Sharpshooter in Petticoats

Sharpshooter in Petticoats Aim for hours of reading pleasure with award winning author Mary Connealy s last book in the Sophie s Daughters series Mandy Keating a wealthy sharpshooting widow is content living in her mountain h

  • Title: Sharpshooter in Petticoats
  • Author: Mary Connealy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aim for hours of reading pleasure with award winning author Mary Connealy s last book in the Sophie s Daughters series Mandy Keating, a wealthy sharpshooting widow, is content living in her mountain home and raising her young uns alone But how long can she protect herself when thieving outlaws have her surrounded Rancher Tom Linscott can t bear to see a defenseless womaAim for hours of reading pleasure with award winning author Mary Connealy s last book in the Sophie s Daughters series Mandy Keating, a wealthy sharpshooting widow, is content living in her mountain home and raising her young uns alone But how long can she protect herself when thieving outlaws have her surrounded Rancher Tom Linscott can t bear to see a defenseless woman in danger Yet his rescue efforts end up bringing trouble right to her door Now that they re both trapped on Mandy s Mountain, can they learn to live together or will they die alone

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      Mary Connealy writes romantic comedy with cowboys always with a strong suspense thread She is a two time Carol Award winner, and a Rita, Christy and Inspirational Reader s Choice finalist She is the bestselling author of 48 books and novellas Her most recent three book series are Cimarron Legacy, Wild at Heart, Trouble in Texas, Kincaid Bride for Bethany House Publishing She s also written four other series for Barbour Publishing and many novellas and several stand alone books for multiple publishers Mary will be a published author for ten years in 2017 with nearly a million books in print She has a degree in broadcast communications with an emphasis in journalism and has worked at her local newspaper.Find Mary online at SeekervillePetticoats PistolsMy Website

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    1. One thing is for sure--Mary Connealy knows how to write a fast-paced and exciting Western romance! I sped through this book faster than if I was the one being chased by a group of ornery outlaws. And what a race to the finish it was!After having read the second book in this series, Wrangler in Petticoats, I confess that I did enjoy that one better. (I did not read the first book in the series.) I found that Sharpshooter in Petticoats was rather convoluted, which was both a good and bad thing. I [...]

    2. This is a fun book but I tend to like a little more realism. I do like how the series caries well from book to book.

    3. first reviewed here: overweight-bookshelf.This is the final installment from Sophie's daughters and I am so sad to see them go. More lovable characters (and couples) will be hard find as this bunch of trail blazers has stolen my heart.This book had more serious undertones than I expected, although there is still Mary Connealy's signature humour laced throughout. The fact that Mandy was still married when she and Tom met and fell in love (nothing happened, so don't worry) and her struggle with un [...]

    4. Catching up on an older book I had in my to-read pile today. This is the third book in the Sophie's Daughter series, but it stands alone. For those who like to read in order, the books are Doctor in Petticoats, Wrangler in Petticoats, and SHARPSHOOTER IN PETTICOATS. If I read the first two in the series (I think I did) I don't remember them, but this book seems to stand alone. It is pure, classic Mary Connealy, romance/western/comedy. Belief is suspended in this story, and there is a lot of kiss [...]

    5. To begin with, let me say thanks to Net Galley for my ebook. I was having severe Mary Connealy withdrawal signs and symptoms. ;0)I loved this last book of Sophie's Daughters! Each one has their own prayer (learned from their momma no doubt) that they repeat when in trouble and I love that too. I so wanted Mandy's husband to leave the picture somehow and couldn't wait to find out how Mandy got relieved of hom because we all know that God would've picked a better one for her and He did eventually. [...]

    6. Mandy Lady Gray is living as a widow in fear from the Cooter clan. Cord Cooter killed Mandy's no good first husband, Sidney Gray. Mandy, being the sharpshooter, shot one of the Cooters down. Cord was out to kill Mandy. Mandy lived in fear after this happened with her children in a gray mansion Sidney built on a top of a rock hill top and did not leave her domain. The Shoshone Natives protecter her from the Cooters invading her. Tom basically comes in and rescue's Mandy and the children and quick [...]

