Olhos Brilhantes

Olhos Brilhantes Zeke Coulter um solteir o convicto e n o revela quaisquer inten es em casar At que compra o rancho vizinho ao de Natallie Petterson uma mulher muito atraente e divorciada m e de duas crian as uma f

  • Title: Olhos Brilhantes
  • Author: Catherine Anderson Francisco Silva Pereira
  • ISBN: 9789892800271
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zeke Coulter um solteir o convicto e n o revela quaisquer inten es em casar At que compra o rancho vizinho ao de Natallie Petterson, uma mulher muito atraente e divorciada, m e de duas crian as, uma fam lia completamente doida e um ex marido envolvido em neg cios obscuros Quando o filho pr adolescente de Natalie vandaliza a propriedade do vizinho, e esta se v incapZeke Coulter um solteir o convicto e n o revela quaisquer inten es em casar At que compra o rancho vizinho ao de Natallie Petterson, uma mulher muito atraente e divorciada, m e de duas crian as, uma fam lia completamente doida e um ex marido envolvido em neg cios obscuros Quando o filho pr adolescente de Natalie vandaliza a propriedade do vizinho, e esta se v incapaz de pagar os estragos, Zeke oferece lhe a possibilidade de que a divida seja paga com o trabalho do rapaz no rancho Zeke tenta incutir alguma responsabilidade no rapaz e enquanto o faz come a a dar se conta da grande reviravolta que se est a processar na sua vida Natalie tem uma voz maravilhosa mas n o acredita no seu talento nem na possibilidade de singrar no mundo da m sica Mas, depois de a ouvir, Zeke est n o s determinado a provar lhe que tem talento mas tamb m em de monstrar lhe que h homens dignos de confian a E, naturalmente acaba por a seduzir Mas a atrac o crescente entre am bos amea ada por algo que pode condenar a sua felicidade.

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      115 Catherine Anderson Francisco Silva Pereira
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    1. Catherine Anderson Francisco Silva Pereira

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information 1 romance author Adeline Catherine was born and raised in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA She always yearned to be a writer like her mother The morning that one of her professors asked if she could use samples of Catherine s creative writing on an overhead projector to teach was a dream come true In 1988, she sold her first book to Harlequin Intrigue and went on to write three before she tried her hand at a single title historical romance Nine books later, she did her first single title contemporary.Catherine married Sidney D Anderson, an industrial electrician and entrepreneur They had two sons, Sidney D Jr and John G In 2001 she and her husband purchased a central Oregon home located on a ridge with incredible mountain views and surrounded by forestland honeycombed with trails It was her dream home, a wonderland in the winter and beyond beautiful in the summer She named it Cinnamon Ridge after the huge ponderosa pines on the property, which sport bark the color of cinnamon.Sadly, Catherine lost her husband to a long term illness in 2014 She has kept Cinnamon Ridge as her primary residence but divides her time between there and her son John s farm, where she has the support of her loved ones and can enjoy his horses, cows, and raise her own chickens.Catherine loves animals and birds, both wild and domestic She presently has two Australian shepherds, six cats, and a very old canary She is very family oriented as well Her older son has lived in Japan, Australia, and now resides in New Zealand Catherine and her stateside family will celebrate Christmas on the north island with Sidney, his wife Mary, and their two sons, Liam and Jonas.

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    1. Reviewed for THC ReviewsFor the second time in a row, I picked up a book by a somewhat neglected favorite author. I read one of Catherine Anderson's stand-alone novels last year, but it's been four years since I read the previous book in the Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan Families series. For the second time in a row, I received the gift of a great read. Bright Eyes is filled with tender romance, family drama, and a light mystery that kept me fully engaged throughout. I loved all the characters and h [...]

    2. Bright Eyes was a little different than the previous 4 books in the series with a little more suspense but I still found it quite enjoyable. Zeke’s first intentions when seeing his vandalized property was to march next door to talk to the boys’ mother and teach him a lesson. When he meets Natalie, the sexy country singer, he almost forgets why he marched over there. He’s blown away with her beauty and the way her hips move in her sequin dress. They both decide that in order to pay off the [...]

    3. A wonderful story!! I was drawn into this one in the first few pages. Zeke is a confirmed bachelor. He comes home one day to find his property vandalized by the boy next door. This leads him to the boy’s mother, who he is instantly attracted, too. The woman just came out of a terrible marriage, and is wary of Zeke. They strike a deal that the boy will repay Zeke for the damages by working for him. I really like the relationships in this book. There is Natalie’s family that is hilarious, as w [...]

    4. Bright Eye's Zeke and Natalie's story was exactly the type of book I was looking for when I happened on this book. I'd never heard of Catherine Anderson but after reading this book she took top honors as my favorite author. I was totally blown away at the synopsis, love, and drama incorporated in this book. Absolutely a book I'll keep close to my heart. Ms. Anderson just gave me a reason to believe in love.

