Ghost Story

Ghost Story When we last left the mighty wizard detective Harry Dresden he wasn t doing well In fact he had been murdered by an unknown assassin But being dead doesn t stop him when his friends are in danger Ex

  • Title: Ghost Story
  • Author: Jim Butcher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When we last left the mighty wizard detective Harry Dresden, he wasn t doing well In fact, he had been murdered by an unknown assassin.But being dead doesn t stop him when his friends are in danger Except now he has no body, and no magic to help him And there are also several dark spirits roaming the Chicago shadows who owe Harry some payback of their own.To save his frWhen we last left the mighty wizard detective Harry Dresden, he wasn t doing well In fact, he had been murdered by an unknown assassin.But being dead doesn t stop him when his friends are in danger Except now he has no body, and no magic to help him And there are also several dark spirits roaming the Chicago shadows who owe Harry some payback of their own.To save his friends and his own soul Harry will have to pull off the ultimate trick without any magic

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      Jim Butcher is the author of the Dresden Files, the Codex Alera, and a new steampunk series, the Cinder Spires His resume includes a laundry list of skills which were useful a couple of centuries ago, and he plays guitar quite badly An avid gamer, he plays tabletop games in varying systems, a variety of video games on PC and console, and LARPs whenever he can make time for it Jim currently resides mostly inside his own head, but his head can generally be found in his home town of Independence, Missouri.Jim goes by the moniker Longshot in a number of online locales He came by this name in the early 1990 s when he decided he would become a published author Usually only 3 in 1000 who make such an attempt actually manage to become published of those, only 1 in 10 make enough money to call it a living The sale of a second series was the breakthrough that let him beat the long odds against attaining a career as a novelist.All the same, he refuses to change his nickname.

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    1. Six months after his death, Harry Dresden returns to Chicago to solve his own murder. Can he keep his friends safe in the process?I've got a lot to say about this. I'll cover the good points first.The Good: Having a ghost come back to solve his own murder isn't a new idea but Butcher did a fairly good job with it here. The supporting cast, Molly in particular, developed quite a bit in Harry's absence. The new character of Fitz has potential, as does Mortimer, who I don't particularly remember. T [...]

    2. I love Harry. I love Bob. I love Molly. I love the new and improved Butters. I loved seeing Daniel Carpenter. I love this series. It just is such a comfort read for me. I had forgotten how much I love this series until I started to read this book. The mystery and quest were interesting and unlike much urban fantasy, it was unique – nothing I have read before. Maybe a little of Harry Potter, but I am okay with that. One of the things that is so fantastic about this series is that there are cons [...]

    3. Freaking bananas amazing.Utterly brilliant, perfectly done, with a flawless audiobook narration, the best I've ever heard from James Marsters. One of the reasons that this book was narrated so flawlessly, I think, is that it was very recently re-done by Marsters after fans revolted when originally another narrator read this story. Marsters brought his A-game, and listening to this book was better than watching any movie. Marsters did an incredible range of voices, read with perfect inflections, [...]

    4. This was a very uneven book, with lots of filler material. Harry lives to fight again. It's as if he never left. It's as if we're back to square one. Shoot, Jim Butcher has officially exhausted any permutations of wisdom that used to guarantee 5 stars from me. This book such a bland book with a sugary end tacked on. One piece of advice to demanding readers; you'll enjoy the rest of this series only if you lower your expectations as much as you can.

    5. If I wasn't married, I'd take this character home to meet mama and her sister.Course, they might scare him off

    6. Okay I'm a Dresden junkie. I got the book yesterday and finished it (this time LOL) at 1:30 this morning.The book picks up pretty much as the last book ends and****************** NOTE: THIS REVIEW WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE LAST BOOK, CHANGES. I WILL BE ASSUMING THAT IF YOU ARE READING GHOST STORY YOU HAVE READ CHANGESOkay, as I was saying, the book picks up pretty much as the last book (Changes) ends, though time doesn't run in death as it does here.Don't ask me, I don't know why.Harry havin [...]

    7. First read: 26-30 July, 2011.Re-read: November, 2012Obviously, someone who's read this far in the series is a fan. For anyone unfamiliar with Dresden, this is not the book to start with. There are lots of fascinating, cool, poignant, and funny things about this book I could go on and on about, but if you've read the book, you already know about them. I've put a spoiler-cloak on this because of the one major plot point I am going to mention, just in case someone who isn't up to speed yet is surfi [...]

