Ladies' Man

Ladies Man Kenny Becker just dumped his girlfriend the reasons are a little complex Young and newly unemployed his main assets at the moment are six pack abs and a healthy libido he s ready to get out find a l

  • Title: Ladies' Man
  • Author: Richard Price
  • ISBN: 9780312566524
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kenny Becker just dumped his girlfriend the reasons are a little complex Young and newly unemployed, his main assets at the moment are six pack abs and a healthy libido he s ready to get out, find a little action, and maybe find himself too But New York is no place for the lonely, and with one meaningless sexual encounter after another, Kenny begins to wonder if tKenny Becker just dumped his girlfriend the reasons are a little complex Young and newly unemployed, his main assets at the moment are six pack abs and a healthy libido he s ready to get out, find a little action, and maybe find himself too But New York is no place for the lonely, and with one meaningless sexual encounter after another, Kenny begins to wonder if the singles scene is not itself a complete con job, with his heart and his future at stake Raunchy, funny, and surprisingly heartfelt, this 1978 clubland slice of life displays Richard Price in gritty good form.

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    1. Richard Price

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name Also writes under the pen name Harry BrandtA self described middle class Jewish kid, Price grew up in a housing project in the northeast Bronx Today, he lives in New York City with his family.Price graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in 1967 and obtained a BA from Cornell University and an MFA from Columbia He also did graduate work at Stanford He has taught writing at Columbia, Yale, and New York University He was one of the first people interviewed on the NPR show Fresh Air when it began airing nationally in 1987 In 1999, he received the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Literature.Price s novels explore late 20th century urban America in a gritty, realistic manner that has brought him considerable literary acclaim Several of his novels are set in a fictional northern New Jersey city called Dempsy In his review of Lush Life 2008 , Walter Kirn compared Price to Raymond Chandler and Saul Bellow.Price s first novel was The Wanderers 1974 , a coming of age story set in the Bronx in 1962, written when Price was 24 years old It was adapted into a movie in 1979, with a screenplay by Rose and Philip Kaufman and directed by the latter.Clockers 1992 was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award It has been praised for its humor, suspense, dialogue, and characterizations In 1995, it was made into a movie directed by Spike Lee Price and Lee shared writing credits for the screenplay.Price has written numerous screenplays, of which the best known are The Color of Money 1986 , for which he was nominated for an Oscar, Life Lessons the Martin Scorsese segment of New York Stories 1989 , Sea of Love 1989 , Mad Dog and Glory 1992 , Ransom 1996 , and Shaft 2000 He also wrote for the HBO series The Wire Price was nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award award for Best Dramatic Series at the February 2009 ceremony for his work on the fifth season of The Wire He is often cast in cameo roles in the films he writes.Price also wrote and conceptualized the 15 minute film surrounding Michael Jackson s Bad video.Additionally, he has published articles in the The New York Times, Esquire Magazine, The New Yorker, Village Voice, Rolling Stone, and others.

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    1. ”Kenny makes a move.”Kenny Becker is having trouble with his girlfriend. She used to turn him inside out with the force of her passion, but recently she has been as cold as an icicle in a snowstorm. The whiplash from “let’s get it on” to “I’m just not interested” leaves Kenny about to come unglued. The more she pushes him away, the more he wants her. As he tries to explain: ”The need to get laid is an honorable need.”It isn’t just about lustful sex, though that is still the [...]

    2. First published in 1978, Ladies' Man is an early novel by contemporary American author Richard Price (yes, the author of the recently released The Whites by aka Harry Brandt and also author of Clockers). Anyway, in this book Price does an excellent job capturing the loneliness and desperation of first-person narrator Kenny Becker, a thirty year old New Yorker and door-to-door salesman. The novel is seven chapters long, each chapter titled for each day of the week, and the opening chapter (Monday [...]

    3. MONDAYIt's circa 1978 and Kenny isn't sure of much except that he has killer washboard abs and a big dick and he needs sex on the regular. He loves his girlfriend La Donna or maybe it's "loves" because he isn't sure about a lot of things except he's not satisfied. Not with his live-in girlfriend, not with his job, not with life. Ever hear of anomie, Kenny, especially the free-floating kind, the kind with no easy answers? There, I've diagnosed you. So what does Kenny need? At this point I think h [...]

