The Duel

The Duel About This Book Haven t you heard of the duel going on ever since An exciting swashbuckling thriller based on a true story about two of Napoleon s soldiers Conrad s brilliantly ironic tale about

  • Title: The Duel
  • Author: Joseph Conrad
  • ISBN: 9781935554516
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • About This Book Haven t you heard of the duel going on ever since 1801 An exciting, swashbuckling thriller based on a true story about two of Napoleon s soldiers.Conrad s brilliantly ironic tale about two officers in Napoleon s Grand Army who, under a futile pretext, fought an on going series of duels throughout the Napoleanic Wars Over decades, on every occasion tAbout This Book Haven t you heard of the duel going on ever since 1801 An exciting, swashbuckling thriller based on a true story about two of Napoleon s soldiers.Conrad s brilliantly ironic tale about two officers in Napoleon s Grand Army who, under a futile pretext, fought an on going series of duels throughout the Napoleanic Wars Over decades, on every occasion they chanced to meet, they fought Both satiric and deeply sad, this masterful tale treats both the futility of war and the absurdity of false honor, war s necessary accessory.This Is A Melville House HybridBook HybridBooks are a union of print and electronic media Purchasers of this print edition also receive Illuminations additional curated material that expand the world of Conrad s novella through text and illustrations at no additional charge To obtain the Illuminations for The Duel by Joseph Conrad, simply scan the QR code or follow a url found at the back of the print book, which leads to a page where you can download a file for your preferred electronic reading device Illuminations contains writings by Napoleon Bonaparte Catherine Bearne Captain Elzear Blaze Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourienne Richard Curle And a historical appreciation of the real life Feraud and d Hubert Full color illustrations include Jacques Louis David Jean Antoine Gros Johannes Flintoe Johann Gottfried Schadow James Gillroy and others Also Included The Code Duello A Diverse Anthology For Personal Use which includes in their entirety the French, Irish and American Southern Code Duellos as well as the Queensbury Rules and a description of the Viking Holmganga.

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    1. Joseph Conrad

      Joseph Conrad born J zef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski was a Polish born English novelist who today is most famous for Heart of Darkness, his fictionalized account of Colonial Africa.Conrad left his native Poland in his middle teens to avoid conscription into the Russian Army He joined the French Merchant Marine and briefly employed himself as a wartime gunrunner He then began to work aboard British ships, learning English from his shipmates He was made a Master Mariner, and served than sixteen years before an event inspired him to try his hand at writing.He was hired to take a steamship into Africa, and according to Conrad, the experience of seeing firsthand the horrors of colonial rule left him a changed man Joseph Conrad settled in England in 1894, the year before he published his first novel He was deeply interested in a small number of writers both in French and English whose work he studied carefully This was useful when, because a need to come to terms with his experience, lead him to write Heart of Darkness, in 1899, which was followed by other fictionalized explorations of his life.He has been lauded as one of the most powerful, insightful, and disturbing novelists in the English canon despite coming to English later in life, which allowed him to combine it with the sensibilities of French, Russian, and Polish literature.

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    1. Years ago, watching TV, flipping through the channels, one lame program after another, I came across a Napoleonic film midway through and stopped for a moment because I recognized Keith Carradine. Then I saw Harvey Keitel. Intrigued, I continued to watch and was quickly enthralled. The film was, I would later learn, The Duelists, Ridley Scott’s brilliant 1978 film. At the time, I did not even know the title of the show that I enjoyed so much, but later learned and saw the film again. Recently [...]

    2. Traveller was kind enough to point me to this tale of a pair of French duelists who meet several times regarding their “point of honor". Though I felt the beginning was rather long and seemed to drag on a bit, the story itself elicited more emotion out of me than I had expected. I’ve often wondered what thoughts went through a man’s head when he knew he was going to die in a duel, and Conrad does a great job of portraying just how one might feel, given those circumstances. Like any work of [...]

    3. "A perfect singleness of intention, a homicidal austerity of mood" Se ben ricordo, nella sua biografia (Il mondo di ieri) Stefan Zweig scrive che Napoleone Bonaparte, dimostrando nei fatti le possibilità offerte dai tempi nuovi a un giovane coraggioso e ambizioso, per quanto di modeste origini, aveva causato una rivoluzione persino maggiore di quella di Robespierre, scatenando l’entusiasmo di una o più generazioni, fino ad allora represse dalle costrizioni di una rigida struttura sociale.Due [...]

    4. Like most people, my familiarity with Conrad began and ended with 'The Heart of Darkness', a famously dark, brooding, visceral dredging up of human flaws. While I certainly enjoyed the moral explorations and stylistic form of the work, I didn't feel the call I feel after reading some authors that leads me to seek out their other works. 'Heart of Darkness' had plunged fully into its themes, it touched the murky bottom of the human soul, and returned with a handful of black silt for the reader to [...]

