The Hardest Thing to Do

The Hardest Thing to Do A leader is making his way home A priory has been torched And now an enemy is knocking at the door Prior William has caused a lot of pain in his time and is known for being an evil man So when his own

  • Title: The Hardest Thing to Do
  • Author: Penelope Wilcock
  • ISBN: 9781433526558
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • A leader is making his way home A priory has been torched And now an enemy is knocking at the door.Prior William has caused a lot of pain in his time and is known for being an evil man So when his own priory is burned to the ground and he seeks refuge with the brothers of St Alcuin, everyone is quite uncomfortably surprised.The newly installed Abbot John faces the firsA leader is making his way home A priory has been torched And now an enemy is knocking at the door.Prior William has caused a lot of pain in his time and is known for being an evil man So when his own priory is burned to the ground and he seeks refuge with the brothers of St Alcuin, everyone is quite uncomfortably surprised.The newly installed Abbot John faces the first challenge of his leadership as the brothers debate about mercy and justice, revealing their innermost thoughts and fears in coming face to face with a real enemy After all, is it not positively ludicrous to invite a wolf in to live with the sheep Yet, where is the beauty of the gospel without the risk of its grace Penelope Wilcock takes us on an imaginative journey into a world rife with hostility and pain, exploring the complexities of grace, the difficulties of forgiveness, and the cautions of building trust Her intimate knowledge of the human spirit will challenge our very own prejudices as we, along with her characters, are forced to ask ourselves, What is the hardest thing to do, and will anyone actually do it

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    1. Penelope Wilcock

      Penelope Pen Wilcock is the author of over a dozen books of fiction and poetry, including The Hawk and the Dove trilogy She lives a quiet life on the southeast coast of England with her husband and is the mother of five adult daughters She has many years of experience as a Methodist minister and has worked as a hospice and school chaplain.

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    1. It's been a few years since I finished the original Hawk and Dove Trilogy, three short books set in and around a Monastery in 14th century Yorkshire, exploring the lives of its inhabitants, and the spiritual resonances of their choices, actions, and behaviour. This picks up a couple of years after the Trilogy ended, with the death of the much loved Abbot Columba. A new Abbot had been appointed, formerly one of the brothers of the Abbey named John, who had to trek halfway across England to St Alc [...]

    2. Reviewed at The Power of Words: bit/1S81B0wThe Hawk and the Dove series by Penelope Wilcock is unusual, and that’s a very good thing. The stories are more literary in style, yet they have an easy flow and are very entertaining. Descriptive words like thought provoking, merciful, unapologetically honest, moving, insightful and timeless come to mind. I highly recommend this series. Book #4, The Hardest Thing to Do, can stand alone, but reading from the beginning will give a much better understan [...]

    3. "The Hardest Thing to Do" is book four in a most wonderful series. I marvel at the way Penelope has imagined the whole world of St. Alcuin's Abbey, peopling it with fine, deeply human characters and plotting it with startling surprises and satisfying resolutions, and then giving us that world through her novels. If a monastic community in the 1300s sounds too far removed from your daily life to be remotely relatable, then think again. The men of St. Alcuin's are each distinct unto themselves (an [...]

    4. This book found me first in a Benedictine guesthouse two years ago, I couldn't finish it during my stay so I ordered it on my kindle. I rarely spend money on fictions for a long long time but this one total worthes the money (and time ;)) What motivated me to write this review now is, I think I finally understand brother Tom's feeling toward Farther Chadwhen I myself stayed on a monastery for a while, day after day trying to press down some uncharitable inner murmurings in choir and was distribu [...]

    5. This book is the 4th one in the Hawk and The Dove series by Penelope Wilcock. The story takes place during the 14th century outside of London in a Benedictine Monastery. This is one of my all time favorites - the story continues flawlessly and the characters new and old continue to become my dear friends. The life lived at the monastery is knocked for a loop when a new monk arrives that has the reputation of being very evil. Will the monastery take him in or turn him away? The story unfolds beau [...]

    6. Another great story in this series. Learned much about forgiveness and relationships. Forgiving someone who wrongs you is hard but I think sometimes forgiving someone who has harmed someone you love is harder. I fail at this myself. The author brings such depth and emotion to these life lessons.

    7. A beautiful and engaging Lenten story about a community of monks who lived in the Middle Ages, whose stories resonate still with many of us who live in this modern world. This is a slow, wise, comforting, truthful book about loss and betrayal and death -- and the hope of grace and mercy and redemption. It is a book that demands time and attention -- not because it is a difficult read (it is not!), but because there is so much it has to offer in each short chapter. It is beautifully written. Quot [...]

    8. From the back:"The first of three sequels to the celebrated The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy takes place one year after the end of the third book, in the early fourteenth century. A peaceful monastery is enjoying its new abbot, who is taking the place of Father Peregrine, when an old enemy arrives seeking refuge. Reluctantly taking in Prior William, the upended community must address old fears and bitterness while warily seeking reconciliation.""Christian Fiction" is a tricky label and I have not r [...]

