Tangled Hearts

Tangled Hearts Serra Lanning known as the Chaste Mormon Model Kara Kukaanei grew up in Salina Kansas She is living a lonely life Her parents have died and her sister Brooke hasn t spoken to her in years When Br

  • Title: Tangled Hearts
  • Author: Roseanne Evans Wilkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Serra Lanning, known as the Chaste Mormon Model Kara Kukaanei, grew up in Salina, Kansas She is living a lonely life Her parents have died and her sister, Brooke, hasn t spoken to her in years When Brooke shows up with her son in tow and asks Serra to watch him while she and her husband go on vacation to France, Serra s whole life is turned upside down Serra s decisionSerra Lanning, known as the Chaste Mormon Model Kara Kukaanei, grew up in Salina, Kansas She is living a lonely life Her parents have died and her sister, Brooke, hasn t spoken to her in years When Brooke shows up with her son in tow and asks Serra to watch him while she and her husband go on vacation to France, Serra s whole life is turned upside down Serra s decision to hide from Brooke s in law s create problems she doesn t anticipate When the tires to her new SUV are slashed, she knows she has to fear than having her nephew taken.

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    1. Roseanne Evans Wilkins

      Roseanne Wilkins has been writing since she can remember, but didn t finish a complete novel until she wrote Noonday Sun, a Twilight fan fiction After finishing that, she pulled out her unfinished manuscripts and has been working on those A couple of times, vivid dreams have pushed her into writing something new She has five finished novels six counting the fanfiction and three picture books In addition to mothering ten children, she is currently working on three other novels She loves writing, reading, camping, crocheting, cross stitch, and computer games Nowhere on that list is cooking, cleaning, or ironing.

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    1. I don’t read many adult books anymore—I’ve become a total YA reader. But tangled hearts is a wonderful LDS romance with a suspenseful twist. I highly recommend it to LDS romance readers and plan to buy more copies of this book and give them as Christmas gifts. I happen to know a couple of LDS romance readers that I think will love this book. Glad I found it!

    2. What a great read for anyone who enjoys romance with LDS standards! It is clean, refreshing and fun. Roseanne takes the tale of family and enhances it with twists and mysteries. He puts two very different sisters in the same household until the younger one marries and the older one isn’t allowed in the wedding. One day, after years of no seeing her sister, Serra opens the door of her apartment to find her standing there. Her surprise is great and the hope surges in her heart that their differe [...]

    3. I fell in love with Alec and Serra! Although I am not a Romance reader, I can certainly see why tis genre is so popular. Serra Lanning had life made as an international model, but it wasn't until she met her two-year old nephew for the first time that she discovered she really hadn't been living . Within hours, she meets Matthew, Alec, Ruff and life-threatening danger. Fleeing from the evil Mills family, the pursuing maniac and her own grief, Serra goes on the lamb, escaping from New York to par [...]

    4. Tangled Hearts by Author Roseanne Wilkins is definitely a suspenseful, romantic read. Serra Lanning is a young, single clothing model living in New York City. Her life is ideald lonely, but when her sister, Brooke, whom she hasn't spoken to in years suddenly appears on her door step with a young toddler, Serra's life quickly turns upside down. Then when Brooke and her husband die in an unexpected car crash, Serra must make a very difficult choice. give up Mathew, her nephew, or run. She chooses [...]

    5. I won this book through a giveaway, so I really wasn't sure what to expect from a LDS book. The plot sounded interesting though, so I thought I'd give it a try and I'm glad I did.As a non-religious person, reading a book where the main character's faith plays such a major role in her life was a little weird, but it worked. I wasn't familiar with all the LDS terms and concepts, but it was easy enough to follow along. I love a steamy romance novel, but I think there is also a place for books like [...]

    6. It was refreshing to read a self-published title that was grammatically polished! THANK YOU!The descriptions of the food were amazing! It's obvious the author had a strong affinity for the culinary arts. I found myself salivating during their Christmas dinner preparation. Now I can't wait for the holidays!Some parts of the plot were a bit slow (a typical trait of any well-written novel), but I was pulled through them solely by the tension of the book's synopsis. I've never seen a writing sample [...]

    7. This was actually a really fun read. Serra was fun and quirky. Alec is definitely the knight in shining armor - too good to be true. They are cute together and their romance is sweet but slow. The action was good at the beginning of the book, though it tapered off about halfway through and was a little dry until the very end. Still a good book, just seemed to switch gears part-way through. The little boy, Matthew, is cute and probably the best behaved two-year-old in history. Overall it's a good [...]

    8. I received this book for free from the first-read giveaway. This one was a little too slow for me. I liked the ending but it took too long to get there. How many times do we need to know that you walked the dog? I will say this It was refreshing to read a book that didn't have a single cuss word in it.

    9. I just finished reading Tangled Hearts by Roseanne Wilkins. It was delightful. I enjoy books that offer light reading because I sip rather than gulp my books. Roseanne had the perfect menu for me. Tangled hearts offered mystery, romance, spirituality and commitment. There was at least puzzle piece missing till the very end. I look forward to hearing more from Roseanne.

    10. I highly recommend this book for anyone FTC: I received a free copy of this book and was not reimbursed in any other way.

    11. Tangled HeartsIt is an excellent heart warming story. It is an excellent and appropriate story about the LDS ministry I would recommend it to all who love good moral stories !

    12. I started this book intending to only read a couple chapters at first since I had a busy day scheduled and a very fussy baby, but once I got into it, I couldn't stop. It's a clean romance with still a lot of kissing. The interactions between the couple were happy and exciting, with a little bit of intrigue and confusion going on in their relationship. I was slightly surprised at the ending since I kept thinking I knew what was coming. I was right and wrong at the same time. And I'm okay with tha [...]

    13. I rate books at two stars minimum if I actually read them clear through. That is what is going on here. I think this book could have used some good collaborative editing--someone to question certain things and help the author to improve what was basically an okay story.Just some examples of my strained feeling of incredulity:I have trouble believing Serra would, on the strength of a few words from an estranged sister, go to the extreme lengths to disappear--well, disappear until after Christmas. [...]

    14. I turn to YA and LDS fiction when I'm having a hard time. They are like eating cotton candy: light, sticky, not filling, and quick. So I read this whole thing, even though the author was in clear need of an editor, as this is one case where the story would have been served by excising some of the deatils. A few random quotes:"Alec made it to the freeway without any help from me. We'd both studied the maps. Salina was pretty much a straight shot from Kansas City""A commercial break at 3:30 found [...]

    15. Wow, very forgettable book. It has only been a couple of weeks since I read this and I can't even remember what I read. The first book I read by Wilkins only got 1 star from me also. I applauded her effort, but that was it. Sorry, just not interesting to me and I was hoping for so much more from a CLEAN READ, LDS Book. More character development, more interesting characters with depth and life, etc. etc. etc.

    16. Meh. It was ok. My biggest problem was the incredible predictability of the plot. Everything is foreshadowed. I would love to be led without someone whispering in my ear two chapters ahead of time what's "about to happen". I did enjoy the main characters, very like able. Writing style was too difficult for me to really get into the book though.

    17. Unfortunately I found this book too far-fetched. The main character didn't ask obvious questions throughout the book and the ending was far too tidy to be believeable. Too bad, as I had been looking forward to reading this book for several months.

    18. Definitely one of the better cheesy LDS novels! My cup of tea--couple thrown together falls in love. AhhhI've been reading waaaayyyy too many of these lately. :)

    19. GreatGreatwow what a wonderful story all about forgiveness standing up for what's right adventure and romance mixed in great story

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