The Great Women Superheroes

The Great Women Superheroes Trina Robbins author of A Century of Women Cartoonists has written the ultimate book on superheroines The Great Women Superheroes is the first book of its kind Robbins covers good girls and bad in o

  • Title: The Great Women Superheroes
  • Author: Trina Robbins
  • ISBN: 9780878164813
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trina Robbins, author of A Century of Women Cartoonists, has written the ultimate book on superheroines The Great Women Superheroes is the first book of its kind Robbins covers good girls and bad in one fascinating volume Over 200 illustrations

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    1. Trina Robbins

      Trina Robbins is an American comics artist and writer She was an early and influential participant in the underground comix movement, and one of the few female artists in underground comix when she started Her first comics were printed in the East Village Other She later joined the staff of a feminist underground newspaper It Ain t Me, Babe, with whom she produced the first all woman comic book titled It Ain t Me Babe She became increasingly involved in creating outlets for and promoting female comics artists, through projects such as the comics anthology Wimmen s Comix She was also the penciller on Wonder Woman for a time in the 80s Trina has worked on an adaptation of Sax Rohmer s Dope for Eclipse Comics and GoGirl with artist Anne Timmons for Image Comics.Trina designed Vampirella s costume for Forrest Ackerman and Jim Warren.In addition to her comics work, Robbins is an author of non fiction books, including several with an emphasis on the history of women in cartooning.She is the first of the three Ladies of the Canyon in Joni Mitchell s classic song from the album of the same name.Trina Robbins won a Special Achievement Award from the San Diego Comic Con in 1989 for her work on Strip AIDS U.S.A a benefit book that she co edited with Bill Sienkiewicz and Robert Triptow.

    504 thoughts on “The Great Women Superheroes”

    1. I think Trina did some great research. Some of these Women Superheroes are still active and some aren't. I still found it a great read. I started to do research on the Women's Superheroes that aren't around anymore.

    2. Um livro pioneiro no gênero feito por uma artista e pesquisadora também pioneira quando se trata de mulheres pesquisando quadrinhos. Trina faz uma pesquisa aprofundada na gênese das super-heroínas na Era de Ouro, reinvocando personagens basicamente desconhecidos para o público hodierno. Ela trata com profundidade também as heroínas da editora DC Comics, como a Mulher-Maravilha, a Supergirl e a anti-heroína Mulher-Gato, por outro lado, suas análises da Marvel Comics são mais concisas e [...]

    3. There are a lot of problems with this book, but before I talk about the problems I think it's very important to point out that while Trina often shoots and misses when she writes a book, she is very often shooting in an area where no other writers are aiming, and that makes her incredibly valuable. There are scores of women cartoonists who would be forgotten without Trina's historical records in such books as this one, and that makes Trina herself a treasure. Thanks, Trina. Now, that saide often [...]

    4. Comic books, like all other aspects of pop culture, reflect the attitudes and mores of society. Therefore, the changes in the female super heroes in the comic books over the years are what you would expect. In the physical sense they wear a lot less clothing, have (much) bigger breasts and their rears are more visible and attractive. Many of the early incarnations of the heroines were very stereotypically female, sometimes to the point of stupidity. Sue Storm, the only female member of the Fanta [...]

    5. Want to know about female superheroes? This book gives a run down of characters obscure and amazing. The best part of the book is the coverage of golden age characters from the 1940s. The years following 1960 were largely a disappointment according to Trina Robbins. New characters were often re-launches of old characters, with mixed success. It's important to note that the author includes only superheroes and not girl reporters or jungle girls. Trina Robbins really loves Wonder Woman. A ton. I f [...]

    6. I stumbled upon a used copy of this book in the neighborhood where I worked and quickly devoured every addictive page of it. It's obviously over a decade old so there's been a lot of women superheroes introduced in the intervening years (and many existing ones endlessly revamped), but it's still a fascinating read. I especially enjoyed learning about a lot of the obscure heroines of the 40s and 50s and how often tropes like Society Gal By Day, Heroine By Night popped up. I was extra captivated b [...]

    7. This is a FABULOUS BOOK!!!!! Thank you Trina! ;-D Onca Ray™ The Solar Princess of Compassion™ has been included in Trina Robbins' (famed Women in Comics Author / Historian), book entitled "THE GREAT WOMEN SUPERHEROES" in the 1990's chapter, as an online Superheroine! Available at book stores near you or at Kitchen Sink Press - KitchenSP@aol. This book is the sister book to her previous book entitled "The History Of Women in Comics". Visit and interact with Onca Ray™ The Solar Princess of C [...]

    8. This book is a fabulous jumping off point for anyone interested in female comic book characters. I was amazed at the number of superheroes Robbins was able to introduce and discuss in one book! In every chapter I found at least one character I had never heard of or whose comics I had never read, that I suddenly wanted to find out more about. The book roughly covers the 1940's-1990's and as the author states is not all inclusive. It would be interesting to know what Robbins would have to say abou [...]

    9. Good and thorough look at the female characters and creators of early comic books; read this for research and found myself amazed at how many characters I'd never heard of (whose adventures might have lasted 4 or less issues in the 1940's). Well worth reading.

    10. While informative, this book is very much a product of 1996, and Robbins' analysis of the superheroines belongs firmly in that era. Her scholarship occasionally feels questionable, but honestly that may be because I have read other, more current books on the same topic.

    11. Informative and well-written. Way more sensitive than Madrid's more recent efforts. Pity it's not more up to date. Would have been nice to have more detail from 1980s, but overall a good read and useful for my thesis.

    12. A decent retrospective, loads of good illustrations. Would like to see an update that covers the twenty years since it was originally published.

    13. An impressive overview of the female superhero from the early days of comics in the 1930s to present. Very interesting read. Very recommended

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