Brave New Pond

Brave New Pond He s baa ack It s a brand new school year for everyone s favorite AMOEBA Will Squish finally get to sit with the cool kids at lunch Will Pod stop the giant asteroid from destroying the world Will the

  • Title: Brave New Pond
  • Author: Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm
  • ISBN: 9780375843907
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • He s baa ack It s a brand new school year for everyone s favorite AMOEBA Will Squish finally get to sit with the cool kids at lunch Will Pod stop the giant asteroid from destroying the world Will the LEECHES be the end of Super Amoeba And what makes cafeteria nachos so delicious anyway Find out the answers to these questions and in Squish s second electrifying,He s baa ack It s a brand new school year for everyone s favorite AMOEBA Will Squish finally get to sit with the cool kids at lunch Will Pod stop the giant asteroid from destroying the world Will the LEECHES be the end of Super Amoeba And what makes cafeteria nachos so delicious anyway Find out the answers to these questions and in Squish s second electrifying, action packed adventure Squish Brave New Pond.

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      198 Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm
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    1. Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm

      Jennifer L Holm is a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling children s author and the recipient of three Newbery Honors for her novels OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA, PENNY FROM HEAVEN, and TURTLE IN PARADISE Jennifer collaborates with her brother, Matthew Holm, on two graphic novel series the Eisner Award winning Babymouse series and the bestselling Squish series She is also the author of several other highly praised books, including the Boston Jane trilogy and MIDDLE SCHOOL IS WORSE THAN MEATLOAF She lives in California with her husband and two children.

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    1. This book is called Brave New Pond by Jennifer L. Holm. This book is about this character who talks about his life in cartoons. It the first day of school he has a whole list of things he wants to do on that school year. One of the things that was on the list was two hang out with the abiva brothers and he did the abiva brother were very popular but he hanged out with them. I like this book because this book is funny like when the super hero thought there was danger but it was his food burning. [...]

    2. It's a new year at school, and Squish is determined to have a fresh start and become cool. But he soon finds that hanging out with the cool kids might come at a price he's not willing to pay.I liked this one more than the first Squish book, but I'm still not crazy about it. I find it a little strange that the bad guys in these books all wind up being killed. Do we really want to teach kids that the best way to deal with bullies is to hope an asteroid will crash into them? There are a lot of thin [...]

    3. This book is called Suqish by Jennifer L.Holom.It is about Squish and his best friend pod and Peggy.Squish is amoeba,he likes comic books;Pod is also amoeba;and Peggy is parameclum,she always happy all the times.The story is beginning at the first day of school.On the morning,they went to school for the first day, Squish wants to have a fresh start,but he didn’t.They late for the class because he need to wait for pod.The next day,he got some new friends,they call The Algae brothers.Squish was [...]

    4. the title of this book is "brave new pond" by jennifer L. holm. this book was about how this boy named squish wanted to be cool at the first day of school. so he did but they tried to get squish to be mean to his old friends. instead he left them and went back with his old friends and knew that he was right. I give this book 3 stars because it was good but not that good.

    5. Loved Squish and will have more to say later, but having not learned my lesson with earlier in the year, the site "ate" my review a moment ago. I want to get back to reading tonight, but don't miss the SQUISH series for your boy readers!

    6. This was cute. A new year for Squish! I like how the comic within the comic has something to do with what is going on for Squish and helps him make a decision. And the science experiment at the end! :D

    7. this book is the second in the series.I about a boy named "squish" go on lot of adventures together.Even if thing go wrong they still can

    8. This book teach me, don’t change yourself because of the other want you to change.I give this book three stars because it can tell me many thing, But i think the book sometimes are boring.

    9. This story Squish#2 Brave New Poud is by Jennifer and Matthew Holm, it's about Amoeba World like the earth.There combines two story in a big story,the Squish story and squish's comic story.There are new students in Squish class,there are factionable.And Squish think if he play with them,he will factionable and cool too!So he didn't play with his old friends,and his factionable friends want to kidding Squish's old friend! Squish was sad because he think it kidding his old friends is not cool,so h [...]

    10. Brave New Pond by Jennifer L. HolmSquish starts a new year and hangs out with the cool kids but there tempting him to stay away from his friends. I like this book because it has life decisions like who should you choose as a friend. I think my little brother would like it because he likes comics and Squish.

    11. Horn Book (Spring 2012)In his second adventure, amoeba Squish escapes into superhero dream sequences to help him deal with the start of a new school year. Varied panel sizes and informational asides let the authors (creators of Babymouse) take full advantage of their graphic novel format, complete with Day-Glo-green highlights in the entertaining illustrations. Kirkus Reviews starred (August 15, 2011)The single-celled everylad who oozed from the Babymouse series to start one of his own in Squish [...]

    12. This is the second book in the Squish series by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm. Our youngest ripped through the Babymouse series in no time and while we're waiting for the next book in that series, she decided she wanted to try out this one.I may just be a boring old middle-aged lady, but I think that the story in this book isn't nearly as compelling or charming as the Babymouse stories. In fact, the characters are pretty irritating and flat. But our youngest really liked them, and she's eage [...]

    13. Story: 3 starsArt: 4 starsIn this second installment of the Squish series, Squish decides he wants to be cool, so he ditches his old friends and starts to hang out with The Algae Brothers instead. When things don't turn out as expected, Squish makes the right decision and sticks up for his old friend. This is the second book in the series, and the second time that the bully (different characters in each book) has been annihilated; I don't think that death is the answer to bullying.Another graphi [...]