    5. Gostei bastante. Não é tão bom como o anterior "Mais perto do céu" mas é sem dúvida um bom livro, aliás como é característico desta autora. Até agora nao houve nenhum livro que nao gostasse. Gosto sempre dos protagonistas (como não gostar!?) e claro das damas que vem arrebatar os corações da família Coulter :)Neste livro Zeke vê a sua moradia vandalizada e percebendo que os estragos foram feitos pelo filho mais velho da sua vizinha, Natalie, que por sinal não tenho dinheiro para [...]

    6. Bright Eyes is a little different in tone than the other two of Anderson's books I've read. It's not quite a poignant, but it's still an interesting romance. I enjoyed seeing Zeke's perceptions and desires shift. His relationship with Natalie's son was wonderfully done. I liked how that was the initial focus of the connection between Natalie and Zeke.One of the things I liked most about the book was the more traditional romance of it. Natalie and Zeke meet, are attracted to one another, engage i [...]

    7. A pontuação correcta seriam 2,5*.Mais um romance que se lê bem, mas ficou ali a faltar qualquer coisa. Os personagens são giros, a filha então é um amorzinho, mas foi muito amor e muito de repente com nenhuma contrariedade e isso tornou-se aborrecido para mim.É engraçado e aconselho a pessoas bem românticas ;)

    8. 4 stars.I'm a bit of a sucker for stories with precocious kids. 4 yo Rosie was a real charmer in this one. Also I like a hero who doesn't dither around once he sees someone he likes. Zeke is quite aware of the issues getting involved with a divorced woman with 2 kids but he has no problems with taking it all on. a hero in every sense!

    9. Author: Catherine AndersonFirst published: 2004Length: 414 pages, 5939 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary. Crystal Falls, Oregon.Sex: Explicit. Reasonably frequent.Hero: Owns hardware store.Heroine: Divorced with children. Owns a club. Singer/songwriter.Cheating: Natalie’s ex cheated on her throughout the marriage.Trigger: Natalie suffered emotional abuse throughout her marriage.Includes: Excerpt from Back in My Heart (renamed Always in My Heart).First up, a quote. There they are, busily ge [...]

    10. Another great story from Anderson in the continuing saga of the Hot Coulter brothers. Bright Eyes was very different from her 1st four books. It almost seems Anderson tried to approach this book in a romance/ detective/ suspense writing style. Nonetheless, it was a great story between Zeke and Nattie. I'm really starting to belive cowboys with boots, wranglers, Chambray shirts and stetsons are HOT!! I hope this series carries on as good as it has been.

    11. Loved this book! Zeak is fun and a great example of patience as he meets his next door neighbors kids. You will love the relationship he builds with both of the children and wish it were yourself when he courts their mother Natalie. The way he looks at Natalie, a woman having had two children and a bad marriage is an inspiration. I loved it from beginning to end.

    12. I love Catherine Anderson's books. This one was good but not my favorite. I loved the secondary characters and felt they really made this story.

    13. Enjoyed another Catherine Anderson story from the Coulter family series.In this story Zeke Coulter meets his next door neighbor Natalie Patterson, after her son ruins his garden and the siding on his house by throwing tomatoes at it, breaking windows and breaking the door on his shed. Not off to a very good neighborly introduction. However, she's beautiful and he notices. As the story goes she has divorced her no good husband and has her hands full trying to earn a living, and raising her son Ch [...]

    14. An Old Fashion Love StoryI have read 6 of Catherine Anderson's books, both in the Kendrick/Coulter/Harriman series and the Mystic Creek series. I love how the stories introduce us to characters in future books and bring back members from previous books. The stories are well written and I keep looking for the next book in the series. Well done, Catherine Anderson!!

    15. Sepanjang Novel ini nebak siapa pelaku dibalik semua kecelakaan yg dihadapi Natalie. Mendekati ending ternyata dia adalah seseorang yg tidak pernah muncul sebelumnya. Alurnya lambat. Hubungan yg dibangun Zeke dengan keluarga Natalie berjalan lancar, hingga cepat udah mendapat restu. Tokoh yg bikin kesel di buku ini adalah Detektif Monroe. Ga mau mendengar opsi lain, dan mati-matian mencari bukti untuk menuduh Natalie. 3 bintang untuk cerita. 0.5 bintang untuk Chester 😂😂😂

    16. Nota Geral: 3.7/5Escrita: 3Cenário: 4Originalidade: 3.5Personagens: 3.5Suspense: 3.5Humor: 4.5Romance: 4Capa: 4Aditivo: 4Previsível: 3

    17. Bright EyesA great story. Characters seem real, situations possible and so well written. Could not put it down. Would highly recommend this book. Phyllis

    18. Just when I feel like giving up, Ms. Anderson restore my faith on her works. Zeke Coulter is a woman's dream, I know that all male characters of Ms. Anderson are like this, but this time it feels right. I might consider to read more of her works in the future. Kudos.

