Blitz legt los

Blitz legt los Auf der Farm von Alecs Eltern brennt ein Stallgeb ude nieder Alle Pferde werden gerettet aber der finanzielle Schaden ist gro Da haben Alec und sein alter Freund der Trainer Henry Dailey eine Idee

  • Title: Blitz legt los
  • Author: Walter Farley
  • ISBN: 9783505048531
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Auf der Farm von Alecs Eltern brennt ein Stallgeb ude nieder Alle Pferde werden gerettet, aber der finanzielle Schaden ist gro Da haben Alec und sein alter Freund, der Trainer Henry Dailey, eine Idee Black Minx, eine Tochter von Blitz und erfolgreiche Galopperstute, soll den gro en Preis auf der Rennbahn gewinnen Doch die Rechnung geht nicht auf

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      Walter Farley s love for horses began when he was a small boy living in Syracuse, New York, and continued as he grew up in New York City, where his family moved Young Walter never owned a horse But unlike most city children, he had little trouble gaining firsthand experience with horses his uncle was a professional horseman, and Walter spent much of his time at the stables with him He wasn t the most successful trainer of race horses, Mr Farley recalled, and in a way I profited by it He switched from runners to jumpers to show horses to trotters and pacers, then back to runners again Consequently, I received a good background in different kinds of horse training and the people associated with each Walter Farley began to write his first book, THE BLACK STALLION, while he was a student at Brooklyn s Erasmus Hall High School and Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, and finished it while he was an undergraduate at Columbia University It was published by Random House when he was 26 He used his first advance to go traveling and after that hardly stopped longer than it took him to write another book He traveled and lived in Mexico, Hawaii, the South Seas, most of the South American countries, the Caribbean Islands, and Europe.The appearance of THE BLACK STALLION in 1941 was hailed by enthusiastic boys and girls all over the country An avalanche of mail urged Mr Farley to write about Alec Ramsey and the Black But World War II intervened Mr Farley went into the US Army, where he spent the next five years Most of the time he was assigned to Yank, the army weekly magazine, and he was also trained in the Fourth Ard Division.After the war Walter Farley resumed the adventures of Alec and the Black with THE BLACK STALLION RETURNS This was followed by SON OF THE BLACK STALLION Then Mr Farley tried his hand at a story about a new boy, Steve Duncan, and a new horse, Flame, in THE ISLAND STALLION Mr Farley s readers were just as delighted with this book as his others.Mr Farley went on to write many stories about the two stallions, and about other horses as well Children of all ages have found Farley titles to enjoy, since many of the later stories were written for Mr Farley s own children when they were too young to read his Stallion novels And older readers and adults have been gripped by his fictionalized biography of America s greatest Thoroughbred, Man O War Walter Farley s titles reached a grand total of 34 The 21 Black Stallion and Island Stallion stories are still in print and selling steadily His readers respond with passion, writing him thousands of letters and emails every year In May 1949, the first Black Stallion Club was founded, in Kentucky Mr Farley designed a membership button for it the button was in constant demand among his readers for years The Black Stallion books were so popular in the late 1940s and 50s that they York Times annual list of best selling children s books Three nationwide Black Stallion contests were held Walter Farley s books have been published abroad in than 20 countries, including Austria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, Israel, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaya, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and Switzerland, as well as in the United States and Canada.All his life Walter Farley remained a keen spectator of the racing scene, and he enjoyed nothing than hobnobbing with horse trainers and other professional horsemen It is thanks to these people that his books are so full of authentic details of raising and training horses When not busy working or traveling, Mr Farley liked to ride dressage and high school Lippizaner horses He also sailed and sometimes raced his 35 foot auxiliary sloop Circe Mr Farley and his wife Rosemary, had four children Pam, Alice, Steve, and Tim, whom they raised on a farm in Pennsylvania and in a beach house in Florida In addit

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    1. Not the strongest entry in the series. Everyone is angry in this book. There's more shouting than usual. Henry shouts his way from the first page to the last. There are some races, which are wonderful. Is it a spoiler if I say that The Black wins most of 'em? I wish I could travel in time to one of the races Farley was basing these on- I want to see the scrum of reporters elbowing each other to get to the jockey, I want to see the trainers shutting the top stall door in their faces. And I want e [...]

    2. The Black Stallion's Courage is one of the better entries in the series of stories by Walter Farley. Upon rereading this for the first time in over two decades, I discovered some parts of it that I hadn't noticed as a kid.This story wasn't written exclusively for kids. It ages well, once you get into it. Granted, it banks on the childlike wonder about horses that all kids share to some extent, but as an adult, there were elements that I appreciated that I (I'm not sure, I don't remember for sure [...]