    14. Squish is starting a new year at school. He's trying to grasp the opportunity for a new start. He wants to reestablish himself as cool and even manages to make friends with some of the cool kids. But after a few days, the cool kids start asking Squish to be mean to his old friends and do other things he wouldn't usually do. Squish isn't sure what to do until he thinks what his comic book hero Super Amoeba would do. (Some sections of the book are glimpses into Squish's reading of the Super Amoeba [...]

    15. I don't know how they got the idea for a graphic novel series about an amoeba named Squish and his adventures at school, but Jennifer and Matthew Holm put their considerable talents together to create a fun-filled but issue-driven story here. Squish sets off for school--the pond--with his friend Pod, but he tells himself that this year is going to be different. There are all sorts of interesting characters here: Peggy the Paramecium who seems to have a crush on Squish, the athletic Algae Brother [...]

    16. Squish: A Brave New Pond is the second book in this new series by beloved Babymouse authors Jennifer and Matthew Holm. Squish is an amoeba… That’s right a green blob. It is the beginning of a new school year and Squish comes up with a list to help make a fresh start. 1-No trading food with Pod (Pod is Squish’s best friend, also an amoeba.) 2-No detention. 3- Do not let Peggy (friend, a paramecium… a different shaped blob with fur) embarrass me. 4-Get picked for kickball at recess. 5-Sit [...]

    17. Title: Squish: Brave New PondGrade Level: 2ND- 6th gradeSummary: This story is about an amoeba named Squish and his adventures during the school year. It starts off by him heading to his first day of school, where his school is the pond, and there are these bullies the Algae Brothers. The gist of the story is that Squish is afraid of the Algae Brothers, and then in the end finds the courage to stand up to them.Review: This book was very interesting. I thought it was neat the way that the author [...]

    18. Second book in the Babymouse spin-off Squish series. Squish is growing on me - he is an amoeba middle schooler obsessed with comic books and fitting in. His way of dealing with peer pressure and right and wrong are, like Babymouse, admirable in the end. Love, love, love his paramecium friend Peggy and her sunny world of unicorns and rainbows. His amoeba friend Pod is wearing a little thin. Yes, he's brilliant and trying to save the world from global warming, but he's not a very good friend.As wi [...]

    19. It’s the start of a new school year and Squish is determined to accomplish a few goals such as sitting with cool kids at lunch. He drops his friends in favor of the Algae Brothers and second guesses himself when they encourage him to embarrass his former best friend, Pod. Squish’s story is paralleled with that of his favorite comic book hero Super Amoeba who joins a crime-fighting squad known as the Protozoans. Both characters struggle with the expectations of their new friends, but in the e [...]

    20. Natasha loves Squish almost as much as Babymouse: Queen of the World!, which is hardly surprising since it's the same brother-sister team. I quite like Squish, and the travails of school life, and I love his favorite comic. But Squish feels a little thinner. It doesn't yet have the broad cast of Babymouse, and with only one comic to fantasize about, versus Babymouse's copious library of literary allusions, it feels a little younger and simpler. In fact, I'd suggest starting a younger or more rel [...]

    21. Jennifer L. Holm, Squish, vol. 2: Brave New Pond (Random House, 2011)I was a pretty big fan of Super Amoeba!, the first Squish book, so it was a foregone conclusion I'd be picking up vol. 2. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and it took me over a year after its release to get around to it. This one is almost as much fun as the first, though the Holms decided to go a little lighter on the science in this volume (I thought that to its detriment, your mileage may vary) and spend a little more tim [...]

    22. More good graphic novel stuff from Jennifer Holm--I expect nothing less! Squish is by far less "girly" than Babymouse but it's great for everybody. It's fun and funny and Squish himself is a likeable amoeba.That fact that the main character is a middle school aged amoeba is fun enough, but all the adventures he has makes it all the more fun and relateable. He endures peer pressure, the lure of popularity, staying true to himself, and learning what is his own "right and wrong." And his friend Peg [...]

    23. What a great graphic novel for elementary school kids! Squish, an earnest and charming little amoeba, and his friends are funny and seem *almost* like kids with normal every day problems. The Algae brothers are the "coolest microorganisms in the pond" and Squish will do anything to be cool too. The plot is a bit predictable but that's part of what makes is such a great read for kids. Totally recommended for elementary school collections. ARC Provided by the publisher at ALA 2011 Annual Conferenc [...]

    24. This is even stronger than the first book, as the exposition is cut down drastically, and the comic story in the book mimics the emotional arc of Squish on his first day of school. (He tries to improve himself, and the super hero in the comic joins a new band of heroes.) I'm not sure that children needed complimentary narratives in their books, but this works really well, without being heavy-handed or forced. Great comic -- and the art got better, too. (Maybe just including more "green" small-ce [...]

    25. Tags: graphic novel, sequel, super heroes, bullying, bravery, self-confidence, parallel story lines, cliques,Squish is an amoeba who is heading back to school and wants to be part of the "cool" group this year. He learns that being himself and standing up for his friends is more important than being cool. The parallel story is of the super hero "Super Amoeba" and his struggles to do what is right for his friends and not just the things that will bring him attention and make him famous.Holm, Jenn [...]

    26. This story is easy to follow. There are green pages when Squish is in reality and black and white when he is daydreaming. I think students will be able to focus on this book easily. 2. I would use this book to teach a lesson on bullying and friendship. Readers in grades 1-3 can read this book. Readers who like superheroes and graphic novels will like this book. 3. This book has large pictures and wording is easy enough for younger readers.

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