The Purging of Kadillus

The Purging of Kadillus Purging of Kadillus

  • Title: The Purging of Kadillus
  • Author: Gav Thorpe
  • ISBN: 9781844168965
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Purging of Kadillus

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    1. Gav Thorpe

      Gav spent 14 years as a developer for Games Workshop, and started writing novels and short stories in the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 when the Black Library imprint was launched in 1997 He continues to write for Black Library, and his first homegrown novel series The Crown of the Blood has been released via Angry Robot.Currently living in Nottingham, Gav shares his home with his loving and very understanding partner Kez, and their beautiful little boy Sammy.

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    1. The Purging of Kadillus was a rather fun read. This time we are treated to the Dark Angels having to defend the Imperial world of Kadillus from an Ork invasion. This was my first time reading about the Orks of the WH40K world. What was truly interesting is that this is a story about some rather smart Orks (this being a relative term). Ghazghkull, the Beast of Armageddon, and his new ally- Warlord Nazdreg have joined their forces. They also have access to a new technology that allows them to warp [...]

    2. Although far from Gav's best efforts like "Malekith" or "Path of the Warrior", this is a very fun book about a planetary war between Space Marines and Orks. The moments about the ordinary humans, caught in this struggle were prescious and add more dimension to the story. The book could and should have been a little bit thinner - sometimes the strategy details and even the fighting were monotonous.

    3. 'The Purging Of Kadillus' was one of the first 'Space Marine Battles' novels I ever read. I had feared that this new series of novels would consist of simple "Bang Bang Your Dead" story lines, meaning boring and predicable. But Gav Thorpe has been one of my favourite authors for a while and he really GETS the Warhammer 40K universe, but maybe that's because he spent 14 years as a Game Developer for Games Workshop?Anyway, rather than go into detail about the book (most of my friends on here won't [...]

    4. Only 50 pages in, but so far I think this will be a good read. Unfortunately, it's an Orks vs Space Marines battle again, which I think is the standard for Warhammer 40k novels. Coming from the video games canon I'm used to conflicts with the Eldar, Tau, Tyrannids, etc. Oh well."The Purging of Kadillus" is another entry into the Space Marine Battles Series of novels set in the Warhammer universe. I have two (Helsreach & Rynn's World) of the previous Space Marines Battles novels (I don't unde [...]

    5. I really wanted to like this book.Gav's previous Dark Angel novel is one of my absolute favourite 40K novels. It gets a cameo mention in this novel.Plus it has Orks. I play orks. WIN! or so I thoughtSo what's the issue with the novel?Honestly I think it doesn't play to Gav's strengths. Gav gets to play with some iconic DA characters Like Scout Sargent Naaman and Belial but it's a straight up fight with Ghazkull. It's kinda hard to drop the Fallen into that. It's also kinda hard to make the DA be [...]

    6. It has taken me over 10 years of dabbling on-and-off in the Warhammer hobby to finally give the fiction a try. To be honest I was hesitant because I expected the Warhammer 40,000 novels to be little more than poorly written fan fiction. Having been exposed to the Warhammer 40,000 universe through the rule books and codexes, I find the setting intriguing with great potential for exploration through the medium of prose fiction. My fear was that this potential would be squandered, that this unique [...]

    7. I haven't read any of Gav Thorpe's books before and it has been awhile since I have read any WH40K books. This book was awesome! It is a typical Space marine battle series book, it was fun, fast paced with action and a war book with a lot of feeling. This story is about the Dark Angels chapter fighting the Orks. There was some inclusion of the local forces, ordinary men, and a whole chapter telling the experiences from the side of a small platoon of men, this was a very nice addition to the book [...]

    8. Bookworm Speaks!Warhammer 40’0000The Purging of Kadillus by Gav Thorpe****The Story: The Dark Angels battle the might of an ork Waaaagh!, led by the feared warboss Ghazghkull Thraka. Faced with an ork invasion of Piscina IV, the 3rd Company of the Dark Angels believes the threat to be minimal. As enemy numbers continue to increase, their commander, Captain Belial, insists that his Company are strong enough to resist. But Scout-Sergeant Naaman knows just how dangerous this foe can be, and when [...]

    9. First off can I just say how awesome this front cover looks!Anyway, as some of you guys may know, I have quite recently gotten into the amazing world that is Warhammer. I love painting the miniatures, so much so that I even started another blog that shows off the miniatures that I have painted. With the miniatures come a lot of history and back story about the various factions in the Warhammer 40k game. Because of this, I decided to read The Purging of Kadillus because the story is about the fac [...]

