Silver Moon

Silver Moon Jack Drake must discover what the secretive third part of the moon relic is and destroy it before it can be used to decimate the world The equally mysterious Asta is hot on Jack s tail eager to gain

  • Title: Silver Moon
  • Author: C.L. Bevill
  • ISBN: 2940011164873
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Nook
  • Jack Drake must discover what the secretive third part of the moon relic is and destroy it before it can be used to decimate the world The equally mysterious Asta is hot on Jack s tail, eager to gain his trust and find the Silver Moon s Mystery Together the pair must endure a trial of fire, dragons, and werewolves Part III.

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      200 C.L. Bevill
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    1. C.L. Bevill

      C.L Bevill has been in the U.S Army, cleaned floors, a graphic illustrator, a therapist, and a stay at home mother She lives in the Alabama area with her husband and daughter and keeps plugging away at the next great American novel.

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    1. What I don't understand is why this isn't one book instead of three. It would have worked as well and would have been less confusing as to the charatures switching book to book.I liked it, but felt they were too short for individual books. I'm also getting tired of the whole "They're getting on each other's nerves constantly, they resist their growing attraction till they can't hold back any longer and, here's a big surprise for you, they discover that they are soulmates destimed to be together. [...]

    2. I read the three novellas, and I don't know if I'm the only one, but I found a really good evolution on the writing as I nearer the end. This one is a good conclusion for the story, including a few surprising elements that add to the plot.I did not find many mistakes or typos, but some will say there are a lot. It didn't distract me from the story so thats good with me. While there are some predictable things on the series, I found this trilogy fun and enjoyable. As you have to read the three to [...]

    3. ExcellentThis is a really great story. Magic and mystery lead Jack into great danger. Only the love of a mirmir can save him and the world.

    4. Love this whole Trilogy. So sad that I cant get a hard copy to put with my other favorite reads. so far ive read this trilogy 6 times

    5. (2.5 stars = pretty good for a short kindle freebie) Silver Moon was really just the continuation of Amber Moon, and picks up immediately after the abrupt ending there. The bit of background plot and the leads here were set up in the previous book, Silver Moon wouldn't stand alone all that well and really the entertainment value of the three books is reading them all together, as one long fanfict. Again there are some interesting ideas here and Bevill goes back and ties the first book (which ini [...]

    6. Jack needs to find the last artifact if he wants to stop the Mysterious Evil Shape shifters from destroying the world. But that's kind of hard to do when Asta keeps bringing trouble down on them, like the Dragons she brought back to his place. Jack needs to keep her safe while also trying to save the world from being destroyed. May Contain Spoilers!!!The Prophecy was a bit corny. A little ironic. I wish more would have gone into Asta's version. I knew something was off about Jack since he had sl [...]

    7. Um. This wasn’t my favourite free storyof the series but I can gladly say that it wasn’t my least favourite. What I can say is that boy, am I ever happy this series is over. These three books were short stories but I felt like they took the life out of me to read. This book should have taken me no longer than two hours to read but instead it took me three days!Jack wakes up ad finds himself attracted to Asta the Mirmir who can change from cat to human. They have to find the last and third ar [...]

    8. The finale of the Moon Trilogy.The saying was that a cat and a man would be able to stop the world from ending when the Black Book, Amber Eyes and Silver Moon came together.Jack was on the Committee. Mirie had been his partner until a few months ago. Jack was thinking different about otherworld beings these days. Mirie was his friend and elf. Asta was always on his mind with her black and white hair. She was often in her black and white cat form. Like today when he finally realized what the humm [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this whole trilogy. Granted I think it would have made an excellent single book but 3 small stories for free, you can't argue with that price. The main thing you should know is to read Black Moon (book #1) & Amber Moon (book #2) before this last & final of the series. Bevill does describe roughly about the other 2 stories but I think that I would have felt a little lost if I had not read them in order. I enjoyed all of the stories & love how they all tied together. T [...]

    10. Jake was Mirie's partner in Amber Moon and now has to come to terms with his trusted partner being apart of the world that killed his family. In the mist of this and chaos of the amber moon one shifter had his mind blown he was having lustful thoughts of the sly cat, but sexy as a human Asta. Asta has to help Jake find the last relic and he also must find true feeling for the sexy shifter before he burns that bridge. In between bargaining with dragons, flying trucks, and power hungry wolves. Jak [...]

    11. So happy to see a link back to the characters in book 1. Tied all the novellas together and ended in a cute and humorous way. Thought the cleverness of making one of the main characters a paranormal ,when he usually looked down upon them, great! Hard to discriminate when you're one of them - one of the great hypocritical truths of the real world. I think that C.L. Bevill is one of those authors that only a minority are getting to and that is so sad to me. She is talented, funny, and intelligent [...]

    12. Great way to end the series, and when you read all 3 books together in a short space of time you get a really good series. Perhaps they could have been made into one book containing all 3 stories but I still enjoyed reading the 3 books. This is the story of Jack and Asta, it contains Dragons, werewolves, romance, suspense and all the things I love in a paranormal story. Yes it's a bit short, yes the kindle edition has a few typo errors but it doesn't detract from the story and I still enjoyed it [...]

