A Armadilha de Dante

A Armadilha de Dante O suspense de um thriller a emo o de um romance de aventuras e a exalta o de uma hist ria de amor Veneza No teatro onde ia representar uma pe a nova um jovem e promissor actor assassinado com

  • Title: A Armadilha de Dante
  • Author: Arnaud Delalande
  • ISBN: 9789724152851
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • O suspense de um thriller, a emo o de um romance de aventuras e a exalta o de uma hist ria de amor Veneza, 1756 No teatro onde ia representar uma pe a nova, um jovem e promissor actor assassinado com requintes de malvadez encontram no pregado numa cruz, com os olhos arrancados e uma inscri o em latim talhada a faca no peito O doge, ciente de que a cidade est pejaO suspense de um thriller, a emo o de um romance de aventuras e a exalta o de uma hist ria de amor Veneza, 1756 No teatro onde ia representar uma pe a nova, um jovem e promissor actor assassinado com requintes de malvadez encontram no pregado numa cruz, com os olhos arrancados e uma inscri o em latim talhada a faca no peito O doge, ciente de que a cidade est pejada de inimigos da Rep blica, lan a uma investiga o secreta conduzida por Pietro Viravolta, um jovem aventureiro destemido e um sedutor o melhor amigo de Casanova , que aguarda execu o na pris o que se encontra sob a Ponte dos Suspiros Viravolta libertado na dupla condi o de n o fugir da cidade nem procurar Anna, o grande amor da sua vida A investiga o vai conduzi lo a Luciana, a bela amante de um senador veneziano, a Spadetti, o mestre vidreiro de Murano, e a Caffelli, o padre atormentado de San Giorgio Maggiore Os homic dios sucedem se e a viol ncia intensifica se, mas Viravolta mergulha em A Divina Com dia, de Dante, e consegue descobrir o princ pio organizativo daquelas mortes cada uma delas reproduz os castigos dos Nove C rculos de O Inferno que se saldar o no aparecimento de L cifer em pessoa Recheado de refer ncias m ticas e de constantes surpresas, que culminam no auge do ex tico Carnaval de Veneza, A Armadilha de Dante mistura o suspense de um thriller, a emo o de um romance de aventuras e a exalta o de uma hist ria de amor.

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      317 Arnaud Delalande
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    1. Arnaud Delalande

      Arnaud Delalande born in Lusaka, Zambia in 1971 is a French author and comic book writer.

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    1. The body of one of Venice's brightest young actors is found, crucified, his eyes gouged out and a line of verse carved into his chest. His is just the first death as a shadowy group stalk the rulers of Venice and their supporters. The murderer, known only as The Chimera, is the leader of this dangerous fanatical group - the Stiges or Firebirds - determined to kill one of the depraved, the gluttonous, the traitors to their cause - one for each of the nine Circles of Dante's Inferno.The Doge of Ve [...]

    2. Η ιστορία ήταν πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα.Η βόλτα στη Βενετία πολύ ατμοσφαιρική.Τα ιστορικά στοιχεία επιτυχημένα.Αλλά το βιβλίο ήταν κουραστικό στο σύνολο του.Ωστόσο, γύριζα με λαχτάρα στο σπίτι μετά από μια εξαντλητική μέρα και έπιανα το βιβλίο στα χέρια μου για να λικνιστώ στα κα [...]

    3. OK, I read this a really long time ago, and all I remember is that after it I told myself I should definitely read The Divine Comedy, by Alighieri. If it made such a strong impression on me, I have to read it again, for sure. I'll come back on this one. :)

    4. Le diable n’est autre qu’emilio Vindicati membre du conseil des Dix auprès du doge qui s’est allié au prince autrichien mis au ban de l’a royauté afin de conquérir Venise. L’orchidée noire (aventurier et séducteur) évitera les 3 derniers crimes (dont le doge, le prince et lui-même).

    5. The year is 1316, and the perennial politicalinstability in the city of Florence threatens toescalate to anarchy. "Terror, superstition, anguish,and impotence" reign as distinguished citizens aremurdered in grotesque fashion, their corpsesaccompanied by parchment verses from Inferno. PoetDante Alighieri himself is a prime suspect, havingbeen exiled years earlier from the city for hispolitics. The King's vicar, Count Guido da Battifollesecretly spirits Dante back to Florence and offers hima deal: [...]