    10. So I finished this book the other day. I must say, I am really enjoying the Space Marine Battles books. It could be because I am a huge Space Marine Fanboy, or it could be because they are excellent books. I'm betting its a little of both.This story, like the others, centers around one major engagement for a Space Marine chapter (well the Hunt for Voldorius had two chapters, but I digress). This chapter being the Dark Angels. If I had picked up this book before I had picked up William King's Ran [...]

    11. With fond memories of Gav Thorpe and co.'s short stories in my monthly copy of White Dwarf, I felt like giving the Space Marine Battle Novels a go. I wondered whether 400 pages of battle planning and warmongering would actually be somehow interesting or whether the Warhanmer stories were best left as 'short' stories.After the first thirty pages or so, I began to think the novel would prove to be extremely repetitive. However it largely escapes this point for two reasons. Firstly, the changing po [...]

    12. Gav Thorpe's THE PURGING OF KADILLUS is an excellent addition to the Warhammer Space Marine legacy. The battles are fierce, the characters interesting, and the battles gory in all their ork-stomping glory. I have read the three other Space Marine Battle Novels Rynn's World (Warhammer 40,000 Novels: Space Marine Battles), Helsreach (Space Marine Battles), and Hunt for Voldorius (Space Marine Battles), and this novel definitely fits among that group.What I enjoy about each novel in the series is t [...]

    13. Now, despite the less favourable reviews this books has been garnering elsewhere, I actually quite enjoyed this outing in the Space Marine Battles series. One of the main complaints people have is that Captain Belial of the Dark Angels chapter of Space Marines appears weak and indecisive. However, I thought this was rather harsh, as I interpreted it as a more human perspective of these post-human super warriors, and as such as such was a brave and clever move by the author, Gav Thorpe. Just beca [...]

    14. Though there were some slight subversions of the whole "Space Marine battle" trope in this book (for the first third or more, this battle is thought of as an easy win, as opposed to how it's usually WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE, except delivered calmly, because they're Space Marines), for the most part this is standard fare. I much preferred Thorpe's "Angels of Darkness," which was slightly mentioned here, so that was cool. More than anything, this book made me want to go back & reread that, and [...]

    15. Very straight forward Space Marines story, from numerous perspectives. I enjoyed the shifting around quite a bit, seeing how the various characters reacted to the situations. Interesting enough for a Space Marines Battles novel, the best section by far was from the perspective of an Imperial Guard trooper. He was very interesting and offered a completely different take than what you normally see in a Space Marines novel. This would make a great introduction to Warhammer 40k if someone has never [...]

    16. A standard space marine battle fight against the orks. Nothing special marking the fact that the space marines are Dark Angels. No difficult tensions between them and other organisations within the Imperium. Just interactions between them and Imperial Guard that a generic space marine chapter would do and a campaign against the orks that is carried on and is completed in a stereotypical manner.

    17. Great look into the dynamic between Space Marines and "normal humans" on the 40K universe's battlefields. They way the author presented the point of views between the two sides when facing deadlly Ork armies really puts into perspective how different Space Marines are from other humans after the transformation process is complete.

    18. Dark Angels vs Orks, ready, Fight! I enjoyed the organization of this book, you get to see the battle from a few different perspectives, such as a scout, an apothecary, a chaplain, and the company commander. There is very little downtime in this book, it is all fighting, all the time. The ending is rather abrupt, and a tad anticlimactic but as a whole the book is enjoyable.

    19. I don't care what people think about this book. I love it. It is one of the best Warhammer 40k books I have read ever. Tons of action, loads of characterization, suspense everywhere. Might be a bit confusing, but in the end, it did put a big smile on me.

    20. I was really disappointed with this book given the fantastic work Gav Thorpe has done with previous Dark Angel books. There are some nifty scenes but overall I felt the book was laboured and was just missing Gav's usual touch.

    21. Great book, full of action, exactly what i expect in a wh40k book, my favorite part being the chapter about Tauno and when he recieves a bolt pistol! I dont know why i like it so much, but it is well written.

    22. I'm a fan of this series of books, however, this one was a little dull especially in comparison to Helsreach or Rynn's world.

    23. This wasn't good.I didn't believe the White Scars, and really didn't care about their trials and travails.Nope.

    24. Generic space marines kill shit book. Nice break after Guests of the Ayatollah, but time to get back to something a little deeper.

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