    8. I can only give 2.5 stars plus 0.5 out of my respect for the series. Harry was sent back to the world of mortals as a ghost to investigate his own murder. When he came back, Chicago changed a lot - and not for the good. Yet another new enemies appeared, worse than the old ones - as usual. Oh yeah, we never actually see them. Harry's friends changed, too.There are several problems with the book. Harry is first and foremost an action hero constantly on his guilt trip, but when this trip happens to [...]

    9. ***Please note that this review will contain spoilers from the last book in the series.*** To save his friends—and his own soul—Harry will have to pull off the ultimate trick without any magic This one was so good! Ghost Story starts right where Changes left off with Harry roaming around in a place that is between life and death, where he observes his friends and promptly becomes worried for them. The main thing I wanted from this book was to find out who shot Harry in the last one, and of c [...]

    10. I do love Harry Dresden, don't get me wrong, but he's a ghost solving his own murder in this book? Seriously? I'm supposed to take this seriously?this guy is more believableI mean, I get that this book and world is fantasy, but. It's not just that, it's also just really really lame. Like, been done - too many times - and not well - lame.And, that's not the only problem I had with this particular book in the series. It was also incredibly boring. Harry was introspective. Introspective!!! That's j [...]

    11. Wow.After the 4 plus months Butcher needed to write this I expected something epic. So I was a little fearful of finally reading the book - I mean I usually read them in one night and then have to wait a whole year for the next one.Not this one, though. This book is a huge disappointment. I have been trying to read it for 3 days now, and couldn't get further than half of it. I keep drifting off to wash the dishes, collect laundry, read a better book even.Gone is the wit, the sarcasm, the spark, [...]

    12. Harry Dresden for President! (This week anyway!) I really enjoyed this story. It was pretty interesting watching Harry in ghost form trying to save his friends without a body!I love Dresden's character. He is prepared to throw down against an angel when he thought she was going to take one of his friends, he defends the weak and powerless, and will do anything for those he loves and for the majority of the time it is this character trait that gets him into so much trouble. He has always been a s [...]

    13. Well, bless Audible's little heart. One spring morning I received this email: "Dear Listener,Here at Audible, we truly understand the power great performances bring to your favorite stories. And for long-running series, no matter how good a new voice may be, it can be hard to hear someone else bring beloved characters to life. So when Ghost Story: A Novel of the Dresden Files, Book 13, was narrated by someone other than series regular James Marsters, some listeners were disappointed. We're happy [...]

    14. Executive Summary: After Changes this book almost had to be a let down. It's still enjoyable but not nearly as much. It does offer you some insights into the supporting cast that we haven't had until this point however.James Marsters Audio book: All is now right with the world. Or at least the Dresdenverse. They are "retiring" the John Glover version and releasing a new version read by James Marsters. I was lucky to get an early review copy.As expected it was waaay better. Anyone who was upset a [...]

    15. It looks like I was wrong to give this series another chance. I used to love Harry Dresden but somewhere around #11 the quality really plummeted. Dresden is pretty much so powerful now that he doesn't have to worry about much.Worse, the gamer jokes just don't hold up that well compared to a few novels back and it seems like the body language gestures and dialogue are too similar between all of the characters. So Harry dies and becomes a ghost and he has to save his friends but is limited aaaannn [...]

    16. rantingdragon/ghost-stHarry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, Chicago’s only professional wizard, has been a lot of things in his life: friend, enemy, apprentice, teacher, guardian, avenger, victim, and lover; not to mention shot, stabbed, bruised, and beaten. But dead? That’s a new one in his book.When an unknown killer puts a bullet through Harry’s chest and leaves him to die in the cold waters of Lake Michigan, Harry thinks it’s all over. But even dead, he can’t seem to catch a break. [...]

    17. 6.5/10After the cliffhanger of the last story I was interested to see how things would progress in this story. I enjoyed the start and the whole angle of (view spoiler)[Dresden coming back to look for his murderer as a ghostly entity (hide spoiler)]. But then somewhere along the way when I blinked and missed it we’d returned into the usual affair where Dresden has to save everyone and the usual grand scope comes into play with internal monologues of how hard it is to be him. What felt like a f [...]