    9. One year after book 3 ends, the monks at St. Alcuin's are waiting for their new Abbott, Father John, to arrive. While they wait, they busily work to prepare for the upcoming Easter season, which will bring hundreds of guests to the monastery.John's arrival starts a period of adjustment for everyone within the walls of St. Alcuin's, especially for John himself. Formerly the infirmary man of the monastery, he finds himself struggling with the transition from healer to his new position of authority [...]

    10. This novel is the fourth in The Hawk and the Dove series. It is a little different than the others in that it goes day by day through the season of Lent.Lent is the time of taking away comforts. Yet, for Brother Conradus, the hardest thing was remembering to do all he had been told and asked to do. For Brother Cormac, the hardest thing to do was break the fast after Holy Week.For Brother Tom, the hardest thing to do was forget past injustices and be willing to show grace to an enemy. This diffic [...]

    11. (Note: I received an advance copy of this book through the LibraryThing Early Reviewer's program. On their scale, I gave it 3 1/2 stars; here, that has to be rounded up to an even four.)Sometimes a story is all about the journey, not the destination. _The Hardest Thing to Do_ is not a surprising book; without knowing anything about it at all, one can guess at the central conflict of the narrative from the title alone, and the conclusion is not an unexpected one. And yet, it works well as a medit [...]

    12. Title: The Hardest Thing To Do.Author: Penelope Wilcock.Genre: Christian, Historical Fiction, History.Plot: It's Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, and the monks of Medieval St. Alcuin's Abbey are going about their daily routines, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new abbot, John, who was formerly the abbey's infirmarian and had just spent a year at Cambridge preparing to take up the role of abbot. His return was expected any day now and Brother Tom, the abbot's esquire, has been keeping [...]

    13. Title: The Hardest Thing to Do (The Hawk & The Dove Volume 4)Author: Penelope WilcockPages: 256Year: 2015Publisher: Lion FictionThe brothers of St. Alcuin’s are back in this fourth book, preparing for the new abbot’s return. Brother John is now the Abbot and has returned after a year’s training in Cambridge to take up the position of leader of St. Alcuin’s. He doesn’t feel up to the task of filling Father Peregrine’s shoes. As he begins his service, he is overwhelmed with the det [...]

    14. Each successive book that I read in Penelope Wilcock’s series, The Hawk And The Dove, is my favorite. The quiet, yet powerful books that detail 14th century monastic life are truly treasures. In the fourth book of the series, The Hardest Thing to Do, the community is turned on its head when a hated and hateful Augustinian prior arrives seeking sanctuary. The brothers find that often the hardest thing to do is the most critical.The community of St. Alcuin is in a transition period. As they ente [...]

    15. Penelope Wilcock in her new book “The Hardest Thing to Do” Book Four in The Hawk and the Dove series published by Lion Hudson returns us to the monastery of St Alcuin.From the back cover: 14th century Yorkshire: the time of Chaucer.The Hardest Thing to Do starts one year after the end of the third book, The Long Fall. The peaceful monastery of St Alcuin’s is settling down and adjusting to the new abbot who has be chosen to take the place of Father Peregrine.Then a deeply detested enemy, Pr [...]

    16. Here is a sampler of the extraordinary writing style and life lessons shared by Penelope Wilcock in her novel, The Hardest Thing to Do. “It’s only . . . he has suffered too much. He cannot see his way forward. Life is sustained by hope, in all of us.” (p. 151)“May you be robed in Christ’s grace. May his love be a cloak about you and his peace be the role of your true self. May you touch and know his healing, find for sure his forgiveness, wherever you are, and whatever happens now. Fin [...]

    17. This latest in Wilcock's The Hawk and the Dove series takes readers into the world of a fourteenth-century monastery struggling to forgive an old enemy seeking refuge.The first of three sequels to the celebrated The Hawk and the Dove trilogy takes place one year after the end of the third book, in the early fourteenth century. A peaceful monastery is enjoying its new abbot, who is taking the place of Father Peregrine, when an old enemy arrives seeking refuge. Reluctantly taking in Prior William, [...]

    18. The Hardest Thing To Do is the first of three sequels to the Hawk and the Dove trilogy which takes place early in the fourteenth century. I had not read any of the books before this one so I didn’t know what to expect, but I am very glad to have been given the opportunity to review it. What a wonderful read!The story focuses on a monastery in a time of change and struggle as the monks welcome their new abbot. At the same time that his new role begins, Abbot John is faced with a troubling chall [...]

    19. Over the last few days, I've found that one of the hardest things to do is put this book down. I love the characters' personalities and relatability as I watched them overcome the personal obstacles they faced within the confines of the St. Alcuin monastery. As I've read through the series, I've found that Penelope Wilcock has an excellent talent for pinning down the personal struggles we all face, despite the different time period the book is set in.I liked how the plot centered around the monk [...]

