Prisioneiro (Cetin Ikmen #2)

Prisioneiro Cetin Ikmen Um apartamento esconde um cad ver misteriosoUma gaiola como chave do mist rio Cetin Ikmen inspector da pol cia turca pobre idiossincr tico e talentoso amigo de inf ncia de um rico patologista fore

  • Title: Prisioneiro (Cetin Ikmen #2)
  • Author: Barbara Nadel
  • ISBN: 9789722514354
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Um apartamento esconde um cad ver misteriosoUma gaiola como chave do mist rio.Cetin Ikmen, inspector da pol cia turca, pobre, idiossincr tico e talentoso, amigo de inf ncia de um rico patologista forense, o arm nio Arto Sarkissian Ambos est o envolvidos na investiga o do cad ver de um rapaz que foi encontrado num apartamento muito confort vel, pr ximo do Museu TopkaUm apartamento esconde um cad ver misteriosoUma gaiola como chave do mist rio.Cetin Ikmen, inspector da pol cia turca, pobre, idiossincr tico e talentoso, amigo de inf ncia de um rico patologista forense, o arm nio Arto Sarkissian Ambos est o envolvidos na investiga o do cad ver de um rapaz que foi encontrado num apartamento muito confort vel, pr ximo do Museu Topkaki O caso estranho O rapaz morto tem os membros atrofiados De qualquer forma, ser lhe ia imposs vel abrir as janelas foram pregadas A nica pessoa que foi vista a visitar o apartamento foi um arm nio de meia idade.

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      328 Barbara Nadel
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    1. Barbara Nadel

      Barbara Nadel is an English crime writer Many of her books are set in Turkey Born in the East End of London, Barbara Nadel trained as an actress before becoming a writer Now writing full time, she has previously worked as a public relations officer for the National Schizophrenia Fellowship s Good Companion Service and as a mental health advocate for the mentally disordered in a psychiatric hospital She has also worked with sexually abused teenagers and taught psychology in schools and colleges, and is currently the patron of a charity that cares for those in emotional and mental distress She has been a regular visitor to Turkey for than twenty five years.

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    1. Got to give this 5 stars! Any thing that could make me try to read this in entirety in as close to one sitting as possible has to warrant 5 stars for me! This is the second in this series by Barbara Nadel that I have read, and I have become familiar with all the main characters, the head detective, his not too with=it boss who is stuck with the public political ramifications, and the lives as well as personal lives of all those under him. And I am increasingly becoming more familiar with this ar [...]

    2. #2 Cetin Ikmen mystery set in modern Istanbul, Turkey. Ikmen, Sgt. Suleyman and their team investigate the death of a young drug addict found in a bizarre locked room in an apartment next to the Topkapi Palace, and the autopsy brings up a number of irregularities that has everyone scratching their heads. Very atmospheric, with an interesting protagonist--how many police stories are written with the main character married with eight children?--and some strong secondary characters, but honestly th [...]

    3. An interesting and different mystery. Set in contemporary Istanbul, this novel is full of diverse characters and an unusual murder. The main character is Cetin Ikman, a low paid police inspector, who is Muslim and swills brandy and smokes all the time. Even his wife likes him, although she disapproves of the brandy. She is pregnant with their 9th child and is taking care of his aged father. Others are a Jewish policeman, several Armenians, and of course the Turkish Muslims. Ikman solves the myst [...]

    4. This is a fast paced whodunit which along the way explores the byways of Turkish culture and painlessly provides lots of history regarding the Ottoman Empire and plenty of colorful information about Istanbul. I've only recently discovered this author and the publishing house Felony and Mayhem. As a total mystery and travel buff, I love them both.Felony and Mayhem finds many foreign, often out of print, mysteries, translates them into English and publishes them for the English speaking market and [...]

    5. Barbara Nadel does for modern day Turkey what Jason Goodwin did for the last days of the Ottoman Empire in his book The Janissary Tree. The descriptions are so atmospheric that I could almost smell the cigarette smoke come off the page (gross I know but at least not bad for your lungs like the real thing!) The mystery is fascinating as are both the main and secondary characters. I highly recommend it.

    6. A book I read near the end of my visit to Turkey, it deals with some pretty sick behavior by the villain (whom you can guess at pretty easily)--but for a sense of life in Istanbul in current times, the tensions between Muslims and Christians, Turks and Armenians, the old ways vs the new ways, it has a lot going for it. I wish I had read it earlier in our trip.