    18. Disappointing! This was a waste of time and a manipulative mind-jerk. This entire book except for the final chapter should have been a short story or just the opening chapter of this book. Yes, we did learn some of Harry's back-story. But you know what? This Harry, I didn't really care about. OK, maybe it was because he was a shade and it "wasn't really Harry" or maybe it was just lazy writing and a lack of respect for one's audience? The main thing I came away with from this book is that if But [...]

    19. This is the most difficult review I've had to write in a long time, because I love the Dresden Files, and have been consistently rating them 5 enthusiastic stars for a long time now. I am totally a fan of Jim Butcher and will continue to look forward to the next book in the series, BUTI have to be honest. I didn't like this one. Harry comes back as a ghost to solve his own murder. Apparently, there was an irregularity with his death. Someone took him out of the game unfairly. So Ghost Harry goes [...]

    20. I enjoyed this audio - as always James Marsters did an amazing job with the narration, and I liked that Dresden had to figure out how to deal with live as a ghost. I just wish the fighting scenes weren't so very long.

    21. I struggled to rate this book, finally deciding on 3 out of 5 stars. I gave it three stars mainly because Ghost Story does what the other books do well. I like reading about Harry's world and the characters in it. Jim Butcher has really brought them to life in a plausible, believable world. Moreover, the action is good, and there is always a unique twist. I also liked the way Mort's character developed into a really sympathetic good guy. I also liked Molly's changes. Unfortunately, I think my en [...]

    22. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Some things, my friends, are worth the wait.Ghost Story is a prime example of why I love Jim Butcher's books. They are good books. They are great books. They rock like an 80's 'big-hair' band. They are the books that everyone wishes their book could be. They are the Six Million Dollar Man of books. They are the MacGyver of books that can build a repelling harness out of a hair scrunchie, 3 earrings, and the elastic from a pair of boxer briefs. God is jealous that he forgot to [...]

    23. Dresden's Now a Spook17 May 2016 Well, I've just finished another of the Dresden Files, and I have two more to go before I hit the end of the ones that he has already written (and it seems that the next book after Skin Game hasn't hit the shelves yet – I wonder if he is now going to do aGeorge RR Martin and continue to delay the release of this book because, well, he's basically either run out of ideas or become bored with the concept and moved onto something different). Before I continue I fe [...]

    24. Initial thoughts (see below for review): Well, I can't say that was my favorite in the series, not by a long shot. But I am happy I got sucked in as we got closer to the end. And I'm happy it didn't end the way I thought it would. Review to come.Review:Actual rating: I'm going with a solid three stars. No story spoilers. Hmm does one go about reviewing this book without spoiling those that haven't caught up to it?! You know, I'm so happy I don't read the blurbs for these books before I start the [...]

    25. For the past 5 books in the series the overarching feud between the white council and red court dominated the storyline and to be honest I really got a little tired of it. Then luckily I started listening to this on audio and a whole new world of enjoyment opened for me. “Wizardy” fight scenes are so much more palatable if its read by James Masters. And all though the dialogue was always full of wit the audio narrative also increased my enjoyment of the humour.**** perhaps a slight spoiler a [...]

    26. Spoiler Alert!My first thought coming into this book was NOooooo! James Marsters isn't the audio narrator! Butbut can you have Dresden without Marsters narrating? Solution - read it on kindle instead and channel your inner James Marsters. So that's what I did.My second thought was NOooooo! How can Harry be dead! There's another book after this one and several more to come before the series finishes! Dresden can't be a ghost! Apparently he can be both dead and a ghost. But though Harry might be d [...]

    27. *April 5~ moved to 7/26Be sure to read 'Aftermath' in 'Side Jobs' after completing 'Changes'.I hope that Demonreach plays some role in 'Ghost Story' since it has intrigued me. Jim Butcher has yet to disappoint me. He is one sneaky bastard and I say that with utmost respect. After so many novels and shorts he STILL manages to get me. Bring on the next Dresden!10/28/2014 ~ Listening to audio with kids ~ Oh, no! The fuck they didn't! The narrator for this one is NOT James Marsters! Fuckfuckfuck! So [...]

    28. Another series I haven’t picked up for a while & so excited to be back with Dresden.OK! So there’s a major clue in the title, however yours truly dinny really pick-up on that until about half a dozen pages in & it’s like what.? Hows this going to work? And I wasn’t sure it was UNTIL we meet the old gang & I find it’s the interactions with his compadres that make the Dresden Files work for me. I have to admit Harry Dresden on his own, rambling, jus doesn’t always work, may [...]

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