A Dama das Camélias

A Dama das Cam lias Margarida Gautier a mais famosa e cobi ada cortes parisiense Armand Duval um jovem aristocrata com um futuro promissor A hist ria de amor destas duas personagens vivida contra os preconceitos da p

  • Title: A Dama das Camélias
  • Author: Alexandre Dumas fils AnaRibeiro
  • ISBN: 9789898362018
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • Margarida Gautier a mais famosa e cobi ada cortes parisiense, Armand Duval, um jovem aristocrata com um futuro promissor A hist ria de amor destas duas personagens, vivida, contra os preconceitos da poca, na Paris do s culo XIX, foi inspirada na pr pria paix o do autor pela cortes Marie Duplessis, que para al m de Dumas foi amante de Franz Liszt e de outros homens noMargarida Gautier a mais famosa e cobi ada cortes parisiense, Armand Duval, um jovem aristocrata com um futuro promissor A hist ria de amor destas duas personagens, vivida, contra os preconceitos da poca, na Paris do s culo XIX, foi inspirada na pr pria paix o do autor pela cortes Marie Duplessis, que para al m de Dumas foi amante de Franz Liszt e de outros homens not veis antes de morrer de tuberculose, aos 23 anos A Dama das Cam lias , pois, uma elegia e um c ntico ao amor que deu origem, n o s adapta o teatral feita pelo pr prio Dumas, como a uma das mais famosas peras de Verdi La Traviata e a dezenas de adapta es para filmes e telefilmes De Sarah Bernhardt a Greta Garbo, a tr gica Dama das Cam lias j assumiu mil belos rostos para simbolizar essa d diva universal que o amor.

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      121 Alexandre Dumas fils AnaRibeiro
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    1. Alexandre Dumas fils AnaRibeiro

      Alexandre Dumas son was born in Paris, France, the illegitimate child of Marie Laure Catherine Labay 1794 1868 , a dressmaker, and novelist Alexandre Dumas During 1831 his father legally recognized him and ensured that the young Dumas received the best education possible at the Institution Goubaux and the Coll ge Bourbon At that time, the law allowed the elder Dumas to take the child away from his mother Her agony inspired Dumas fils to write about tragic female characters In almost all of his writings, he emphasized the moral purpose of literature and in his play The Illegitimate Son 1858 he espoused the belief that if a man fathers an illegitimate child then he has an obligation to legitimize the child and marry the woman.Dumas paternal great grandparents were a French nobleman and a Haitian woman In boarding schools, Dumas fils was constantly taunted by his classmates These issues all profoundly influenced his thoughts, behaviour, and writing.During 1844 Dumas moved to Saint Germain en Laye to live with his father There, he met Marie Duplessis, a young courtesan who would be the inspiration for his romantic novel The Lady of the Camellias Adapted into a play, it was titled in English especially in the United States as Camille and is the basis for Verdi s 1853 opera, La Traviata Although he admitted that he had done the adaptation because he needed the money, he had a great success with the play Thus began the career of Dumas fils as a dramatist, which was not only renowned than that of his father during his lifetime but also dominated the serious French stage for most of the second half of the 19th century After this, he virtually abandoned writing novels though his semi autobiographical L Affaire Clemenceau 1867 achieved some success.On 31 December 1864, in Moscow, Dumas married Nadjeschda von Knorring 1826 April 1895 , daughter of Johan Reinhold von Knorring and wife, and widow of Alexander, Prince Naryschkine The couple had two daughters Marie Alexandrine Henriette Dumas, born 20 November 1860, who married Maurice Lippmann and was the mother of Serge Napol on Lippmann 1886 1975 and Auguste Alexandre Lippmann 1881 1960 and Jeanine Dumas 3 May 1867 , who married Ernest d Hauterive 1864 1957 , son of George Lecourt d Hauterive and wife married in 1861 L ontine de Leusse After Naryschkine s death, he married in June 1895 Henriette R gnier de La Bri re 1851 1934 , without issue.During 1874, he was admitted to the Acad mie fran aise, and in 1894 he was awarded the L gion d honneur.Alexandre Dumas fils died at Marly le Roi, Yvelines, on November 27, 1895 and was interred in the Cimeti re de Montmartre in Paris His grave is, perhaps coincidentally, only some 100 metres away from that of Marie Duplessis.

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    2. Quite good and similar to Zola's Nana in many ways, although, good storytellers as they were, neither Dumas Papa or Dumas Fils were in Zola's league. What happens to the pretty girl who trades off her looks for money when she is past her sell-by date? Then she has to hope the man who always loved her will stump up the cash she needs so badly despite her constant rejection when she was at the top of the game and judged him too poor to supply her with the luxuries she felt entitled to. And hope he [...]