    7. Questo secondo capitolo l'ho trovato un po' noioso, anche se poi si fa leggere fino in fondo. Questa serie l'ho iniziata anni fa in ordine sparso e devo dire che, contrariamente a quanto spesso accade, più si va avanti e più migliora, sia come ritmo che come storie. Qui non so, la trama è interessante ma manca un po' la partecipazione nei confronti dei personaggi. Comunque la continuerò di sicuro perché ci si affeziona a Ikmen e soprattutto presenta un interessante spaccato di vita turca, a [...]

    8. An enjoyable and well-crafted mystery taking place in late 20th Century Istanbul. It was a great treat to read about the international communities and unique politics of this exotic city. Each of the characters was well-drawn and appealing in their own particular way. There are plenty of ins and outs in the story to keep you engaged plus historical information to tuck away.This is the second in the series and I look forward to reading the first book and more after that.

    9. Two years ago, the first book in this series, Belshazzar's Daughter, was one of the best books I read. I've taken entirely too long to get back to this series, and I picked up The Ottoman Cage with a great deal of anticipation. I enjoyed watching the wily Inspector Ikmen at work, but at times it felt as though there was too much going on for one book.The book felt too long and moved as slowly as molasses in January throughout the murder investigation. It revealed itself much too slowly, undoubte [...]

    10. The Ottoman Cage is Barbara Nadel’s second Inspector Ikmen mystery. I did not read the first book in the series, Belshazzar’s Daughter. My husband is a mystery aficionado (he did read Belshazzar’s Daughter) who had started The Ottoman Cage shortly before a lengthy hospital stay. Because he was so ill, I began reading the book aloud to him – and, because I enjoyed the book so much, I ended up reading the entire book. Inspector Cetin Ikmen is a homicide detective in Istanbul. Although Ikm [...]

    11. Wonderful story taking place in Istanbul.A boy of around 19 has been found murdered in an attic apartment. The city's pathologist, Dr Arto Sarkissian, declared that he died of strangulation but was on drugs. The boy was also not circumcised; all Muslims males are circumcised. Inspector Cetin Ikmen, Dr Arto's boyhood friend, has been called in to investigate the murder. Someone has been sending gifts to the Inspector as the case is worked. Is this the killer? Who is this boy? Who killed him.I had [...]

    12. When the body of a youn man is discovered in a secret locked room, Inspector Ikmen and his team are called in to investigate. The victim is a long time drug user, but does not seem to have been abused or to have lived the life of the usual junkies in Istanbul. When it is discovered that he has also been injected with pet hiding, suspicion turns to the Aremnian medical community. Cetin uses his connections with his friend, who is both Armenian and a doctor, to enquire about this community and to [...]

    13. Andrea recommended this book, which I bought. When I saw it, it says "recommended for those who love Donna Leon" whom I love, but somehow it put me off. I was irritated when I started the book. "This is NOTHING like Donna Leon" I thought. I was wrong. Ten pages in, I was hooked. I couldn't wait to get back to the book. I learned so much about life in modern Turkey, the forces that flow, the things that matter. I was totally in another world, and it seems to real to me as . . . hmmm . . . Donna L [...]

    14. I just love Barbara Nadel`s books. She builds always an intriguing plot- a mystery riddle,almost impossible to solve but of course,not for the talented officers from the Istanbul police.This is the second book of Cetin Ikmen series. As I have read almost all books,I love to see the characters in development. Along with the crimes they solve,we get a glimpse of their personal lives and stories which evolve with the time. So the reader gets the feeling that those characters are people familiar to [...]

    15. #2 in the Inspector Ikmen mystery series set in Istanbul. I like these books because we were just there and the names and places are familiar. (Interestingly, in this book the author is called "The Michael Dibdin of Istanbul" but in #3, she's called "The Donna Leon of Istanbul"). The characters are interesting because they are varied and somewhat flawed. i.e. human. The books touch on various Turkish issues, this one being the place of Armenians, although the issues are never the main thrust of [...]

    16. Inspector Ikmen is a harried married man with 9 children and a demented father. He is constantly at work to avoid the family turmoil. Then he gets involved with the murder of an unidentified teen who was addicted to an opiate only used by doctors. Th boy was apparently abused as well. The case slowly unravels and, in the meantime, much about Istanbul, Turkish class distinctions and religious differences is revealed. The middle and end of the novel slumps and is much too repetitive but you'll lik [...]

