker that is perfect for the holiday season.

    19. Quick read, but entirely too many coincidences or as the author says "God snaps" to be believable. Schmaltzy. I'm sure it will be a Hallmark Channel movie soon.

    20. I met this author at a Christmas tea at my mother-in-law's church. To be honest, I bought a copy of this book because of the cover, with a mailbox. (I love mailbox pictures and letters and stories of correspondence.) I know, I know, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but in this case, I loved the book, too, although, the letter in the book had nothing to do with a mailbox.I put this author on a mental list of authors of whose works, I'd like to read other Christmases.It's more a friendship [...]

    21. I would always pick books with Christmas as a theme, maybe because Christmas reminds me the world has a lot of goodness to offer( the thought is carried all year round but it strucks the hardest during Christmastime). I believe this is my 3rd book of Donna VanLiere's ( didn't read it in sequence, though) and her stories delivers something good every time. This one revolves around a woman coming out of her shell and expressing her potential with the help of a few good souls. It's a good read, 3 s [...]

    22. WHAT A GLORIOUS PLOT THAT BROUGHT SO MUCH JOY AND TOGETHERNESS!!This story with all its twists and turns brought so much joy into my heart. It's entirely possible that a story such as this could happen in real life since truth is often stranger than fiction. The author surely has the right touch to create such a beautiful and touching story such as The Christmas Note. She has such a rare gift for writing the stories she carefully weaves together for our enjoyment. Hopefully no one will pass up t [...]

    23. Book six in the Christmas Hope series. A novel by author Donna VanLiere who wrote The Christmas Shoes. Another book that does not disappoint. A story of a gruff, lost the world woman. When next door neighbor moves in, Melissa doesn't know what to think or how to act. Neighbor, Gretchen, seems overly friendly. A death brings them together. But will they end up being more than neighbors? This whole series has been great to read and I can't wait for the next ones.

    24. This is the second book I've run across that each chapter features one of two of the main characters. Interesting concept in writing! This book teaches how important we are to others. Sitting off to the side and not getting involved with people not only hurts us, but others, too! This little book is an easy ready and covers a lot of different things that could happen to any of us.

    25. Elegí este libro ya que estoy leyendo historias cortas de Navidad para ponerme a tono con las fiestas. La verdad es que no me gustó demasiado. La historia es tierna, y los personajes son simpáticos, pero es MUY predecible. Además es increíble la cantidad de coincidencias milagrosas que suceden en tan poco tiempo. Todo se desarrolla demasiado fácil y bonito para ser real.

    26. The characters were fantastic, well rounded and three dimensional. I felt like they could have been my next door neighbors in real life. The plot was unrealistic, though. I know one of the side characters explained that there are no real coincidences, but the ending of this book felt too convenient to be real. Everyone got their happy ending and it felt like a very small world indeed.

    27. You could feel the loneliness that Melissa was experiencing, along with the many other emotions she experienced. This book made me laugh and cry!

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