    5. Lieutenant Feraud nearly kills a civilian in a duel so Lieutenant D'Hubert is sent to confine him to house arrest. The two duel and, from then on, at each promotion they fight a duel. This novella was nice and it does give you a portrait of military life during and after Napoleon Bonaparte, but I just didn't care for either character.

    6. First published in England in 1908 as The Duel, this novella came out in the US later that same year under the title, The Point of Honor. Conrad sets his story in France during the Napoleonic Wars. His protagonists are Lieutenant D’Hubert and Lieutenant Fernaud, officers serving in different regiments. The narrative is told primarily through the eyes of D’Hubert, the more refined and thoughtful of the two, Fernaud being a fiery tempered Gascon, quick to take offence and tenacious in his hatr [...]

    7. I loved this book a lot. My only regret is having seen a film based on it before reading it since this always alters the way I perceive stories apart from the fact that the expectations are already disclosed. However, as I say, the story is very dramatic and it takes your breath till the end. It is again settled in a world where the lives of the characters can be transfered to the rest of the individuals. The style, the narrative, the setting, the way you are taken through the events, everything [...]

    8. I adored this Joseph Conrad novella. Read it in one sitting. The Duel is a satiric tale about a hot-headed Hussar who refuses to forgive another officer for a non-existent insult to his honor. The two duel again and again over a fourteen year span. The duels give the men an air of mystery to their fellow officers because neither of them can or will admit to the cause of their ongoing feud. The story takes a comedic turn when the final duel ends up aiding a romance. This is the second of five cla [...]

    9. Až během čtení této knihy jsem zjistil, že je Joseph Conrad ukrajinec/polák. To sou mi věci! Souboj je o dvou vojácích, kteří se jednoho dne rozhodnou soubojovat, ale dopadne to remízou - takže pak spolu soubojujou asi patnáct krát během dalších dvaceti let a pořád samý remízy. Tento stav znám velmi dobře a chápu, jak to může být frustrující. Od tý doby co jsem před třema rokama potkal starou tak jsem neviděl žádný vítězství nebo prohru. Prvně jsme na Ď [...]

    10. Most of the time I read books that interest me and then other times I read to be challenged. This was one of those books that challenged me. I had no idea what the books was about but it was freebe for my Kindle. After reading a brief synopsis of the book I found myself having to find some information on the main theme and a little history of the time the book was written. The author Joseph Conrad, writes a tale of two officers in the French Army who fought a series of of duels in the midst of N [...]

    11. A while back, I was castigated by a friend for my low opinion of Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men". He thought the work represented the perfect novella, but now that I have read this work, I have the candidate for that honor. Conrad's The Duel is pure pleasure. Although hard to take in larger doses, Conrad's dense, rich prose never gets in the way of this rapid-paced novella. In Napoleonic France, two officers engage in a series of duels over a period of years, and Conrad cleverly steers the reader [...]

    12. Conrad eleva a ficção de aventura, assim como le Carré faz com o suspense, Chandler com o policial e Gene Wolfe com a fantasia. Nesta novela, habilidosamente, Conrad transforma os duelos entre dois oficiais de Napoleão, travados ao longo de 15 anos, num texto, ao mesmo tempo, ágil e paciente. Não é contraditório. É uma aula de como parar e avançar uma trama, sem perder o maduro desenvolvimento de personagens e da ambientação, tudo muito rico, com detalhes que mostram, sem excessos, c [...]

    13. Lo cierto es que me ha costado entrar en mi primera lectura de Joseph Conrad. El duelo es la historia de dos hombres que comienzan sirviendo en el ejército napoleónico y que se batirán varias veces en duelo a lo largo de su vida por unos absurdos motivos que ni ellos mismos recuerdan. Este conflicto permítirá a Conrad trazar un retrato de esos hombres y sus contradicciones no exento de ironía y hasta cierto punto muy polarizado. Hasta el tercer capítulo el retrato de los personajes me ha [...]

    14. I can't help but notice that many of my favorite stories, whether in book or movie/tv form, depict the lifelong interactions of two people and the psychology of their relationship that mingles a variety of contradictory feelings such as hatred, respect, camaraderie, pity, and friendship together.This story is a master-quality example of such a tale as it follows two French soldiers from the arbitrary circumstances of their first meeting and subsequent duel, through their lives serving in the arm [...]

    15. An excellent novella. I had always intended to read more Conrad after Heart of Darkness, but it took me long enough to getting around to doing it.The Duel is terrific. Supremely entertaining and well worth reading. There are some superb passages of prose here. It's a good introduction to Conrad, if you don't want to start with Heart of Darkness. Ridley Scott filmed it as The Duellists, his excellent debut feature, starring Harvey Keitel as Feraud and Keith Carradine as d'Hubert. Albert Finney an [...]