    20. Penelope Wilcock writes another rich Historical novel about the brothers who live in Saint Alcuin's abbey. One of the characters in "The Hardest Thing to Do" is Prior William. He first appears in the novel titled "The Wounds of God." In that novel, I hated the way Prior William acted toward Abbot Peregrine at Saint Dunstan's monastery.In The Hardest Thing to Do, Prior William experiences a fire. He arrives at Saint Alcuin's looking for help from Abbot John and the brothers. Although Father Pereg [...]

    21. The Hardest Thing to Do by Penelope Wilcock is the long awaited follow up to the Hawk and the Dove trilogy. This book is nearly impossible to classify in a genre. It's not a true mystery, certainly not a romance, and it's not a thriller. Yet this novel is a read with tremendous power. Brother John is becoming Father John and taking over for the beloved Father Peregrine as abbot of St Alcuin's monastery. He is nervous about the new responsibilities, but his burden becomes much heavier when an old [...]

    22. Based in a fourteenth century monastery, this book is all about the everyday lives of the monks of St. Alcuin's Abbey. This is the fourth book in Penelope Wilcox's series, The Hawk and the Dove. I hadn't read the previous three books but had no trouble following the story line. The handy list of the men's positions at the abbey found at the beginning of the book and a glossary at the end helped quite a bit. The book reads like a daily journal of the activities taking place in and around the abbe [...]

    23. When I received this novel in the mail after winning it through LibraryThing's early reviewer's program, I was a bit worried. I knew that this book was going to be heavily based on religion, which didn't bother me, of course, but I was worried that it would be lacking depth and understanding.I was very surprised when I started to get into the plot of the novel. The characters, although many, started to develop, and the story-line started to fit among a lot of similar novels in literature, only i [...]

    24. The Hardest Thing to Do by Penelope Wilcock, the fourth book in The Hawk and the Dove opens after the death of Father Peregrine, just as the new abbot returns to take command. But the peace of Lent is disturbed by news of a fire at a nearby community of Dominicans, led by Prior William, known for harsh rules.The previous books have shown what love looks like in a community, how growth can come from loss, but this is so much harder. This is an enemy, this is a man that we desire to see brought lo [...]

    25. A new Abbott (Father John) is coming to St. Alcuin's and the brothers are preparing for his arrival while continuing their lives of service - Lent is upon them. The life is difficult and there aren't any luxuries, but as the brothers tell the story, the reader is drawn into life in the monastery. There are blessings in the life of service as well as hardships. But, as with any story, conflict arises when a prior enters their lives and tries to cause disruption. What will they do with him? Why wa [...]

    26. I received The Hardest Thing to Do from Vine and I really did not know what type of book I was receiving; for some reason I thought the book was a historical mystery. It is historical but it is not a mystery. This is the fourth book set in the world of The Hawk and The Dove. As I had not read the first three I was often confused when I started the book. There is a large cast of characters and while the author provides a guide assumes that the reader has read the first three books. As a result i [...]

    27. 'The Hardest Thing To Do' is the first book that I've read by Penelope Wilcock and the fourth book in 'The Hawk and the Dove' series.I personally had a lot of problems with this book. There wasn't much that I liked; however, there was a lot that I didn't. One of the things was how many of the characters used God's name in ways that I found irreverent. There are other things as well, but it's mostly just what characters said.The story itself was okay - occasionally I found it interesting, but I d [...]

    28. It is very, very hard to find any fiction written in modern times that does not simply reduce itself to twaddle: shallow relationships, shallow people, shallow problems that reflect our shallow culture. Once in a while, however, an author hits the mark. The Hardest Thing To Do, by Penelope Wilcock, is such a book. Beautifully written and thoughtful, Wilcock's characters are touchable and have a depth that reveals strength and weakness. I found myself identifying alternatively with both the prota [...]

    29. This book is fantastic. Once again, I fell in love with the world of St. Alcuin's and its inhabitants and was reintroduced to one very surprising fellow whom I did not expect to like. But I did like him by the end - and isn't that funny? It's not the first time Penelope Wilcox (sly fox that she is; I love her) has deliberately manipulated my emotions and made me love the little weasel! MADE ME. Practically FORCED ME. As if I didn't hate him in the previous book! Shocking.Anyway, read it if you l [...]

    30. A very interesting book about monasteries during the Middle Age. The story takes place during the XIVth century in the Benedictine monastery of St Aleuin. We are before Henry VIIIth and the monks, like the rest of England are catholic. Before any reform ideas anywhere on earth, too.I regret not having read the other books. I often say that with some anger, because most of the authors could easily add a couple of pages to explain what happened before, but here, you're explained what took place an [...]

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