    19. Loved this book, kept me in suspense. I am really liking Catherine Anderson as an author. she is becoming one of my favorites.

    20. No geral, achei a história de Zeke e Natalie muito ao estilo de Nora Roberts.Trata-se de uma história em que o destino junta duas almas gémeas, que ao longo do livro vão encontrando muitos obstáculos e perigos. Ao contrário de Nora, Catherine Anderson não os separa, havendo só algum impacto quando o casal se conhece, e , por isso, permanecem sempre juntos e apoiando-se enquanto atravessam as dificuldades.A família é um ponto bastante desenvolvido e sempre presente. Natalie está sempre [...]

    21. Em 2008, quando esta autora começou a ser publicada em Portugal, li um livro dela e, apesar de não ter achado nada de extraordinário, entreteve e acabou por ser uma leitura agradável. Passados 4 anos, achei que seria curioso voltar a ler algo dela e perceber se ainda tinha o potencial de me fazer passar algumas horas descontraídas.A história é muito simples: Zeke Coulter compra uma casa no campo e um dia percebe que a sua casa e culturas foram vandalizadas. O culpado é um rapaz de 11 ano [...]

    22. I love Catherine Anderson, and I've slowly been working my way through the Coulter/Kendrick series, and this is the fifth. I did like this book, but it was my least favorite of the books in the series (but, then again, there always has to be one that is in every series). I had heard through that this was a VERY suspenseful book, but I found that it wasn't. The plot definitely was interesting, and Anderson obviously worked hard to up the ante and give Zeke Coulter and his beloved a run for their [...]

    23. While we're back to the typical "poor traumatized divorcee learns to trust men again and is attacked by an evil stalker only to be rescued" format, I have to give this one some credit for making the ex-husband less rage-inducing than Rodney in "Sweet Nothings". Robert Patterson was a jerk, but at least he wasn't a psycho, and I do like that his Freudian Excuse wasn't meant to excuse his behavior. And Natalie accepted that her son still did love his dad even if his dad didn't love him.The murder [...]

    24. OK, here's the deal. Up until page 193 (Reading on a Kindle) this book was all about the developing relationship between the hero and heroine and her family. It was sweet, well paced and I was hanging on every word. The plot revolved around a divorced woman with two kids who had moved in to live with her father, grandfather and younger sister on the family farm. While her ex-husband was wealthy he left her pretty much destitute and to earn a living she ran a supper club where she worked as a sin [...]

    25. Ohh these heroes of Catherine Anderson She knows perfectly how to warm a heart. All of her heroes are marvellous. This series so far hasn't failed. Zeke stole my heart even in previous book Blue Skies where he had a nice space in the storyline as Hank's supportive sensible big brother. I knew his story will be nothing less than perfect! And I got more That more being Natalie and her kids. All of her family members are crazy yet so so lovable that you won't miss the slight lack of dramatic romanc [...]

    26. Akhirnya selesai juga baca buku iniSetelah lama menunda membacanya nyelesaikan membca nya dalam 2 hari Dan kesan nya terhadap karangan c.a yang satu ini begitu diluar taerget xixixixxiBiasanya kan ri khas c.a tuh heroinnya weakbutuh pertolongan terus sepanjang waktumun skali ini.tipe cewe nya agak berbeda ans heroine bisa mandiri sendiri terlalu weak and crush gitulahAs usually heroine nya cat baik mental maupun fisik mun kali ini akhirnya kembali normalwalau dalam status janda yg paling keren [...]

    27. this one was a single brother moved in next to a old farm with a boy that vandalized his yard and house with the tomatoes he was growing in his yard. he told the boys mother he was going to make the boy work off the damage by repairing his house. the mom had just gotten divorced from her cheating husband. she had a 4 yr old girl, which was totally unbelievable the way the little girl was talking, no 4 yr old talks like thatshe went to her husbands house and walks in (stupid) and takes the goblet [...]

    28. I thought that I would love anything by Catherine Anderson--this is the sixth title of hers that I've read so far, and I loved the five that came before. I just couldn't get into this one, though.Zeke Coulter is 34 and enjoys being a bachelor. Then he meets Natalie, his next door neighbor. She's a divorcee with a troubled 12 year old boy who just vandalized Zeke's property. So Zeke has the kid work for him to pay for the damages and falls for Natalie in the process.The book was well-written and [...]

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