Belos Cavalos

Belos Cavalos Em Belos Cavalos John Grady misto de cavaleiro medieval e centauro embrenha se em terras ignotas que os mapas n o car tografam e a encontra um lugar paradis aco a camaradagem entre homens e o amor

  • Title: Belos Cavalos
  • Author: Cormac McCarthy Paulo Faria
  • ISBN: 9789896412098
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Capa Mole
  • Em Belos Cavalos, John Grady, misto de cavaleiro medieval e centauro, embrenha se em terras ignotas que os mapas n o car tografam e a encontra um lugar paradis aco, a camaradagem entre homens e o amor de uma mulher, mas enceta tamb m uma descida aos infernos e descobre os recantos negros do cora o humano Em toda a obra de Cormac McCarthy n o h outro her i assim, atre Em Belos Cavalos, John Grady, misto de cavaleiro medieval e centauro, embrenha se em terras ignotas que os mapas n o car tografam e a encontra um lugar paradis aco, a camaradagem entre homens e o amor de uma mulher, mas enceta tamb m uma descida aos infernos e descobre os recantos negros do cora o humano Em toda a obra de Cormac McCarthy n o h outro her i assim, atrevo me a dizer Ele o arqui her i por excel ncia, est ico, corajoso, sereno, o homem que encontra nimo quando tudo parece perdido, que exerce sobre os que o rodeiam um ascendente natural e que, ao que tudo indica, est verdadeiramente em contacto com as for as ocultas no seio da Natureza, em particular com a alma dos cavalos.

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    1. Cormac McCarthy Paulo Faria

      Cormac McCarthy is an American novelist and playwright He has written ten novels in the Southern Gothic, western, and post apocalyptic genres and has also written plays and screenplays He received the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for The Road, and his 2005 novel No Country for Old Men was adapted as a 2007 film of the same name, which won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture.His earlier Blood Meridian 1985 was among Time Magazine s poll of 100 best English language books published between 1925 and 2005 and he placed joint runner up for a similar title in a poll taken in 2006 by The New York Times of the best American fiction published in the last 25 years Literary critic Harold Bloom named him as one of the four major American novelists of his time, along with Thomas Pynchon, Don DeLillo, and Philip Roth He is frequently compared by modern reviewers to William Faulkner.In 2009, Cormac McCarthy won the PEN Saul Bellow Award, a lifetime achievement award given by the PEN American Center.

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    1. All the Pretty Horses isn’t quite as grim as other Cormac McCarthy work that I’ve read but considering that this includes The Road, Blood Meridian, No Country For Old Men and watching the HBO adaptation of his play The Sunset Limited, it's still so bleak that your average person will be depressed enough to be checked into a mental ward and put on suicide watch after finishing it.John Grady Cole is a sixteen year old cowboy in Texas a few years after World War II who was raised on his grandfa [...]

    2. My introduction to the fiction of Pulitzer Prize winner and Oprah Winfrey fan Cormac McCarthy is All the Pretty Horses, the first novel in McCarthy's so-called Border Trilogy, published in 1992. Westerns set in the post World War II country between Texas and Mexico, the trilogy continued with The Crossing and Cities of the Plain. The first seventy-five percent of this brooding, terse and darkly mesmerizing ranching tale is glorious, towering over the intersection of storytelling and language. Th [...]

    3. I seldom abandon books after reading just a couple of pages, but in this case I had no choice. Two pages into the book I was so annoyed by McCarthy's random use of apostrophes and near-total lack of commas that I felt I had better stop reading to prevent an aneurysm. I'm sure McCarthy is a great storyteller, but unless someone convinces me he has found a competent proof-reader who is not afraid to add some four thousand commas to each of his books, I'll never read another line he's written. I ca [...]

    4. This western of new antiquity flows with a horse's grace and bursts into furious and powerful charges. McCarthy's pen grazes upon lush words. His verbs gallop, his adjectives whinny and snort. There is a subdued, wild loneliness. The populous within the pages wander like herds or rally in a tense, motionless pack ready to pounce, while mere boys -more man than most- wander through them ready for love, ready for death.These characters breath and sweat and bleed. The reader comes to know the true [...]

    5. AMERICA'S GOT TALENTA large auditorium. The audience is abuzz with low-quality hysteria. Who’s up next? A glowering old man stands on the vast stage. He’s got a guitar and one of those neck-brace harmonica things and he looks mortally offended. He always looks like that though.Simon: And what’s your name?Man : Cormac McCarthy.Simon : Where are you from? CM : Rhode Island Reid : Would you say you had a philosophy of life?CM : There's no such thing as life without bloodshed. I think the noti [...]

    6. Despite my great love for The Road, I’d argue that my enjoyment of All the Pretty Horses was far from predetermined. To begin with, I’ve recently been made aware (in discussions with fellow Goodreaders) that I’ve never seen a single Clint Eastwood movie or even a non-Clint Eastwood Western. And although I grew up in the South (sort of), I’m now an East Coast city guy who’s never even gone camping if you don’t count that college freshman orientation trip. Not only do I know jack-shit [...]