    3. غادة الكاميليا وجمال غادة الكاميليا . روايه تخرجك من مزاج سئ وواقع اسود . روايه تضحك وتبكيك . تسعدك وتحزنك . روايه تمثل البساطه والعنف . تمثل الحلم والواقع . كل ذلك واكثر فى خليط مميز يسحرك ويجبرك على السمو والعظمه . شعور رائع بعد قرائتهاغادة الكامليا هي من تلك الروايات التي تست [...]

    4. La Dame aux camélias = The Lady of the Camellias, Alexandre Dumas fils مادام کاملیا نشر مرکز - دنیای نو ، ادبیاتعنوان: مادام کاملیا؛ نویسنده: الکساندر دوما پسر؛ مترجم: علیقلی بختیاری؛ 1318 هجری قمری در 116 ص؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان فرانسوی - قرن 19 ممترجم: منیژه شیبانی؛ تهران، فرخی، ؟؟؟؟؛ در 240 ص چاپ دیگر: تهر [...]

    5. "Once I had a little dog who used to look at me with sad eyes when I coughed: he was the only living creature I have ever loved."

    6. I never thought I would love a book with a theme like that so much.But I did.Such a beautiful,heart-breaking love story.Truly sad and realistic.I found the writing style truly mesmerizing, not at all austere on the contrary very easy to read.The way the story is built,in rewind, made me incredibly curious to find out more about this story.The scene in the cemetery where Armando sees the corpse of Margarita is one of the most powerful ones in literature.Pretty amazing and horrifying.The character [...]

    7. I wish people could still express themselves the way they do in the classics. After I got a few chapters in, I really couldn't put this book down, which is unusual for me, for the genre. The story is such a train wreck of emotion and life that that must be why it pulls the heartstrings of so many people. It is all so raw. I liked the author's choice to make it a story told by Armond after the fact, so he was remembering it exactly, but could see it all in a big picture view, the beginning, and w [...]

    8. در مورد این کتاب گفته شده که بعد نوشتن کتاب،بیشتر زنان اشراف زاده پاریسی برا الکساندر دوما(پسر) گل فرستادنداین داستان بر اساس زندگی واقعی مادام کاملیا زنی روسپی و آرمان دوال جوانی از خانواده ای آبرومند نوشته شده است.مادام كامليا يك دختر جوان فقير است كه از زادگاهش كوچ ميكند و [...]

    9. Qué librazo. Reúne todas las condiciones que debe tener un libro para dejarme con un humor particular (tristeza, enojo o lo que sea): una buena historia, escritura impecable, personajes vibrantes y un final medianamente impredecible. Alexandre Dumas (no confundir con el padre, el autor deLos tres mosqueteros ) se luce, casi que se pavonea, con este libro. Y es que, a pesar de que la historia parecía ponerse pesada por momentos, había algo que no me permitía quejarme. Realmente me interesaba [...]

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    12. The oxford world's classics edition of this novel said in the opening introduction that 'this has never been a novel for which persons of taste and discernment have been able to confess outright enthusiasm.'As much I dislike oxford for that very pretentious and frank statement; I can't fully disagree. Now, I'm definitely not a person of good 'taste' and 'discernment' or whatever that may mean. All I know is that when I read stuff like this: "Am I not your slave, your dog? Do with me what you wil [...]

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    14. 4.5 starsThis is the tragic story of the life of a courtesan, Marguerite Gautier (dubbed Camille or Lady of the Camellias for her always carrying a bouquet of the flowers), who, by willing sacrifice that could never have rewarded her in kind, proved her purity of love. It is also a lamentable apologetic story told by Armand Duval, the man who sworn love for her but judged her too harshly, too unwisely, and painfully abandoned her.In the opening of the story, the narrator chances upon the auction [...]

    15. Άλλο ένα από τα κλασικά μυθιστορήματα που ασχολούνται με τον έρωτα, μία ιστορία αγάπης με την οποία μεγάλωσαν γενιές και γενιές. Μία ιστορία για τον απόλυτο έρωτα που φυσικά το κύριο χαρακτηριστικό του είναι η θυσία. Η κυρία με τις καμέλιες είναι μία διάσημη πόρνη του Παρισ [...]

    16. The Lady of the Camellias was one of the biggest hits of this great century. This novel revealed Alexandre Dumas son, who was inspired to write the story of Marie Duplessis. Verdi then make a sublime opera, La Traviata.Armand Duval, therefore, falls madly in love with Marguerite Gautier, one of the most famous courtesans of Paris, from the first glance. It is presented to her, she mocks him. Two years later, they meet and tears poured seeing Armand taking a terrible coughing (Marguerite is consu [...]

    17. Ένα πραγματικά συγκινητικό βιβλίο με μια υπέροχη ιστορια αγάπης εφάμιλλη εκείνης του Μάριου και της Κοζετ(Άθλιοι)με τη διάφορα οτι αυτή (Spoilers)είχε πολύ τραγική κατάληξη.Νομίζω οτι ο Δούμας υιός διηγήθηκε αυτή την ιστορια με τον τρόπο που της άξιζε,ενώ σε αυτή θέτει και χρήσ [...]