    4. From the moment he published his first novel, The Wanderers, Richard Price has been praised for his incredible talent for writing dialogue. His prowess is so great in that area, in fact, that many of his other literary skills are sometimes overlooked, including his remarkable talent for revealing the inner workings of his character's minds. It is a talent that is put on display in Ladies Man perhaps more than any of his other works.The convoluted and contradictory internal world of "ladies' man" [...]

    5. Richard Price had already begun to get into screen work when this book appeared, about 1980, and he went on to fame for his movies, and for novels like CLOCKERS. But this one, written in great heat -- in every sense of the word -- at the end of his 20s, has a liveliness that surpasses that of his more famous multi-vocal depictions of greater New York in transition. New York is the subject again, of course, Price can't get away from that, but in this case he works in disarming minor key: a late-t [...]

    6. Really enjoyed this book Ladies' Man by Richard Price. Not written for kiddies or sweet little old ladies, here is a piece of fiction written by a real man for real men or those women like myself who want to know the inner workings of how some men, most men think. New York born and raised protagonist Kenny Becker's a confused, frustrated, semi-misogynist-romantic approaching middle age and the dreaded mid-life crisis a lousy dead end job, flaky girlfriends, friends (more like acquaintances) from [...]

    7. I went back to the late 70s for this Picador reprint and quite enjoyed the trip. This is not, however, a pleasant novel. Price, who later wrote for The Wire and had such best-sellers as Clockers and Samaritan, writes tough. In this case his subject is loneliness and losers, chiefly Kenny, a man of determined ambitions but little accomplishment. As we meet him he has taken a sabbatical from college and is selling household supplies door-to-door. We soon suspect that household supplies has more fu [...]

    8. I came across this Richard Price novel that I hadn't read in a second hand shop, and was eager to read another earlier novel of his - before he developed the expanded, detail oriented story telling of Clockers, Lush Life, Freedomland etc.I can see why other writers like Harry Crews loved this character study of a 30 year old New Yorker, written and set in the late 70s going through relationship, work and personal breakdowns on the space of a few days. Kenny Becker goes through extreme emotions a [...]

    9. I read this book in 1979, and I must say, I really enjoyed this book! I know it is not well known, but I really liked it at the time. Pretty good and gritty example of what life for single men really is like. It's not the Playboy paradise that most think it is, and it's not monk-hood either. Sex is feast or famine. There are long periods with little or no sex, and then there are periods when it never seems to end. And if you want to stay single, you must forever be dodging the nonstop attempts o [...]

    10. Story is interesting enough to keep you involved until the end. Very chaotic narrative and it doesn't feel like its by design. The most interesting character interactions don't come until the very end and when it feels like its building to something compelling and interesting, it comes to a sudden end. Has enough humor and interesting insight on struggling to strive along in life to make it worth a read.

    11. I was really taken with this tough-minded, confident character study of 30 year-old Kenny Becker, a door-to-door salesman (yep, they still existed in the not-too-distant past), slowly unraveling after getting dumped by his girlfriend in late-70's New York City. Everything about Kenny, his girlfriend La Donna, and his circle of co-workers and acquaintances felt grittily authentic, with terrific dialogue. Ladies' Man is a sometimes sexy, often disturbing, always riveting portrait of modern day mas [...]

    12. First read at the age of 25, when I was a few years younger than Kenny Becker; read a second time at 36, now a few years older. What jumps out at me on this re-read is how much more acute Kenny's desperation for some human connection feels to me now. Kenny's loneliness gets hidden behind his carefully-crafted image as some kind of Lothario in the gleeful pre-AIDS era, but updated for the millennial generation he'd be masking the same essential loneliness through some equally vacuous social-media [...]

    13. This was my first fiction from Richard Price, and I really enjoyed it. Definitely a man's book, about manly things. But written with a tenderness and a sly humor about the characters that endeared them to me almost immediately. Richard Price is a master at letting the inner humor in otherwise banal and pathetic scenes shine through in the writing. Ladies' Man is a novel about desperate people seeking answers while simultaneously trying to escape what they thought their original answers were to t [...]