    13. And now, finally, the third and last book of the trilogy! After that last page, all I can say is, "Wow! That was fast." I didn't even noticed it's ending.I find the third book cute. I mean, who doesn't see a cat cute? And this plot about Mirmir (tho, they can shift/change to other creature, but it focuses on a cat shifter), now that is another new thing.I was right when I said that each book focuses on different nonhuman creature involved in the whole plot. Really, each book can be a first book [...]

    14. Silver moon is the nice & tidy ending of the trilogy, jack drake & asta (who we meet in the second book) must find out the mystery of the silver moon while fighting werewolves & dragons and also while desperately trying to keep their hands off each otherNaughty thingsto see this reviews & many others visit my blog: darkanddeliciousbooks

    15. This is the last in the book and I have to say a great conclusion to the series. I never saw that one coming until it slammed right in my face. Jake and Asta make a beautiful pair, but I especially liked the interaction with the dragons. Made me laugh hysterically! The interaction between all the characters developed in a great way. My initial skepticism was blown away in much the same way I was blown away by the author after the first book. I am glad that I was able to experience the skill deve [...]

    16. This serial trilogy surprisingly turned out ok. A quick pararomance, with lots of different preternatural charaters and situations. The writing gets better as we get to this last installment, although it wasn't too bad to begin with. I already liked the two MCs from book 2, so continuing on with them was fun. I also enjoyed seeing characters from book 1. The last artifact was interesting. Again lots of action, and this book had a lil sexytime, so adults only. 3.25 prob because I got used to the [...]

    17. Jack Drake must discover what the third part of the moon relic is and destroy it. Asta arrives at Jack’s ranch and he saves her from the dragons that are angry she stole dragon bones which she used to save Mirie in book 2. Now Jack and Asta join together to prevent Elijah Whitelaw from using the three artifacts to destroy the world.A completion to the trilogy that once again is at times X-rated, which is to bad because the story would be interesting to young-adults. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the [...]

    18. In this last novella agents of a secret committee and the elvish king search for the two stolen artifacts and try to prevent the third from falling into desperate hands. The Whitelaw clan returns (from Black Moon) and the clan is now being led by Elijah who is not only a werewolf but an ancient mage.Romance is sparking between the agents. Jack Drake really doesn't have much use for supernaturals of any kind. Then why does he feel such lust for Asta, a Mirmir, who spends a lot of time as a cat?Go [...]

    19. A nice conclusion to the overall arc. The villains are unmasked, the good guys triumph and magical mayhem takes place. While I enjoyed meeting up with and seeing how some of the other characters have gotten on, I wasn't as enamoured of this story as I was of the 2nd. Jack and Asta were an interesting couple but a little more time spent watching them dance around one another would have been nice. Still, I liked it and I liked that Jack ended up having hidden depths.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal [...]

    20. The final installment in the Moon trilogy, and for me unfortunately not as good as the first two. I liked the characters involved, but found the romantic moments far too corny and not as well written as the first two stories. Since this installment ties up previous events nicely, it meant a chapter or so was spent recapping the action of the previous installments, which stalled the action if you'd already read the others. On the whole though I loved the concept of the supernatural realms and the [...]

    21. This is the last book in the moon series and ties up everything. The amin characters in this book are Jack Drake and Asta ( who are also characters in the 2nd book) A prophecy was made for the 2 of them in the 2nd book and now it is time to find the the Silver Moon and they must do it together to complete it . Jack Drake comes to find out a secret about himself. In this book also we are introduced to some dragons which I highly enjoyed =)

    22. I liked this series ans a few other books written by this same author. The characters always have an interesting "attitude" and the good guys have a real pull towards them.The story was an easy read with a steady flow. This was a great free read ebook that I enjoyed reading and providing a free review for. I was impressed at the character's strong personalities and satisfied with the overall story. I liked the humor in places / kind of a sarcastic fun feeling.

    23. I liked this one the best. Maybe I understood more? I had less distractions? I don't know. But now that I am well acquainted with Ms. Bevill's writing, I might go back and re-read the series. These are my first were-being books. I don't know that I let my imagination take over--a cat is a cat, a person is a human. Once I let the beings be what they were as the author intended I could stay with it.I think my friends who enjoy were-beings will like these. I am curious to see their reviews.

    24. Third time is a charmJack Drake is a loner. His world gets knocked off its axis by the shifter Asta. Jack and Asta have to find the 2 artifacts that were stolen from the Committee. The Book of the Black Moon and the Eyes of the Amber Moon, along with the 3rd artifact. the mysterious Silver Moon Mystery. If all 3 artifacts are combined its the end of the world. Jack has his work cut out for him in this final book.

    25. Carries on directly from the second installation of the moon series. I nearly did not read this as the second story bored me. I forgot my book earlier so checked out what ir had in the kindle app on my phone. I picked it because it was short and am so glad I did. This was brilliant, good plot that rounded up the previous two.I really enjoyed it and can not believe I almost didn't bother with it.

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