    7. Cormac McCarthy, in his 1992 novel, (which begins his Border Trilogy) has again conjured up dark and somber images of the verges of human civilization both literally and metaphorically in Mexico.John Grady Cole and his friend leave 1949 Texas and cross the border into Mexico and in some respects goes back in time as the tone and setting could be a hundred years earlier. Cole works on a horse ranch and then because of his skill with horses is invited into the ranch house where he begins a prohibi [...]

    8. i boycotted this book for years because of the title it sounded too girly, and i had no desire to read a book about horses, much less pretty ones. this was despite the fact that it had been first strongly recommended to me by an amazing high school english teacher who always had impeccable tastes in literature. man did i have no idea what i was missing due to my snobbish snubbery. luckily my dear friends janae and kristine mailed me a copy while i was living in Poland, in a giant birthday box fu [...]

    9. All the Pretty Horses (The Border Trilogy, #1), Cormac McCarthyعنوان: همه اسبهای زیبا؛ نویسنده: کورمک مکارتی؛ مترجم: کاوه میرعباسی؛ تهران، نیکا، 1390، در 416 ص؛ شابک: 9786005906448؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی - قرن 20 مجان گردی کول و لیسی رائولینز، که نمی‌توانند رویاهای ماجراجویانه‌ شان را در آمریکای پس [...]

    10. By all accounts, I shouldn't like Cormac McCarthy's novels. I have little patience for stylized prose. Violent imagery sends me over the edge. Books set in the American West or South are not my first—or even fourth—choice, as a general rule. But I'm helpless under McCarthy's pen. All the Pretty Horses is McCarthy's most accessible novel and I'm glad I didn't start here, because anything which followed would have been an horrific shock. In contrast to his other works that seem to roll out in [...]

    11. A young hired hand is warned against getting close to the beautiful, haughty daughter of his ranchowner employer, but her haunting beauty zzzzzzzzzz

    12. My first Cormac McCarthy book and not what I expected, better in fact. Excellent writing as one would expect from this acclaimed writer. It's the story of three young men, teenagers actually, not happy with their lives in 1949 Texas, so they decide to strike out for Mexico. What they find is a landscape, a culture, and a social system far different than what they left behind. There is a starkness to this novel, combined with a romanticism that McCarthy molds perfectly into the story and the char [...]

    13. I find Cormac McCarthy's writing to be intimidating at the start of each novel but quickly find myself falling into its rhythm and cadence. There's a strong musicality to his writing, like the beat of a horse's hooves. His descriptions are vivid even in their bleakness, but this story is much more romantic than I expected. It's still a bit gruesome at times but has a romantic sensibility that makes this story feel like a classic, that of a lovestruck young man, his loyal companion, and his forbi [...]

    14. I gave some thought to doing a “two-sentences-and-one-word” review of Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses – winner of the National Book Award – but I decided not to. Don’t get me wrong, it could be done that way. It’s just that I didn’t think I could do it justice that way.The reason for that isn’t the characters. They are few, and they are finely drawn.It’s also not the story. That’s stripped down to some classic essentials.In 1949, following the death of his cattle ra [...]

    15. McCarthy pares his descriptions down to the purest bones, and then, as if all that surrounded it was the shrapnel of a shattering revelation, lays down a jaw-droppingly astonishing sentence that sums up good, evil, man, God, love. The best and worst in men are inseparable in McCarthy's worlds, which are so exactly imagined as to be indisputable.John Grady Cole is one of the most memorable heros in contemporary literature. This one makes me want to ride out across the dust.

    16. Ascent into HellYou read the first sentence of a Cormac McCarthy novel and you know that this is not Grisham or Connolly or Child or Crichton or King, certainly not Patterson, or anyone else writing fiction today. And before the first page is turned he has launched into one of his frenetic poetic riffs that lurches and rambles and stops and starts and doesn't care about punctuation and you can almost hear your high school English teacher scolding about grammar and run-on sentences but you know t [...]

    17. I’ve been sitting on this book review for weeks, needing to chew so many things over before I put it into words. I started the book and finished it and started it again, because it was the only thing I knew to do. It’s wrecked me, a little. Pushed things knotted up deep down inside to the surface, like coming up from under a waterfall for air. There’s something visceral here, not just in the story itself but in the reading of it, more akin to eating and breathing than turning pages of a bo [...]

    18. Cormac McCarthy holds a unique position in the literary community: Practically untouchable. He has both the guts and the gumption to wade into drowning pools that other authors can't dip a toe in. McCarthy is well known for his acute sense of southern darkness, often writing about the depths of depravity people have sunk to, putting a magnifying glass to the appalling violence humans engage in on the fringes of civilization. He does so with a wisdom and unflinching eye rarely found in literature [...]