    6. There seems to be quite a fascination with Dante these days. There was Matthew Pearl's Dante Club, and now there's Arnaud Delalande's The Dante Trap. Both novels use Dante's Inferno as inspiration for wild murders based on the various tortures faced by the damned in the great Florentine's work. It's painful when real historical characters are suddenly transformed into detectives (I've seen Newton and Dante in this role), so I'm grieved to say that in the former book a bunch of American poets (le [...]

    7. objectif palPrésentation de l'éditeur :1756. La Venise des Lumières. Un meurtre atroce - une crucifixion - est commis en plein cœur d'un théâtre de la Sérénissime. Pour mener l'enquête, le Doge fait libérer Pietro Viravolta, aventurier et séducteur, qui croupit dans une geôle aux côtés de Casanova Ses recherches le conduisent tour à tour chez Luciana, la maîtresse d'un sénateur ; Spadetti, le maître verrier de Murano ; ou encore Caffelli, le prêtre tourmenté de San Giorgio Ma [...]

    8. So the basic concept/plot of this book is interesing (hense why I picked it up and bought it in the first place) however, the fact that it is poorly written made it very difficult to enjoy. Not only were there several spelling and grammatical errors, I got so exhausted reading the style it was written in i.e. paragraphs that are longer than a full page. It just rambled and I truthfully spaced out through a bunch of the fine details. I barely knew who some people were or could keep straight who w [...]

    9. A political murder-mystery that is set in 18th centry Venice. The writer (or translator?) has this habit of using Italian words (in italics) with no translation. Not knowing these words didn't detract from the story, but I found it annoying. Also annoying was the style of writing, with complex sentences and archaic language - words such as "purloined" being used - why not just say "steal"? The story itself was mediocre at best, and the surprise "twist" at the end wasn't all that surprising - mor [...]

    10. I enjoyed this. I'd probably give it 3.5 stars if I could. It's translated from the French, and the writing doesn't always flow as nicely as it could - perhaps this is just down to the translator, or to the occasional tendency of the author to load us down with historical detail. However, I did eventually get swept up in it, and it's very well researched (unlike, say, some Dan Brown I could mention) and intellectually satisfying. Not bad at all - it's a shame more of the author's work hasn't bee [...]

    11. I had high hopes for this, since I like both Dante and Venice. Unfortunately the book is verbose, with long, painfully drawn-out philisophical diatribes on things like "the nature of evil" and unnecessarily detailed descriptions of the political situation in Venice at the time. Neither of these things adds anything useful to the hunt for the murderer.I was really bored by this book. Characters that should have been fascinating and quirky were just there. It's really a slog to get through this bo [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this historical thriller. Bit Dan Brownish (think Angels and Demons) but in Venice in the 1700s and better written! I was actually reading it while in Venice and got absolutely carried away by it's pace, the chase, and the extravagance, delight and history of that extraordinary city. I couldn't put it down!

    13. Abandoned around page 30 as the plot donkeys drowned one-by-one, weighed down by the turgid prose and their requirement to tell-don't-show; as the torpid text began to be read in my head in the voice of Matt Berry; and as I couldn't get the memory of Prince Edmund's first attempt at a monicker ("The Black Vegetable!") out of my mind

    14. I enjoyed this one. It seemed like a cross between the Da Vinci Code and James McGee's Ratcatcher. I like Venice and it was interesting to read the snippets of its history that were woven into the pages. Enough of them to make it interesting but not too many to interfere with the telling of the story.n

    15. While I thought there were decent scenes from time to time in this book, I wasn't engaged with the book as a whole. I also thought there were too many points where the author wanted to demonstrate their research by putting in historical detail not relevant to the plot which bogged down the narrative.2/5.

    16. captivante enquête de "l'orchidée noire" dans la magnificente mais vacillante République des Doges (Venise).Avec cette savante dose d'érudition qui d'ailleurs m'a fait découvrir ce que pouvait être déjà la panoptiqueà vous de voir :)

    17. The French author, Arnaud Delalande, weaved a series of murders in 18th century Venice per Dante Alighieri,'s Inferno. Descriptions, historical information quite good. He is a very literary author. Keeps one reading.

    18. Another book about Venice that I bought when I was in Venice to read at night or in cafes. This was a pretty decent whodunit, not a great one, but a very nice diversion.

    19. Either poorly written or translated, but good story - would make a fantastic movie. Found toward the end I had a hard time putting it down.

    20. Great travel read! - Think of 1750's Venice, grisly murders based on Dante's 9 circles of hell, investigated by a rake who is himself slightly left of law abiding.

    21. It was okay. The ending perplexed me (the deus ex machina was amazing) and the stupidity of some characters pissed me off. However, the imagery was really well written. Totes would recommend.

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