    3. Sure, this is a Walter Farley formula novel, but Walter Farley formula has always worked for me. This one has always been memorable because it has the handicapper:"The Old One in the office," as Michael Costello had referred to the track handicapper, was truly old. His hair, what there was of it, was snow-white and his hands shook involuntarily when he carefully figured out his weight assignments. But he wore no glasses and believed his eyes to be as keen as ever. They'd helped make his weighted [...]

    4. The Black Stallion's Courage is the best of the series since The Black Stallion and Satan. In a return to what made this series great, Walter Farley brings us back to basics with Alec Ramsey and The Black Stallion set to return to racing. Memories of the race in the desert, coupled with a challenge that only The Black could meet, make this an exciting read to the finish.

    5. The Black Stallion’s Courage, by Walter Farley*****I’ve always loved the Black Stallion series, and am still working my way through it from years ago when I read the first and was hooked. Though a few have been boring in the past (I don’t really like it when Alec and the Black aren’t in the story), I’ve still found them to be enjoyable and easy to read. This one was a return to the racetrack with the Black, and was a fast-paced, interesting book. Alec loses his big brood mare barn in a [...]

    6. When an accident burns down some of the buildings at Hopeful Farm, Alec is horrified to realize that his insurance has lapsed, and he doesn't have enough money to rebuild. (I hate insurance companies. You pay out wads and wads of money, and then when you have something happen, they always wiggle out of it With your money in their pockets) His one hope is taking the Black out of retirement and winning enough money to keep them going.Ok, this actually doesn't sound quite right to me, regardless of [...]

    7. "Here was gold that glistened as well as whinnied!"After coming off the strangeness of The Island Stallion Races, I'm really glad to get back to the normalcy of the basic of Farley.And the Black is back on the track - which is amazing. So we've go good, old fashioned horse racing: rivalry, friendship, victory, defeat, and a trio of amazing racehorses going head to head to head!

    8. The Black Stallion’s Courage, the twelfth in the series, is not technically a stand-alone book, since it’s a direct sequel to the events of The Black Stallion’s Filly, but it’s not entirely necessary to have read that book before this one. I chose this book because it’s the Black Stallion book I remember liking the most beyond the original—and now having reread it, I might even like it more!One of the things I like the most about the Black Stallion books is that they’re so predicta [...]

    9. The Black Stallion's Sulky Colt The Island Stallion Races The Black Stallion's Courage The Black Stallion Mystery The Horse-Tamer (all by Walter Farley) I stepped away from my re-read of this series as I just knew the two books listed first were coming up. Even as a child I never cared for the books without Alec and the Black. These two (Sulky Colt and Island Stallion Races) were even worse than I remembered. I wonder if The Island Stallion Races is what turned me off of sci-fi. The Black Stalli [...]

    10. I read these years ago, then forgot most everything, and read them out of sequence this time. I will definitely recommend if you have not yet read the prior book (The Black Stallion's Filly, you should do so first. It sets the stage for this entire book.Alec Ramsay brings back the Black to try for more racing history in this book. It is a fair description of the racing industry, with some jibes and some amazingly unrealistic things. Yes, this is a children's book; let the kids enjoy it, but get [...]

    11. If you want to know what life is like at the racetrack, pick up one of Walter Farley's books! It is incredibly hard to find an author who captures the essence of the horse, the race, or the track the way Farley does. To top all of that off, he is an amazing adventure writer for anyone in the mood for a quick chapter book read. Some parts of the story are a little contrived, but that was the adventure style of the time. I will always say that young readers who love horses should be given this boo [...]

    12. I might not have liked Courage so much if it hadn't been for a not really liking a few that came before it. It has quite a few things happen that I find pretty unlikely, but after the last few books, it was actually pretty good and helped me become reinvested in my reading of the series.Like so many others, it's really just okay, but it's more fun than some others, and I think most people will enjoy it.

    13. I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and/or to read more within the series.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    14. I raced through this series as a child. Of course, "The Black Stallion" was my favorite, and I read it a few times, but I waited eagerly for any of the books to return to my branch of the library so I could snap them up.

    15. Due to a fire at Hopeful Farm, The Black will be making a comeback! Walter Farley certainly doesn't let his love for The Black keep him from making this an exciting and suspenseful book.

    16. This was one of my favourite Black Stallion novels. I liked the competition between the Black and Casey and enjoyed seeing numerous different horses and their racing experiences. I love Black Minx!

    17. The first book was the story of a boy and a horse, but the series grows with books on similar themes of overcoming adversity and animal/human bonding. Loved them as a kid.

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