    18. bbc/programmes/b00h4w7jDescription: The story of Marguerite Gauthier, a Parisian courtesan who goes on a journey through worldliness, love, renunciation and atonement, thanks to the love of young Armand Duval.1: Armand is distraught to return to Paris too late to see Marguerite, the love of his life, before she dies.2: Armand remembers his first meeting with Marguerite and the beginning of their passionate love affair.3: Armand is unable to stand his mistress Marguerite being with other men, and [...]

    19. I love Camille and I can't recommend it enough. It's become one of my favorite books. I had seen the Greta Garbo movie version of Camille and I can honestly say that the novel is more heartbreaking. Alexandre Dumas fils's writing was excellent and his tale of thwarted love is timeless. Camille is set in 1840s Paris. A young courtesan, Marguerite Gautier, has died and although she was once the most sought-after courtesan in Paris she died of consumption without any of her rich friends or benefact [...]

    20. La Dame aux Camélias is a beautiful novel about the tragic character of Marguerite, inspired by women that Alexandre Dumas fils knew in real life and his own tragedy of losing his mother very young. He was an illegitimate child of Marie-Laure-Catherine Labay and novelist Alexandre Dumas. His father took him very young from his mother because the law allowed that, which inspired him to write about tragic female characters.Marguerite is a tragic, vulnerable and heroic character we follow through [...]

    21. Muhteşem bir aşk hikayesi.Toy bir delikanlı ile tecrübeli bir "yosma" arasında yaşanan nir aşk hikayesi bu.(Burdan sonrası komple spoiler)Delikanlı bir gün kızı görür ve görür görmezde ona aşık olur. Ancak gel gör ki sevgili Margrite bir yosmadır. Ve çok sayın Dük ile yaşamaktadır. Dük çok yaşlı bir adamcağızdır. Çokta iyi kalplidir. Margrite ile gezip tozmayı, onun yanında olmasını çok sever. Çünkü Margrite çok güzeldir ve Dük'e genç ve iyi hissetti [...]

    22. 'Ne zavallı, ne zayıf yaratıklarız!'Hikaye çok bilindik aslında, mümkünatı olmayan bir aşk. Belki buna benzer film izlemiş, başka bir kitap okumuşsunuzdur. Ama siz yine de bu kitabı okuyun.'Herhalde doğmadan önce çok kötülük ettik, ya da öldükten sonra çok büyük bir mutluluk tadacağız ki, Tanrı bu yaşamın kefaretinin tüm işkencelerle, tüm acılarla ödenmesine izin verebiliyor.'

    23. What a book!. Truly I enjoyed every single part. It's a timeless classic you should read. I knew the story I saw Moulin Rouge! countless times but yet it was so different. It's funny at the beginning I thought I will love Armand more and I judged her since she waswell you know what she was but more book progress I more disliked Armand and started not only to love her but to admire her. Marguerite is strong and independent twice stronger character than Armand. Overall beautiful writing style stea [...]

    24. قرأت الكتاب في 3 ساعات تقريبا وأنهيتهلم استطع تركهأو أخذ استراحة بسيطةلـ أنه كفيلم لا يمكن تجزأتهرواية رائعةفي ـها حزن يختبىء خلف الكبرياءفي ـها قلب امرأة يبكي خلف الستاروروح تذبل حتى الموتترجمة رائعةنص انساني صادق

    25. How do you suppose the kept women in Paris could live in the style they do, if they had not three or four lovers at once?It's very easy to see how this book translates so perfectly into opera (La Traviata) as every emotion is heightened: lovers weep, obsess, throw dramatic hissy fits, swoon and, ultimately, die beautifully. Along the way, though, Dumas filsanchors all the emotion through the dispassionate accounts of the economics of a courtesan: we learn precisely how much Marguerite needs to l [...]

    26. . قبل مايقارب الثلاثة عشرة عاما، كنت قد قرأت مذكرات مارغريت في خاتمة كتاب العبرات للمنفلوطي وعلى الرغم من حداثة تجربتي بالأدب العالمي -لحداثة سني وقتذاك- ٠وبالرغم من صعوبة أسلوب المنفلوطي في صوغ عباراته -حيث كنت ربيبة لفن الكوميكس- ٠ إلا أنني رغم هذا وذاك بكيت بكاء مرا على مار [...]

    27. Margarita Gauthier é uma cortesã de luxo, com uma vida cheia de excessos e amantes .Ela é a cortesã mais requisitada de toda a Paris e, como tal, leva um estilo de vida agitada, incluindo danças, festas e noites no teatro, uma frágil ilusão destinada a esconder nada mais que uma vida vazia.Tudo isso pode mudar quando ela conhece um jovem chamado Armand Duvall. Os dois jovens se apaixonam mas seu passado(ou talvez presente) se tornará um obstáculo para o futuro de ambos.

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