    7. This is the third book in the series Sophie's Daughters and just as good as the previous books. Right from the first page there is drama and it just keeps coming. I can's say I was upset to see Mandy's husband had died has he was worthless as a husband and caused nothing but grief. I really like Tom he seems just right for Mandy. What I also love is we catch up with what has happened with Mandy's family and also get to see some of the characters from the Montana Marriages series also. I love the [...]

    8. I think the writing in this book was just blah. It could have been so much better if the girls (who are supposed to be no nonsense tough girls) weren't whining all the time The romance was not that great. I felt more of their romance when there wasn't one in the second book. The rest of the book was about a vendetta against her and the ways they kept coming at her. I basically got bored with this one. I liked the storyline in all three books I just didn't like the execution.

    9. I am sad because this is the end to a series but this series was intertwined with two of Mary's other series. I loved the characters and that is why I am sad- it is over. I look forward to her next series.

    10. When I want a clean, historical, action-packed, suspenseful, hilarious, western-frontier romance with tough handsome heroes and even tougher leading ladies ~ I always reach for a Mary Connealy novel! If you really want to fall in love with these characters then I recommend reading the books in order! Trust me, it's worth it! Read the Lassoed in Texas trilogy first which introduces you to Sophie and then read the Montana Marriages trilogy because The Husband Tree is one of the best stories you wi [...]

    11. Mary Connealy never fails to amaze me. She is a queen of historical Christian romance and this book was just as good as the rest. I loved meeting the family and watching them all grow in their faith throughout the series. Even though this is a series, reading it as a standalone will not be problematic. The humor that is interspersed throught the book made me laugh out loud, Ms. Connealy knows how to deliver one liners! The ending of the series left me satisfied, yet at the same timea little more [...]

    12. I didn't realize until this book that the Sophie's Daughters series actually follows two other series, not just one. As with the other books in this collection, the good guys (and especially women) are rather too good to be true, but knowing that going it made it slightly less annoying. Overall good fun and seeing just how well Footers stuck together at the end made me smile.

    13. Great book! I loved it!I love the heart-pounding action, breath-catching romance, and laugh-so-hard-you're-crying humor! I love Mary's books!So I finally finished the Sophie's Daughters series. It seems like forever since I read the first one. What happened was, as I was reading Doctor in Petticoats, I realized that I was missing the other books. I saw that the other two series (Lassoed in Texas and Montana Marriages) went first. So I paused the Sophie's Daughters series and read those series fi [...]

    14. The author has an issue with picking and choosing what Bible commands she wants to obey herself. As per her writings. First of all Psalms is clear about violence. If her books were movie rated, they would be rated R, ones I avoid because of the violence in them. (Psalm 11:5) . . "God examines the righteous one as well as the wicked one; He hates anyone who loves violence."Also the attitude of the wives in the book, a far cry from how God asks us wives to treat our husbands. (Ephesians 5:22-24) . [...]

    15. So I am all for the publisher putting a number on these books so I can read them in order for once. Thinking this was the first book because it was about the oldest daughter, I read it first. Now it probably didn't make too much of a difference, but it still annoyed me. And then I actually read the book and was annoyed further.Mandy is a great shot, in fact, probably the finest sharpshooter around. But that doesn't keep her from hiding out in her mountain fortress until handsome Tom Linscott com [...]

    16. I love all of Mary Connealy's books and when I start reading I can't put it down. I love how her books seem to be linked in some way or another to some of her other series. I loved following this story through Doctor in Petticoats and then Wrangle in Petticoats and I was happy when this book finally came out to finish the trilogy. I'm going to have to dig through my mountain of books and read it again.

    17. Mandy Gray and her three children had been living with her no-good husband for years before he went off and got himself killed. Instead of this being good news, though, it leaves Mandy the prime subject of a family feud between her husband and the vicious Cooter clan. When long-time friend Tom Linscott comes to rescue her and the kids out from under the fear of being killed, Mandy is convinced it means death for him as well. Fortunately (and unfortunately) for Tom and Mandy, both of them are str [...]

    18. DISCLOSURE: I was provided a copy of Sharpshooter in Petticoats by the publisher through NetGalley. I was not paid nor required to write a positive review and the opinions I have expressed are my own.I was looking forward to reading Sharpshooter in Petticoats because I had read Montana Rose and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I wasn’t disappointed, this was the final book in the series, and I hadn’t read the previous books. There when some of the characters from the previous books appeared I [...]

