Parenting with Love: Making a Difference in a Day

Parenting with Love Making a Difference in a Day Parenting isn t easy It s a lesson in patience human behavior and most important it is a labor of love

  • Title: Parenting with Love: Making a Difference in a Day
  • Author: Glenn I. Latham
  • ISBN: 9781570086618
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Parenting isn t easy It s a lesson in patience, human behavior, and most important, it is a labor of love.

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      293 Glenn I. Latham
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      Glenn I. Latham Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Parenting with Love: Making a Difference in a Day book, this is one of the most wanted Glenn I. Latham author readers around the world.

    604 thoughts on “Parenting with Love: Making a Difference in a Day”

    1. Straightforward and practical tips that are effective and help raise the overall mood of the home. This is a must-read for anyone trying to follow positive parenting--I'll for sure be reading his other books!

    2. So simple and so powerful. For sure one I am glad to own, I will be referencing this more. I love this- it is soooo wonderful to hear how to focus on the good. It should be intuitive, but it's not.

    3. This book is brilliant. It beautifully explains and gives examples of what to do and not to do in situations. It’s a really short and easy read. I think every parent should read it.

    4. Here are three of his techniques!!! Technique 1: When the child makes a wrong choice. Empathize with the child, Ask the child-how should you have responded, roll play the situation again with the correct behavior, ask the child what priviledges he/she gets when their behavior is pleasantay w/friends, tv, books, treat, etc. Technique 2: Smile, wink, praise at whatever the child is doing that is good. We usually give our children attention when they are only doing the wrong choices. Technique 3: S [...]

    5. After reading some of the reviews, I just wanted to say that this may be common sense but you can't see common sense when all you know is corporal punishment. I grew up in a home that used corporal punishment as the main way to control us and keep us in fear. "Spare the rod and spoil the child!" is the only tool that was hammered into me as a child. My parents are great and they did the best they could but no one ever tells you what to do if you don't want to follow this mantra. Let me tell you [...]

    6. I love this book and try to refer to it often. For some reason, it is easier to ignore kids when they are behaving well and to pay attention to them when they are not. This book helps parents to learn how to focus on good behaviors, thus reinforcing them and creating a more positive environment. It also helps parents learn to listen attentively to their kids and to have "safe talk" with them, meaning the kids feel they can talk to their parents without feeling it will turn into a conversation th [...]

    7. This is basically a summary of Dr. Latham's book The Power of Positive Parenting. It was a good, fast refresher but not quite as interesting. Dr. Latham's books are widely appreciated because they are based on human behavior and not just someone's opinion. His approach to communication works for people of all ages (because we are all human)! Having used these methods with my kids (and even on my husband a couple of times :) I can tell you they always work. Overall, the information is valuable bu [...]

    8. I want to give this book five stars because his examples of good parenting and the results are amazing, but I have yet to see anything that amazing at my house (especially in one day, as the title suggests). So, we'll see Don't think I'll be giving any lectures on the subject, but he has some excellent ideas that I'm planning on using starting now! I also got Jeff to agree to read it, so we can be on the same page as parents. I really liked it.

    9. I read this book today as a quick Sunday read. I enjoed the basics of this book. I am aware of all the strategies and tips always good to read and remember to help me use them in my daily life. I realized as I was reading that I do teach and "parent" at school very consistently in the positive mode it is at home that I forget and there is my need to change!!! Nice reminder book. I still like Love and Logic as a good parent book too!

    10. This is a short and sweet review of some very important parenting topics. I was reminded about the power of positive discipline and begged to not use coercive methods to parent my young child, since it will end up with counter-coercion when they are teens. This author's sense of humor was refreshing. Overall, it's a really quick read that deserves a few hours of time.

    11. This has been my favorite parenting book I have read yet. The theories are based on what you would learn in an organizational behavior class. Mainly if we change our behavior as parents, our kids will have a positive environment to thrive in. I personally think it is a must read for all adults, with or without children of their own.

    12. I love all of Glen Latham's books. The books help me figure out how to discipline my children without making them scared of me. I love my children very much and I know that I need lots of help getting them to do what the Lord wants them to do, all of Mr. Latham's books help me to accomplish my goals.

    13. This book is ninety pages (reading will take three hours tops) of foundational principles for establishing a home of harmony. Page 12 states the aim of parenthood: "The responsibility of parents is to create a stable, proactive environment in the home." The entire book is concise, research-based, and rings true to the heart inclined to peace in parenting. Thank you, Dr. Latham.

    14. I REALY enjoyed this book. Its focus was on me as a parent & how I can change the environment in our home, and gratitude for the things done the way you want them to be done. This in effect will change the self esteem of every family member. This has transformed my parenting as well as the way I can be a better wife.

    15. The most effective parenting book I've ever read. Although based on the science of human behavior, it's more like magic the way these stratagies change the behaviors of not only the children, but also the parents. Parenting is hard, it takes effort but if we can be consistant we can change the atmosphere of our family, no matter the ages or challenges of our children.

    16. This book fits well what I believe parenting should be, loving, consistent, positive. Simple concepts in theory, not always in practice. This is a book I'll need to come back to often, just to remind myself of the positive ways I should be parenting. We all need to check ourselves now and again. I really enjoyed it! I even got my husband to start reading it.

    17. This short parenting book doesn't contain a lot of new information, but is organized well and gives great examples and explanations. I really agree with the parenting techniques laid out and have been trying to incorporate them more in our family. Sometimes that is easier said than done! Great, quick read with great parenting tips!

    18. Wonderful book for parents. I like it because it's short and consice. Too many parenting books are filled with too much information. This is very easy to read. It taught me a lot about behavior and why my children act the way they do. I found that if I make my behavior more positive, my children will behave more positively. Go figure.

    19. I love this author! He writes so that everyone can understand and actually apply his teachings to their own lives without too much effort. This book covers the four basic principles of human behavior. It then details (with graphs and scenarios) strategies for dealing with both good and bad behaviors in children. The book is only 87 pages so you really can make a difference in just one day!!

    20. I am into parenting books right now, and this author is one of my favorites. I loved this book because it was short, and packed with good ideas. I want to learn how to parent with love, and eliminate all coersion like he suggests.

    21. I love Glenn Latham's work! His parenting "manual" The Power of Positive Parenting has been a 'go-to' for me for nearly two decades (Wow! That makes me sound old!), so I decided to read some of his other books. I love his non-threatening, non-coercive, loving approach.

    22. This book is concise and full of parenting gems. A good summary of the most important parenting techniques, although, I will say that I found some of his sample conversations between parent and child a little stilted and overly idealistic.

    23. This was a really quick read (about an hour) and had some great ideas on positive parenting. As with any parenting book I want to talk to the author about how things apply to my specific situation, but I guess that's what I'm supposed to figure out, right?!

    24. Thanks to my SIL for pointing this book out. I am really enjoying it. Small book and very hands on. Glad I read this book. May want to buy it just to pick it up and refresh on some of the ideas periodically.

    25. This is a condensed version of Dr. Latham's great parenting books. It's only 86 pages and is filled with great ways to be a more positive parent. I read too fast the first time through so I'm reading it again and hoping to implement his ideas this time around.

    26. This is the same author who wrote "Christlike Parenting." This is a quick read and amazing! It will make a difference in a day and you'll see a quick difference in your kids.

    27. This was referred to me by a lady I visit teach. She said it makes a huge difference and you actually see results. So I'll let you know

    28. Parenting is hard but this book has really good, basic skills that I can use to be a better parent. Well written, short and to the point.

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