Aunt Pitty Patty's Piggy

Aunt Pitty Patty s Piggy Once upon a time Aunt Pitty Patty took her little niece Nelly to the market and there they bought a piggy This fresh rhythmic version of The Old Woman and Her Pig begs to be read aloud again and ag

  • Title: Aunt Pitty Patty's Piggy
  • Author: Jim Aylesworth Barbara McClintock
  • ISBN: 9780590899871
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once upon a time, Aunt Pitty Patty took her little niece Nelly to the market, and there they bought a piggy This fresh, rhythmic version of The Old Woman and Her Pig begs to be read aloud again and again

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    1. Jim Aylesworth Barbara McClintock

      Jim Aylesworth was born in Jacksonville, Florida but as an infant moved from the state He lived in many places during his childhood Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas but by the time Aylesworth was 15 his family had settled in Hinsdale, Illinois and that is where he graduated from high school in 1961.In 1965, he graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a B.A in English He returned to Hinsdale and began a career as a stockbroker By 1970, however, Aylesworth was thinking about what he really wanted to do After a series of assignments as a substitute teacher, Aylesworth ended up in a primary classroom He began teaching first grade students in Oak Park, Illinois in 1971 and entered Concordia College in River Forest, Illinois, to earn a graduate degree in elementary education a goal he reached in 1978 But it was his work with children that brought him the most reward It was Aylesworth s experiences as a teacher that eventually led him to writing children s books.

    781 thoughts on “Aunt Pitty Patty's Piggy”

    1. A beautiful version, with illustrations by Barbara McClintock, of the pig who won't go over the stile; but in this case, the pig won't go through a gate. Characters wear Victorian era clothing.

    2. My young children liked the story and loved the detailed illustrations. Nelly is just so very cute! Would have given the book four stars but considering the limited narrative, there was a typo [an errant "the" on the page picturing the butcher entangled in rope]. So sad Press didn't perform a better editing job:(

    3. I’ve become “one of those vegans” who doesn’t seem to be able to continue to enjoy stories such as this: ones with farm animals, or ones with circuses, etc. I’m sure I’d have rated this at least one star higher had the plot/theme been different.Barbara McClintock has once again created expressive and engaging illustrations. They’re colorful and intricate and fun to view. My favorites were most of the ones with the dog, the full vegetable stand at the outdoor market, and some of the [...]

    4. 2* art3* storyI swear Jim Aylesworth is laughing his head off - thinking of all the parents stumbling over the words in this book. Usually I'm happy when Squirt likes a book enough to ask for it over and over. This one is acrobatics for the mouth. Squirt loves it.

    5. This is a fun book to read to younger children as the children can join in on some of the repeated phrases throughout the story. The illustrations depict times gone by.

    6. I'm a sucker for the McClintock / Aylesworth pairings, and Aunt Pitty Patty's Piggy is as fantastic as all the others. Aylesworth has a strong, simple, writing style that's perfect for picture books; his books beg to be read loud; Aunt Pitty Patty's Piggy has a rhythmic quality that will lead kids to anticipating then repeating key phrases. McClintock's illustrations for Aunt Pitty Patty are her usual stylized pictures, reminiscent of Norman Rockwell or Charles Wysocki (or Grandma Moses) - intri [...]

    7. When I nannied Gabby in Oregon this was her all time favorite book that we checked out from the library. It's a goofy story about trying to take the piggy to the market, but the piggy says "No, no, no, I will NOT go!" "And she didn't." It goes through all these steps to try to get the piggy to go, and repeats the previous steps. Very similiar to "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly". It's very easy to read and quite catchy. Unfortunately it's no longer in print, so I haven't gotten my hand [...]

    8. McClintock's illustrations have a lovely, old-fashioned quality to them, and there's nothing wrong with Aylesworth's retelling of this American folk tale, but this story wears me the heck out. Just push the pig over the style already. Put some slop on the other side. Smack it on the backside. Something. Anything would be easier than all this little girl has to go through for that dumb pig.I won't use this story with classes because I'm pretty sure that if I had to read it out loud more than once [...]

    9. Beautiful illustrations, and an ok re telling of an American Folklore I've not heard of.But gosh, the girl's an idiot if she thinking asking inanimate objects to help her (naturally they don'tleast til the end).The repetitive nature of the prose reminds me of a far more annoying version of 'The Farmer in Glenn'.Ok for Children, but aside from turn of the century nostalgia this Is a bust for me.

    10. Jane (age 3.5) cannot get enough of this book. We love it and have it completely memorized. It has a lovely rhythm, prose with a hint of tongue-twisting poetry. We've checked it out enough from the library I think we might buy it.

    11. The illustrations were simply enchanting! This is one of those old repetitive stories to help little ones learn to read but it gets annoying after awhile. Other than that, it was sweet.

    12. Adorable; will use this in the classroom for choral reader's theater, great for animal or nursery rhyme themes.

    13. Greatly repetitive, but young kids seem to enjoy that stuff. Illustrations are nothing special, but okay.

    14. Yes, I am a huge Jim Aylesworrth fan!A great book to read to your little ones who love repeating items in a book so that they can join you as you read the tale.

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