    19. I loved it! I can't believe the entire saga, Montana Marriages, Lassoed in Texas, and Sophie's Daughters are all over! I realize all of them have been published years ago, but I've read something like 15 Mary Connealy books in the past 5 months, so everyone involved is still very close to my heart. Thankfully I read them all in order, and I sincerely hope that anyone starting to read Mary's books, especially this saga, starts them in the order they're published. It makes for one heck of a finale [...]

    20. Mandy’s scoundrel husband, Sidney Gray, has been dead for a year, but fear and three small children have kept Mandy barricaded on the Montana mountaintop where Sidney had built Gray Tower. The Cooter family has declared a feud against the Grays and, even though Mandy is the fastest and most accurate gunslinger in the west, she refuses to take her children into danger.Until Tom Linscott, whom she’s known since arriving in Montana with Sidney, climbs the cliff one starlit night to claim Mandy [...]

    21. If you like Sophie's Daughters or any of Mary's other historical romance series' you will really enjoy this book especially since (I think) it features every character from Montana Marriages and Lassoed in Texas. Sharpshooter in Petticoats not only gives Mandy the ending she deserves but reunites all the characters we know and love in a fashion that only Mary Connealy can pull off.As a follower of the series I was excited to read Mandy's story. Since having read the fiasco with Sidney in Doctor [...]

    22. I will admit to being an avid fan of Mary Connealy - since I tend to view myself as one that avoids the emphasis of religion in books, I find it quite shocking to enjoy a Christian book so much. My absolute love for Mary Connealy's writing style simply defies description perhaps it's the abundance of humor, the romantic overtones, or the strong-willed women. Probably a combination of all three! Sharpshooter in Petticoats was another fantastic read that had me nearly hootin and hollerin. The rela [...]

    23. In the 3rd book we finally get to see how things are going to turn out for Mandy. At this point her worthless husband is dead and she is stuck living in the huge stone house he build on top of a mountain. She stays there because there is a blood war between her and the men who killed her husband. Tom who we where introduced to in the 1st and 2nd books comes to rescue her and her 3 children. Will they get out alive and will Mandy finally find the peace and true love she has wanted?I will be hones [...]

    24. Mary Connealy is not a favorite although she is entertaining enough. With phrases such as, "he kissed the daylights out of her," or "kissed her senseless," it's even a little too cheesy for me. I also wondered if I was re reading the same page because she tends to repeat herself. a lot. It is one thing to say she is fast with a gun, but to have everyone comment on it and not to say it even in different ways, but they all use the phrase, "she is faster than greased lightening." I just found mysel [...]

    25. I am so happy that Tom Linscott and Mandy McClellen Gray found each other again and that he rescued her from her recluse life at Gray Towers after the death of Sidney Gray. He did not let her fear of trouble follow her or anyone that was surrounded by her. Instead he tackled it head on while lending love and support to her. After a terrible marriage with Sidney, it was wonderful to see her finally find a man worthy of her love that gave her love back unconditionally.As for the Cooter clan, the d [...]

    26. RATING:4.5)SHARPSHOOTER IN PETTICOATS by Mary Connealy is an exciting inspirational historical romance set in Texas. It is the third in the "Sophia's Daughters" series,but can be read as a stand alone.See #1 "Doctor in "Petticoats" and #2 "Wrangler in Petticoats".What a wonderful conclusiong to the Sophia's Daughters series. This story brought back together some of the characters from the previous books.It Mandy and Tom's story. While both Mandy and Tom are not only stubborn,but are also a force [...]

    27. OK. So I'm so addicted to this series. There needs to be more. I wanna know more about The reeves. When I read the book about Wade and Abby I wanted to know more about Tom. He got his happy ending with Mandy. Aww. Mandy was favorite sister her and Sally Gla we gt to see more of Belle Tanner I just loved her the way that she acts.I just LOVE this author Mary Connealy. This is the first series I have read starting with the Montana Marriages. I can't wait to read more books by her. :) Maybe 1 day w [...]

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