    16. Excelente libro. Me deja una gran tarea, la de reflexionar sobre el resentimiento, el perdón, el orgullo. Los personajes principales dedicarán quince años de su vida a ver la posibilidad de enfrentar al otro a muerte a a través de distintos duelos. La razón un extraño y misterioso secreto que guardan los dos, que no les permite pedir perdón. De una falta pequeña, todo lo que puede derivar. Libro de lectura fácil. Muy atractivo para aquellos que tenemos afición a la Grande Armée. Adem [...]

    17. Il primo racconto che ho letto di Josef Conrad: fui conquistato subito dalla scrittura limpida, dalla conoscenza del periodo napoleonico, dall'introspezione psicologica dei personaggi

    18. A Napoleonic epic, both as Conrad's book and Ridley Scott's film. Saw the latter which induced me to read the story. I enjoyed both immensely, and recommend it highly.

    19. My first read through I found little particularly special about this read. I re-read it 3 weeks later, an found it an engaging read that brought the values of the French Revolution to life.

    20. Dos tíos que están a cuchillo durante 15 años porque uno es un chulo y el otro pues no es menos. No está mal y es cortito. Me esperaba más esgrima en el libro.

    21. Insomma, non è certo "Cuore di tenebra".Però che prosa, che ritmo, che testa che aveva anche quest'uomo.Purtroppo mentre lo leggevo non riuscivo a togliermi dalla testa il meraviglioso film di Scott, e questo è forse uno di quei casi in cui posso dire che il film è meglio del libro; o quanto meno che il film rende giustizia a quello che è un bellissimo romanzo breve (o racconto lungo, decida chi di dovere).

    22. As I was reading this book (which was originally published in 1908, but is set during the Napoleonic Wars), I kept thinking about Hamilton, probably not surprisingly. Specifically, I kept thinking about the part of The Ten Duel Commandments that goes like this:[BURR]Can we agree that duels are dumb and immature?[HAMILTON]SureBut your man has to answer for his words, Burr[BURR]With his life? We both know that’s absurd, sir[HAMILTON]Hang on, how many men died because Lee was inexperienced and ru [...]

    23. I had only read "Heart of Darkness" by Conrad before picking up this novella. I had to read "Heart of Darkness" for school and I think that I might have liked it, but I'm not really sure. Since this is only the second thing of Conrad's that I read (and the first being a foggy memory from years ago), it felt like I was discovering a new author, one that I should be ashamed for not having read more of his works. "The Duel" is the story of two French career military men who have a duel whenever the [...]

    24. Published in 1908 in England as "The Duel," it is not the best of Conrad's stories. Yet it is well written, develops logically through the four sections of the tale, and depicts military life of officers during Napoleon's army times - and does this vividly. The plot develops over some 15 years in a smooth easy pace, making for a small bit of French live military history. In the edition I read, the few color illustrations add creatively to Conrad's short story.The two men over nothing of conseque [...]

    25. Romanzo breve di Conrad sulla storia di due ufficiali, opposti nei caratteri e nella visione della vita, che si sfidano a duello per sedici anni durante le guerre napoleoniche e oltre.Il romanzo è assolutamente godibile. Se l'introspezione psicologica è quasi abbozzata (i personaggi sono dei cosiddetti "flat character"), la potenza dell'affresco storico invece è affatto trascurabile. Conrad disse che con quest'opera si proponeva di cogliere lo "spirito dei tempi" e non si può certo dire che [...]

    26. The story is good, but I have a VERY sad story connected with that book, one that I will never forget, UNFORTUNATELY : totally contrary to my habits and principles, I LENT this book to my speech therapist ( I was very ill, that's why I needed her , in Portuguese : fonoaudióloga ) . In September, 2008, she came here on a Wednesday evening, as she did every week, but she had a TERRIBLE cold. I asked her why she had come anyway and she said there was no danger of her transmitting the flu, cause sh [...]

    27. "Un asunto de honor". Por una casualidad los dos oficiales, distintos entre ellos, en lo físico y en lo psicológico, se ven enfrentaos durante quince años a un duelo que no termina nunca. El motivo, ni ellos mismos lo saben, eso les hace míticos para sus compañeros de armas, que llenan sus aburridas vidas debatiendo sobre el por qué de la inquinia. Opiniones para todos los gustos. Y una sola coincidencia: debe ser algo muy grave para batirse en duelo durante tantos años. La realidad mucho [...]

    28. Non il miglior Conrad, sembra un racconto scritto su commissione. L'idea è eccellente e stupisce un po' che un autore del suo livello non l'abbia sfruttata fino in fondo, limitandosi invece a fornire al lettore quello che sembra un riassunto della vicenda. Il duello tra due ufficiali dell'esercito francese, iniziato a causa di un'incomprensione del tutto trascurabile e portato avanti attraverso tutte le loro campagne e vicende personali, sembra lo spunto ideale per un maestro di simboli, allego [...]

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