    14. Prior to this, I'd never read anything by Richard Price. Lately I've been reading a lot of novels by Edith Wharton. Let me tell you, going from Edith Wharton to Richard Price is a literary 180-degree-social-conventions-hairpin-turn that will damn near give you whiplash.Set in New York in the late 1970s, the book is a first person account of a week in the life of Kenny Becker. On the verge of turning thirty, he suddenly finds himself single and jobless. Seeking to assuage his loneliness and anomi [...]

    15. Ladies Man is not a book; it is a movie in your mind. Kenny Becker, the star, is always front and center, always feeling, doing, moving. Yah, Kinetic Kenny. There's not a single wasted word, not a single bit of pretense in this book. It has abs like Kenny's rock hard six pack that he's working on whenever he starts feeling slack. The words are non-stop real, and the ending leaves you hanging out to dry. Sorry folks, that's it. Like life, it ends. You find yourself shocked, asking whoa what just [...]

    16. Hieronymus Bosch meets Tony Manero with shades of Job, Proust and Kerouac on Viagara thrown in Call it what you will, Price's early career work from the disco era is brilliant An enthralling portrait of sunsetting arrogance, loneliness and wounded machismo mired in the jigsaw shadows of Manhattan Its narrative voice is on a slow-burn: calm and controlled yet dazzling throughout Price evokes a gritty tone and mood that is distinct; it echoes the alienation of Kafka while purring down dark corrido [...]

    17. Fast paced, different, great character's and quite funny in part's from my point of view, i think he found his true sexuality at the end and that had been the problem all along unless i've misread this book and the other male reviewer's are correct that it's hard (ha ha) to be a man and even to understand yourself nevermind other's understanding you & this matter is further complicated by the 24 hour rampant pant action that seem's completely out of your control ; )

    18. Richard Price uncannily captures, in his early novels, and in this one particularly, a specific milieu, to wit working class "white ethnics" (as they are euphemistically known) in the North Bronx. What makes these novels summoning is that despite their very particular settings, they engage universal issues. That is, after all, what literature does. Highly recommended, like The Wanderers, Bloodbrothers, and The Breaks.

    19. This is one of my friend Kip's favorite books, which is recommendation enough for me! It was a tad more salacious than I was expecting it to be (beware to those who blush easily!), but the protagonist Kenny seemed like a real human being, complete with foibles, and I was sorry when my down-and-out adventures with him ended.

    20. Reminded me a lot of Fight Club with less fighting and more sex. Tells the story of a disenfranchised middle-age, middle-class white dude trying to make something of himself without knowing how. Price has a way of understanding an urban environment but here his main character is completely lacking in an ability to make me care about him.

    21. Meh. Didn't love but didn't hate it either. Couldn't really relate to anything in the story. Definitely a more masculine oriented book. I guess i thought it would be more of a humorous book but it really wasn't. It was mostly about the character's odd anxieties. However, i did enjoy the author's descriptions of new york city and its diversity.

    22. Last known that most his books, and certainly as movies, this one painstakingly details the moral, emotional, and sexual decline of not just one man but – in the way only Richard Price can – the entire male universe in America. Today, I suppose we could see it as prescient, now that the decline has been further advanced (or bankrupted?) by the internet.

    23. had never heard of this author before, picked it up on a recommendation from a friend. i liked it. tho i couldn't exactly relate to the main character kenny, i didn't dislike him. best part for me was the slice of life aspect of 1970's nyc.

    24. It's a little tiring following a character who is so determined to learn from his life but remains ultimately unchanged. Maybe I missed something, but he seemed like a shallow dude who was just obsessed with his penis? A light read.

    25. So this guy's "Lush Life" made the top books of 2008 lists so i picked up this book from the 70s in a used bookstore in nashville and i have to say it didn't date well at all and is kind of terrible although it is a sort of awesome portrait of the nightlife in manhattan in the 1970s

    26. Love this book. A simple and honest style. Authentic but with room to dream and hope. The beginning of the Richard Price I know and love.

    27. Great writing, and gripping; but during most of the book it was hard not to hope that the protagonist would end his misery, and mine.

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