    19. 4.5Love McCarthy's unique, deep and fluent writing that carries from novel to novel though the plots may change. Love Westerns, love books that aren't predictable, love books that depict realist worldviews -- no sugarcoating situations to always turn out for the better. New favorite.

    20. Do you have a sub-clinical fear of commas and, especially, quotation marks? Then Cormac McCarthy's your author and All the Pretty Horses is the book for you! There's not a quotation mark in 302 pages and very few commas. It's an interesting and stylized type of writing, and McCarthy uses it in some of his other books. Here's a typical sentence:He dismounted and unrolled his plunder and opened the box of shells and put half of them in his pocket and checked the pistol that it was loaded all six c [...]

    21. .کتاب مقدس" می‌گه بردباران وارثـان زمین‌اند و من حدس می‌زنم احتمالا حقیقـت داره".آزاداندیش نیسـتم، اما بذار یک چیزی بهت بگم.خیلی بعید می‌دونم اونقــدر هم که می‌گن چیز به دردخوری باشه

    22. Siamo nel 1949 e due giovani di belle speranze (ma quello che interessa all'autore è solamente John Grady, l'altro fa solo da spalla, proprio come nei film di quegli anni) si mettono in viaggio (a cavallo !) verso il Messico.Cammin facendo si viene sapere che hanno 16 anni, ma sono sgamati e tosti come veri cow boy. Ovviamente sono armati fino ai denti, anche se nel 1949 gli indiani erano stati sterminati già da un pezzo ed i terroristi islamici non erano ancora apparsi, ma non si sa mai. Dura [...]

    23. Rating: 2* of fiveThe Publisher Says: The national bestseller and the first volume in Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy, All the Pretty Horses is the tale of John Grady Cole, who at sixteen finds himself at the end of a long line of Texas ranchers, cut off from the only life he has ever imagined for himself. With two companions, he sets off for Mexico on a sometimes idyllic, sometimes comic journey to a place where dreams are paid for in blood. Winner of the National Book Award for Fiction.My Rev [...]

    24. 6.5/10Cormac McCarthy must have been abused as a child. Abused in such a despicable way that all these years later he is still suffering deep down. The abuser – “The Apostrophe”.I can’t think of any other valid reason for this style of writing. The apostrophe is a great friend of mine; I use it all the time on a day to day basis. Sometimes I even throw them in sentences where they don’t belong! Obviously Cormac doesn’t believe in using them and he just plumps for adding in “and” [...]

    25. Death of the Old West, Cowboys and the FrontierCowboys like smoky old pool rooms & clear mountain mornins,Little warm puppies and children and girls of the night.Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys, Bruce, 1975.Go west young man, haven't you been toldCalifornia's full of whiskey, women and goldShould've Been a Cowboy, Keith, 1992.I found this by far the most readable of Cormac McCarthy's novels. All the Pretty Horses is in many ways an elegiac novel about the death of the Old [...]

    26. I've been lucky to read some gorgeous writing this year, laced with nostalgic dreamers, hunters, men seeing to the end of things. But here is something different, a novel that is to the core uplifting, hopeful and young. I became so invested in the spirit of the story that I really just miss it. It has a drumming heart and more than enough wisdom. The kinship between man and horse is described with mythical kindness. It has the visceral clout you would expect from the author, along with the poet [...]

    27. Second Review: April 2012The first time through this book I was keenly aware of the realism that’s reflected in my first review. This second reading, however, allowed the beauty of that realism to shine through. To me, it is what it is is a good thing because there is no other option. However, there’s also a fundamental elegance to whatever it happens to be and it’s through that elegance that I find peace, wisdom, and composure.---Fisrt Review: August 2011To those that would say McCarthy i [...]

    28. You know how sometimes you read a book for school and spend hours discussing the brilliant symbolism of this scene and that scene, but then you get to the end and realize you didn't enjoy anything about the book? That's what happened here. This is one of those books with brief symbolism that never builds to anything. Yes, there's symbolism, but it's all about the rugged west and the resilience of the masculine spirit. Original. I won't deny the prose is decent. McCarthy has some talent for descr [...]

    29. I want to like Cormac McCarthy. But he bugs me. What bugs me about him is the sentiment many of his readers have that goes basically: "I was worried this was going to be a Louis L'Amour western but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't." Well, people, it IS a western, but McCarthy is too pretentious to just write a western. He lifts out all the punctuation, drops in verbose descriptions and senseless figurative language and some faux-philosophical musings on horses and calls it "literature". U [...]

    30. Due ragazzi, giovanissimi. Un viaggio a cavallo per arrivare in Messico. Un viaggio reale, ma anche un viaggio iniziatico. E lungo il percorso la scoperta di odio, violenza, ingiustizie, soprusi, sconfitte, ma anche l’amore, la passione e poi, ancora, il male, la morte. A fare da sfondo alle vicende umane una natura splendida e selvaggia, madre e matrigna.”Sdraiato sotto la coperta, John Grady contemplava il quarto di luna sulla cresta delle montagne. In quella falsa alba blu le Pleiadi semb [...]

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