    17. Fascinating look at the multicultural stew of Istanbul - the ethnic, religious and societal divisions that make it unique. The secular Muslim Ikmen, the Armenian patholgist, the Jewish constable and Suleyman the offspring of a wealthy, tradidional Ottoman family form an interesting police team. The plot touches on the old (one hopes) practice of imprisoning a rival in one's family for life, Armenians as handy scapegoats, and pedophilia and prostitution. Contrary to the blurbs, it's not Michael D [...]

    18. De leitura acessível esta é uma obra que nos remete para a realidade de uma cultura turca, onde a exclusão das minorias numa sociedade maioritariamente islâmica é destacada.A história baseia-se num assassínio cuja busca pelo culpado passa pela resolução de uma charada. Após uma intensa investigação policial são desvendadas actividades obscuras que põem à prova o ser humano mais moral e competente.O enredo é interessante embora um pouco previsível. Não obstante, proporciona ao l [...]

    19. Barbara Nadel on ehdottomasti yksi tämänhetkisistä dekkarineroista. Turkkilainen/istanbulilainen kulttuuri, sen historia ja nykyiset yhteiskunnalliset muutokset, kansallisuuksien väliset ristiriidat ja miesten ja naisten väliset suhteet taustoittavat loistavasti sympaattisen Ikmenin murhatutkimuksia. Kirjasarjan sivuhenkilöt on rakennettu pieteetillä oudoiksi, kiinnostaviksi ja tykättäviksi.Juonet kantavat, vaikka ovatkin ahdistavia.

    20. A great detective novel made even better by its exotic location. I really learned a lot about the Istanbul culture, especially their ethnic distinctions. They really focus on each other's background and culture, and with that, social status. The only thing that bugged me were the number of scene changes in each chapter. I would just be getting into a story line and then the author would leave on a cliffhanger and switch to different characters after just a few pages!

    21. Reaaly enjoyed this well-written modern crime drama set in Istanbul. Lots of interesting cultural & historic info about the Turks & Armenians. The whole concept of the Ottoman royalty imprisoning potential rivals for the throne & how that played into the story line tied everything up nicely in the end. Also had great & colorful characters. Will be intereting to see what book club thinks of it.

    22. I am having fun with these, living in Turkey. It is brain candy, rough and through, but it id so lovely knowing what a simici is (not to mention how it is pronounced) and that when she writes, "Brother", i know it is "Abi". So i am just having fun with these books. Flavorful but not necessarily nutritious.

    23. Slogging through the dense thicket of details and names distracted me from the forest of the story's main plot points. For a while, I thought this book was translated from another language, so I was willing to cut Ms. Nadel some slack. However, the UK-native's novel focuses too much on insignificant throwaway details leaving little room for the reader to notice the keystones of the plot.

    24. An interesting procedural set in contemporary Istanbul that provides memorable characters and a vivid slice of life in that city. However, the villain is so obvious, so straight out of Central Casting, it seems impossible for the police to take so long to identify him. Both the villain's obligatory boasting of his crimes and the denouement are extraordinarily protracted.

    25. inspedtor Cetin IkmenArto Sarkissian - forensic patholagistSargent Mehmut Suleyman - hots for AyseSargent Ayse Farasakglu - hots for MehmutConstable CohenMr. Zekian - mystery suspectKrikor Sarkissian, doctor and Arto's brotherDr. Avedekian and his rich, gay lover Muhamed ErsoyKafes = Cage used by Ottoman rulers

    26. I picked up this book as an introduction to Istanbul - I am traveling there soon. The descriptions of tensions between religions and races was illuminating, and the story had point sof historical interest, but the romance and tension writing was painful to read. As a novel it was lacking, but still served the purposes I wanted

    27. When I finished the book I realized I had found a treasure trove. Ms Nadel is so immersed in turkish culture that it is amazing for a non turk. Her style is captivating. When I searched the web I realized she had written 18 books of a series revolving around Inspector Cetin Ikmen, a very interesting character.

    28. The Ottoman Cage is a mystery set in Istanbul, but it is a wooden, false affair, with poor dialogue and more character description than revelation. The plot is tired and only a little of the atmosphere redeems it.

    29. Grabbed this from the "take one - leave one" shelf at our RV resort - just wanted a mystery to balance the more serious works I am reading. This was okay - but not the greatest. Really prefer the "page turners" when I am reading light!

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